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Diary Aleksandra Nowak. 13.05.2011 Today I started my adventure. Early in the morning I went with the other people at the airport, and we waited for our.

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1 Diary Aleksandra Nowak

2 13.05.2011 Today I started my adventure. Early in the morning I went with the other people at the airport, and we waited for our flight. I was a little stressed. However, my fears were idle. During our flight we could see beautiful views. After a few hours of flight we were little tired but yet very happy that we got to the place where our partners waited for us. I went straight home, and I was very stressed and it was hard for me to break the language barrier. After some time I went with my mother and my partner to the school for the dance show. English students danced some dances with us. I was a little tired, but still stayed to the end of this show. I spent a very nice evening.


4 14.05.2011 This morning the whole group went on a trip to Bath. We visited the Roman baths, watched the exhibits while learning about history. I could see the entire city during our trip by bus. After returning home I became acquainted with members of the household. We talked until late. It was a very nice evening.


6 15.05.2011 This day we spent with our English families. In the morning I went to the mall where I met some of my peers. After a little shopping, we went to the restaurant while enjoying the taste of hot chocolate. Later we went to the beach, I was very happy because the last time there I was a year ago. Unfortunately the weather was not really good, it was terribly cold and windy so after a few minutes we had to go back. In the next part of the day I went to my friend and her family, spending the rest of the afternoon there, tasting the traditional British cuisine.


8 16.05.2011 Unfortunately, time passes very quickly. My way to school I made while driving a school bus, I felt a little uncomfortable, a different language heard everywhere, and I was the main attraction. This was rather awkward situation to me. When I got to school, I went on a trip to Lynton. We saw a beautiful views when we went to ride a roller-coaster. I took a few pictures. This trip was very tiring. Upon my return, together with an English family I drove to the beach, walked beside the sea and watched the sunset. Later we went for pizza. We had a chance to get to know each other better.

9 18.05.2011 This trip was started with the view of the castle. The road to it was very hard to pass, because of adverse weather conditions. When passed through a long way to our destination everyone was thrilled as we saw amazing view around us. We took pictures and admired the ocean. When we returned home, each of us had other entertainment provided by our partners. I spent my evening in the company of other friends of Shelby, learning to create a bracelet. I really liked that a lot because I developed my skills then. I believe that this time was very well planned.


11 17.05.2011 The morning passed just like any else. Day seemed to be interesting, I had the opportunity to meet new people, visit the school. Today have been organized great dance lessons, each of us could try what he can do. Inspired by ourselves we created a new dance steps and figures. Unfortunately, I do not have much talent. After several hours we went on a tour around the city with our guide, who gave us a brief history of this district. It was little boring, but ended optimistically - we went shopping. Then we went back to school where we enjoyed a traditional English dishes. In the end of the day I could see my partner's dancing lesson.

12 19.05.2011 Today we went to Devon Country Show. We had a lot of free time, each of us could find something for himself - this place was full of entertainment. Me and my friends spent most of the time sunbathing, and watching various attractions. The rest of the day I spent at home talking with my family, our relations were getting better. I increasingly made progress of my English skills, and the rest of the inmates tried to learn Polish.


14 20.05.2011 Today we went to the city of Exeter. We had a chance to see some interesting places, and learn about the history of this city. Then we had free time. I bought some souvenirs. Upon our return, as always, everyone went to their homes. I spent the afternoon at the seaside, because the weather was better today. I took some pictures and tried some traditional food. Today I talked throughout the whole evening with my family, using both English and Polish. It was very nice and cheerful.


16 21.05.2011 This was our last day with the families to say goodbye and prepare for departure. In the morning we went to buy the last souvenirs from this unique place. The family and Shelby gave me the gift. This day was terribly sad, as it was not only our last day in England, but also the last day with our fantastic new friends. I think none of us wanted to leave. The partners families organized the farewell party on the beach. I could see with my friends, I saw the last sunset there, and I took some pictures of that moment.


18 22.05.2011 The saddest day in England – since early morning my eyes were filled with tears, silence was omnipresent. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and this trip definitely ended too soon. Unfortunately, the time has come for our final farewell. Everyone promised to come back, and there was incredible regret among everyonethat this was over. The hour of our flight is near.

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