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Restaurant 4 Its good to see your back! Lets have some more fun with food.

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2 Restaurant 4 Its good to see your back! Lets have some more fun with food.

3 Lets see our next batch of Restaurant Idioms/Slang Terms! Sneaking suspicion Set foot in (usually negative) Stiff a server Stink Suck bite Stop in Tip (someone) off Wash (something) down What do you say/think/feel …?

4 Sneaking Suspicion Somethings up! I wonder what it is. Have you ever felt that a situation was not what it appeared to be? Well, I have. One time while I was driving home from work, I had a sneaking suspicion that I should take a different route home. As I got into line to make my usual turn onto Loop 101, I had the sudden desire to take the side streets home. As I waited for the light to turn green, the sneaking suspicion kept popping into my thoughts. I couldnt stop thinking about taking a different route home, so I pulled into the right lane. As I was sitting in traffic, the radio broadcaster announced that Loop 101 was shut down due to a fatal accident just half a mile ahead of where I was. Its a good thing I paid attention to my sneaking suspicion and changed my route

5 Set Foot In … I havent set foot in that restaurant since I lost my lunch. Set foot in is frequently used in the negative. When a person tells you that she wouldnt set foot in that establishment, she is telling you she will not enter that business. The last time I set foot in this ritzy restaurant, I got very sick. I lost my lunch and my money. That place is too ritzy for you. If you set foot in there, it will cost you an arm and a leg. I cant remember when I set foot in here last. It must have been 10 years, may be more.

6 Stiff a Server Stiffing any one is wrong! Unless? I wont set foot in that restaurant again. The last time I ate there, my boss stiffed the waitress. He didnt leave a tip. You know what they say, servers dont forget and they dont forgive. Im so embarrassed by his behavior. I always leave a tip. I rarely stiff a server, but I will if the service is bad. A tip must be earned. Once we had to stiff the waiter, because we didnt have enough money to leave a tip. In Arizona, stiffing a server is common. It shouldnt be since servers are usually paid about three dollars an hour and rely on tips to make up the difference.

7 Stink Nothing stinks here! Our biology teachers exams really stink. Why does he have to make them so hard? Because of the bad weather in California, I have to cancel my surfing trip. That really stinks! I didnt get the job I applies for last week. The manager said that my skills are not at the level that they need. I just graduated and have to start paying back my student loans. It all stinks! It stinks that the testing board made a mistake on my exam. Now I cant graduate in May.

8 Lets do a little review before we move on. Dont worry, there are no exams. Hangman Word Search Jumbled Words

9 Suck! I dont know about you, but something stinks! If something stinks, it also sucks. The food in this dive sucks. Last week I had a research paper due for my English class. This week I have two papers due, one for my English class and the other for my philosophy class. Next week I have three exams. Sometimes school really sucks.

10 Bite! Not with the teeth! That would suck. My uncle went to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned. While the dentist was checking for cavities, he hit a tooth that had a crown and broke it. My uncle swallowed his $1,500 gold crown and had to go to his doctor to retrieve it. That bites! The poor economy is taking a huge bite out of my wallet this year. I hope it improves soon. If it doesnt, Im in for a tough time. Then things will really bite. Larry got laid off twice this year already. That really bites.

11 Stop In Youre welcome to stop in anytime. Frank and Mary decided to stop in to see their friends since they were in the neighborhood. As we are at the mall, lets stop in at the optometrist's office to see if my glasses are ready. We can only stop in for a quick visit. We dont want to be late for the theatre. Feel free to stop in anytime. Youre always welcomed.

12 Tip (someone) Off I wish someone would tip me off about the winning lottery numbers. How did you find out about Ben and Fredas secret wedding plans? What tipped you off? This morning on the radio, I heard a funny story of how three robbers accidentally tipped off the police about their plans to rob a pizza delivery person. When they called in to order the pizza, they forgot to turn off their phone. As they planned their crime, the police were called and secretly listened to their discussion. The police went undercover and arrested the potential robbers.

13 Lets review and have some fun. 1: This test ______! Why does our teacher have to make them so hard? sucks 2. I want to see the travel books in this shop. Lets _________ and look around. 3. These directions really ______! How does the boss expect us to do a good job in two days if we cant follow his directions? Read the comments to mentally fill in the blanks with the terms from the right. As you click, the answer will appear. sucks bite stop in tipped me off 4. Mark accidentally _______________ about the birthday party for Lois. tipped me off

14 Wash (Something) Down I need a cup of tea to wash down my sandwich. The bread is very dry. I need something to wash it down, or Ill choke. Yuck! This slop tastes terrible. Do you have something I can drink to wash it down? Sorry, I just ate some crackers and need to wash them down before I give my presentation. Can I have a glass of water to wash my sandwich down?

15 What Do You Say/Think/Feel…? What do I say? I say, yes! Lets go! We havent been to Strawberry in a long time. What do you say we take a drive there this Sunday? We can stop in at the little market/café for lunch. What do you think about my accepting the new position and moving out of state? I really want to go to Germany this coming New Years. I know you want to visit family on the East Coast, but what do you feel about our going to Germany just this once?

16 Time for a little review. Practice makes perfect your communication. Battle of the Burger Joint Restaurant Idioms/Slang Cloze Activity Final Activities

17 Thats all folks. We covered quite a bit of terms in these four chapters. Dont worry, new topics are coming.

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