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At the Restaurant 2 Welcome Back!. More at the Restaurant Lets take a peak at our next batch of terms! Fries Grab a bite Have a cow Hold Into john Living.

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1 At the Restaurant 2 Welcome Back!

2 More at the Restaurant Lets take a peak at our next batch of terms! Fries Grab a bite Have a cow Hold Into john Living soul Lose it

3 Lets check to see what you already know! Time to play! Dont worry if you dont know the answers. Matching Hangman

4 Lets get started and have some fun! Yum! Something smells delicious! Fries I havent had French fries in months. Lets have some fries. My favorite popular food to accompany hamburgers is fries.

5 Lets review! I love to eat _____with a mix of ketchup and mustard. How about you? Martin likes to have his ____crispy brown. We like ours lightly crispy. I hear McDoodle cooks the best ____ in town. Lets go there some time. We would like two hamburgers and three sides of ____. fries

6 Grab a Bite Do I have time to grab a bite before the next slide? We have 30 minutes before the next class, lets go to the cafeteria and grab a bite. Im starving! If you go to McDoodle to grab a bite, could you pick up some fries for me?

7 How about a little practice? Okay! Lets have some fun with fill-ins. Im really hungry. Lets go to that burger joint and __________ grab a bite. If Kyle keeps chowing down on _____, he will turn into a blimp. fries Fat chance of my ______________ at that dive. The last time I ate there, I got so sick I missed two days of work. grabbing a bite We cant ____________ at that restaurant, it will cost us an arm and a leg if we do. grab a bite

8 Have a cow Noooo! Not that cow. When I get home and tell my mother about the speeding ticket I got, shes going to ___________. have a cow You better buy those fries for your little sister, if you dont shell __________ right here in front of the customers. have a cow If I dont buy my wife something really special for Valentines Day, shell ___________. have a cow If you feel so strongly about the matter, dont ___________. You just need to calmly talk to him and let him know you need him to change his attitude. have a cow

9 Its that time again, lets play. Choose your game and playChoose your game and play. Take a quiz to see your progress! Good Luck Folks! Doing a Word Search is just as much fun.

10 Hold Hold what? Ill take a burger and fries, but hold the mayonnaise and onions. When ordering food, it is common to use the term hold to tell the waiter to omit an item from the food ordered. If you get me a hot dog, tell them to hold the tomatoes and give me relish instead.

11 Into Im into the magic of words. I love to play with words, how about you? What are you into? Mark was really into fixing cars when he was a teenager. Maybe he should open his own repair shop? Fat chance of Kyle eating at McDoodle today. He is into Chinese food. What kind of music are you into? For me, Im into country western and soft rock.

12 Click the links to enter the review zone! Lets do a little review! Fill-In the answers Jumbled Words Guess the Terms

13 john Would you excuse me? I need a little break. Ill be back in a minute. Ladies use the Power Room while men go to the john. Hey Mark, do you know where a john is? I have a two hour exam, so I had better use one now. I drank too much coffee this morning. Would you excuse? I have to run to the john. Remember, john is a masculine term, so women do not use it.

14 Living Soul I dont see a ___________ any where. Where do we go to get directions to the entrance of the park? living soul When I walked into the store after work yesterday, I didnt see a ____________. Where did all the customers go? living soul Last week over spring break, I came to the school to pick up my homework. There wasnt a ____________ to be seen. Even the office staff were gone. living soul Who?

15 Lose It-Get Really Angry I like to keep my cool. I hope you do too! Martin was so angry with his sister that he lost it and told her he would never speak to her again. It takes a lot for me to lose it, but when I do, you had better leave me alone. When I lose it, I tend to yell and yell at the person I am angry with. My mother has never lost it with us kids, but my father has. He gets very angry when we dont keep a promise we made to him. You dont want to see what happens when he loses it.

16 Lose It-to Vomit I just ate and I dont feel so well. I hope I dont lose it! Josephine lost it when she smelled the rotten eggs on the counter. They must have been out for two weeks in the heat. She said it took her a week to get rid of the odor. Mark has a bad stomach flu. As soon as he puts something in his stomach, he loses it. He cant even hold down water.

17 Lose It-Forget I dont know what happened. I couldnt remember anything I we talked about last night. During the easiest test of the semester, I lost it. I cant believe I couldnt even remember my student ID number to put on the test. This has never happened to me before. They say that by the end of the semester, it is not uncommon for students to lose it on the big exams. There is only so much information that can be crammed into the brain and remembered.

18 The End of Restaurant Terms 2 Well this is it for now. Lets do a little review and then move on to the next lesson. Review Quiz 2

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