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Mt. Kinabalu Conquest Lows Peak, 4,095.2 m (Summit)

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1 Mt. Kinabalu Conquest Lows Peak, 4,095.2 m (Summit)

2 Mt. Kinabalu Conquest


4 Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 Airport (1 st Day)

5 Map of Kinabalu Park Reception/ Register Office Menggilan Hostel Restaurant Kinabalu Balsam Li Wa Gu Restaurant To Timpohon Gate – 4 km To Kota Kinabalu To Ranau & Poring Hot Springs

6 Kinabalu Park

7 Kinabalu Park (Menggilan Hostel)

8 Kinabalu Park (Li Wa Gu Restaurant)

9 Kinabalu Park (Restaurant Kinabalu Balsam)

10 Register at Kinabalu Park Office (2 nd Day) Upon registration, Climbing Permit tag as shown above is given to everyone climber Back View Front View

11 Luggage Arrangement with Guides/Porters

12 Map of ClimbTrail Timpohon Gate (1866.4m) Laban Rata Resthouse (3272.7m) Sayat-Sayat Hut (3668.1m) Lows Peak (Summit) (4095.2m) Gunting Lagadan Hut (3323.5m) Mesilau Gate (2000m)

13 Before Ascending At Kinabalu Park HQ (1563.8m) At Entrance To Timpohon Gate

14 Briefing at Timpohon Gate (Elevation : 1866.4m)

15 Warming & Stretching-Up

16 First Check Point At Timpohon Gate Show Your Climbing Permit tag to Park Official at this Check Point. Back View Front View

17 Starting of Our Ascend

18 ClimbTrail Mark at 0.5 km

19 ClimbTrail (between km 0.5 and km 1.0)

20 Pondok Kandis (Elevation : 1951m) 1 st Shelter Located just after km 0.5

21 ClimbTrail Mark at 1.0 km

22 Pondok Ubah (Elevation : 2134m) 2 nd Shelter Located just before km 1.5

23 Refill Your Refreshment Air Tidak Dirawat (Tetapi air bukit, menyegarkan) Direction To Toilet. Toilet at every stop. Last toilet is at Sayat- Sayat Hut & Toilet Break

24 ClimbTrail (between km 1.0 and km 1.5)

25 ClimbTrail Mark at 1.5 km

26 ClimbTrail (between km 1.5 and km 2.0)

27 ClimbTrail Mark at 2.0 km

28 ClimbTrail

29 Pondok Lowii 3 rd Shelter Located just after km 2.0

30 ClimbTrail Mark at 2.5 km

31 ClimbTrail (between km 2.5 and km 3.0)


33 ClimbTrail Mark at 3.0 km

34 Pondok Mempening 4 th Shelter Located at about km 3.25

35 ClimbTrail

36 ClimbTrail Mark at 3.5 km

37 ClimbTrail

38 Layang-Layang Staff Quarters (Elevation : 2702.3m)

39 ClimbTrail Mark at 4.0 km

40 Junction of Mesilau/Timpohon Trail (located just after km 4.0) From Timpohon Trail From Mesilau Trail To Laban Rata

41 ClimbTrail (between km 4.0 and km 4.5)

42 ClimbTrail Mark at 4.5 km

43 ClimbTrail (between km 4.5 and Villosa Shelter)

44 Pondok Villosa (Elevation : 2896m) 5 th Shelter Located before km 5.0

45 ClimbTrail (between Villosa Shelter and km 5.0)

46 ClimbTrail Mark at 5.0 km

47 ClimbTrail (between km 5.0 and Paka Shelter)

48 Pondok Paka (Elevation : 3109m) 6 th Shelter Located before km 5.5

49 ClimbTrail Mark at 5.5 km

50 ClimbTrail (between km 5.5 and Waras Hut)

51 Waras Hut (Elevation : 3243.7m)

52 Laban Rata Resthouse (Elevation : 3272.7m)

53 Dormitory double decker bunk beds – 76 beds with heater Restaurant area located below the dormitory.

54 Porter Thanks to all these Porters – they are the ones who make it possible for us to enjoy all the facilities + foods in Laban Rata

55 2.30 am Climbing To Peak (3 rd Day)

56 ClimbTrail Starting off from Laban Rata with full of excitement and hope to be able to reach the Summit

57 ClimbTrail Trail To Summit In Total Darkness During Ascend – Torch/Head Lamp Required To Follow The Trail

58 Gunting Lagadan Hut (Elevation : 3323.5m) Dormitory Bunk Beds – 60 beds with NO heater

59 Panar Laban Hut (Elevation : 3314.3m) Dormitory Bunk Beds – 12 beds with NO heater

60 ClimbTrail Mark at 6.0 km Photo Taken During Descend

61 ClimbTrail (between km 6.0 and km 6.5) Taken during descend – viewing downstream

62 ClimbTrail Mark at 6.5 km Taken during descend

63 ClimbTrail (between km 6.5 and Sayat-Sayat Hut) Taken during descend – viewing downstream

64 ClimbTrail (between km 6.5 and Sayat-Sayat Hut) Taken during descend – viewing downstream

65 Sayat-Sayat Hut (Elevation : 3668.1m) Second (Final) Check Point – Required to show Climbing Permit to Park Officials before proceeding with climb

66 Highest Phone Sayat-Sayat Hut (Elevation : 3668.1m) Last toilet stop located here

67 ClimbTrail Mark at 7.5 km

68 ClimbTrail Mark at 8.0 km Photo Taken During AscendPhoto Taken During Descend

69 ClimbTrail Mark at 8.5 km

70 ClimbTrail Taken during descend

71 ClimbTrail Taken during descend

72 ClimbTrail Taken during descend

73 ClimbTrail

74 Lows Peak (Summit) (4095.2 m) Age & ailment (disease) is not the factor

75 Lows Peak (Summit) …. we came.. we saw… we made it !!….

76 Visit To Poring Hot Springs (4 th Day)

77 Departure to Airport/Arrival in KL On the way to Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 Airport Arrival at KLIA Airport - On the way home after collecting luggages

78 Dont Fear (Thing to ponder) TiringStart Training early, equip yourself, everyone is tired, follow your own pace – slow and steady Lack of motivation (Torturing) Motivate yourself, enhance your will power Knee injuryWear knee guard, use stick Temp. sicknessWear warm clothings, raincoat, glove, head cover, prepare your medication HungryPrepare light meal, sweet, chocolate bar, biscuits cracker, assam ThirstyRefill all the way, ORS (Dehydrated salt) Heavy luggagesLet porter handle it DarknessHead Torchlight BoringView the wild Borneo's scenery (Flora & Fauna)

79 Itinerary Mt. Kinabalu Conquest DayProgramme 1 st dayDepart to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah by flight 2 hour journey to Kinabalu Park by coach Check-in at hostel/lodge/cabin, overnight 2 nd dayAscend to Laban Rata Resthouse (approx. arrived within 4 to 6 hrs) Check-in at resthouse, overnight 3 rd day2.30 am – climb to peak (approx. within 3 to 5 hrs) 10.30 am – descend to Kinabalu Park Check-in at hostel/lodge/cabin, overnight 3 rd day (Option)*Laban Rata Resthouse – one more night 4 th dayVisit to Poring Hot Springs by coach Depart to KL 4 th day (Option)*Descend to Kinabalu Park Check-in at hostel/lodge/cabin, overnight 5 th day (Option)*Visit to Poring Hot Springs by coach Depart to KL

80 Expenditure Mt. Kinabalu Conquest DayItemCost (RM) 4 D/3 N per pax Flight (AirAsia- rtn)140.00 Package inclusive accomodation & meal (Kinabalu Park & Laban Rata) fees, permit, guide, coach, site visit 475.00 Porter (RM 6.60 per kg rtn, approx. 5 kg = RM 35.00) 35.00 Total650.00 *Any additional stay at Laban Rata Resthouse or Menggilan Hostel - to contact Kinabalu Park Management or Tour Agency

81 Its a REAL Challenge… but…If we can do it..!!… YOU too CAN DO IT too !! Lets keep the spirit of KITA BOLEH, JPS BOLEH UP at all times. Team XPDC JPS 2005

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