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Meet Friends and Communicate The product is developed by Exion Systems.

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1 Meet Friends and Communicate The product is developed by Exion Systems

2 BuZZone is a communication application for PDAs and laptops empowered with Bluetooth wireless technology. BuZZone allows users to meet more people and communicate at small distances. BuZZone is composed of two words Buzz and Zone. Where to use BuZZone

3 Key Features: Summary BuZZone has the following key features: Regular search by profiles Exchanging text messages Exchanging voice messages Speaking in phone mode for free Participating in forums extending the Bluetooth coverage area

4 Key Features: Customize your Profile Using BuZZone, you can customize your personal profile. You can also set up search profile used as criteria when searching for new contacts.

5 Key Features: Search by Profiles BuZZone performs regular search for contacts and displays a list of all devices with BuZZone located nearby, if their profiles match your preset search criteria. You can view personal profiles of other BuZZone users.

6 Key Features: Text, voice messages and phone Telephone communication for free You can speak as long as you want The quality of BuZZone-phone communication is comparable with cell phone communication Text chat Exchanging voice messages Frequently used phrases and smileys Unlimited number of simultaneous sessions

7 Key Features : Forums BuZZone users can organize forums: start topics and post messages BuZZone broadcasts messages through intermediate devices, thus extending the Bluetooth coverage area Every user can subscribe to forums of interest or start his/her own forum, start new topics and post messages With BuZZone-based forums, everyone can easily broadcast news, announce events, start discussions, advertise products or services

8 When to Use BuZZone You can use BuZZone to: Make romantic contacts at a restaurant, pub, or clubs Talk to people in buses, at airports and railway stations Exchange opinions and information at meetings and conferences Talk to friends during classes and exams

9 Technical Specifications BuZZone is designed on a specific Bluetooth level architecture DevicesPersonal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and laptops Operating systemsMicrosoft PocketPC 2002/2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Bluetooth modulesEmbedded, USB compatible, Compact Flash Type II cards, PC Card (PCMCIA) RangeAbout 30 meters. Unlimited when communicating in forums. Specifications:

10 Advantages and Benefits An advanced profile-based search for potential contacts located nearby An ability to search and communicate outside the visible area Communication modes: text chat, voice messages, and free of charge phone mode Forums extending the Bluetooth coverage area Intuitive user interface Unlimited number of simultaneously interacting devices An easy-to-use solution independent of cellular service providers and access points Free of charge communication

11 Contact Information Exion Systems welcomes any suggestions or comments regarding the improvement, implementation, and promotion of the BuZZone product. phone/fax: +7 3832 272406 Novosibirsk, Russia BuZZone is designed by Exion Systems. Exion Systems is a young, dynamic company committed to the development and support of innovative solutions for wireless communication.

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