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27th September About 10 PM I came to Cyprus. The first thing what I noticed when I had got off the plane was completely different smell of air. It was.

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2 27th September

3 About 10 PM I came to Cyprus. The first thing what I noticed when I had got off the plane was completely different smell of air. It was smell of green olive and it was not anything similar to Polish air. After retrieving our luggage back we went to the "OELMEK" hotel in Paphos. The swimming pool which was in front of the building made a huge impression on me. Unfortunately we werent able to swim because it was too late... What a pity!


5 28thSeptember

6 This day I woke up at 8.00 AM. I was a bit tired because of yesterday trip and the entire event associated with arriving to this island. After eating our breakfast we packed ourselves and we left the hotel. A view of the Cypriot group which members waited for us in front of the building surprised me. I found Chrystaleni and we began the conversation at once. After meeting with Cypriots we set off on a trip. We were in Archeological Park in Paphos, Tombs of the Kings, the Rock of Aphrodite and the harbour. I liked old buildings the most. The Rock of Aphrodite was really beautiful... and these sights! In about 2h we were in Nicosia. When in Nicosia I said goodbye to my friends and I went to Chrystaleni's house. I ate supper with her parents and sister, and then I gave them souvenirs I brought from Poland. I also told them a few titbits about our country. After a long conversation with Chrystaleni we watched the film, and then we went to bed.


8 29thSeptember

9 That day was very exceptional. I spent it with Chrystaleni's family. After eating our breakfast we went to the church for the Christening of the Chrystaleni's cousin. This event was largely different from the same ceremony celebrated in Poland. Next we came to the restaurant where we had a reception. Later we left restaurant and went to home. Chrystaleni told me that we were going to the shopping centre. When shopping I met many new friends from Cyprus. When I was in the shopping centre nothing appealed to me so I went back home without single thing purchased but in a good mood.


11 30thSeptember

12 Today I woke up quite early and I went to school. It was my first day in Makedonitissa Gymnasium. I got to know there many new friends and I quickly made some contact with them. We also had tradicional Cypriot breakfast. We also prepared for tomorrow's Independence Day. I had Comenius activities. In the afternoon I visited the old financial centre of Nicosia, Ledra Street, the Green Line border. I liked all monuments there. When we returned from the trip we went to restaurant with Chrystaleni and her friends. We had a nice time there.


14 1stOctober

15 We spent most of that day on sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Water was so warm that we didn't want to leave it. We also took photos to present mysterious Cyprus. I swam in the sea on the rubber dinghy which was pulled by the motor boat with high speed. It was a lot of fun. During the evening we toured Ayia Napa Monastery and the harbour.


17 2ndOctober

18 Today we had a Comenius' celebration. With Maja and Cypriot group we presented a presentation about Poland. It was very stressful moment but I hope everything went as planned. In the afternoon we saw the monuments in the museum. Next, I went with Chrystal to the birthday party of her friend. Celebration took place in a café where we ate delicious pancakes. The person celebrating an anniversary was pleased with gifts and the birthday cake, so I think that party was went fine!


20 3rdOctober

21 We were dividied into international Polish-Cypriot groups. We cooperated in the groups to create materials for the project. I was in group 3 with Chrystaleni, Maja and Eleni. We worked out mini- dictionary of parapsychological terms. We learned the Dance of Ghosts. It was very funny because everybody had funny costumes. We created materials on Cyprus legends and myths. There was an exhibition of photos called Mysterious Cyprus. We designed the super-hero called PolCyprus and we created a comic-book with his adventures in Cyprus. In the evening we went to Alexandro's house for the pool party. We organized the Film Evening there. We presented our favourite films connected with the topic of fantasy. We also swam in the pool and played basketball. I had a really great time!


23 4thOctober

24 I woke up that day and found out that I was in a very good mood because I heard "Happy Birthday" song. I got the gift and I heard fine wishes from the Chrystalenis family because today was my birthday. I was really surprised but that's not all. At school friends who participate in the project greeted me with wishes as well! I felt touched that they remembered about me. We were also on the sightseeing tour in Nicosia. We toured the Archbishop's Squares, The Cyprus folk art museum, Museum of National Struggle, the house of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios, Levehtis museum and Ledra Street. The most interesting for me was an old house in which people lived in the past. Getting back home Chrystaleni's mum told me that we are going to the restaurant. A few hours later we were at the spot where I said hello to all partners from Cyprus and Poland. I coolly sat down and ordered pancakes with the chocolate and strawberry juice. Later, I heard "Happy Birthday song coming out of the loudspeakers, and waiter entered the room with a birthday cake. Later I was informed that it was a surprise party organized for me because of my birthday party. It was organized by Chrystaleni and her parents. I was surprised! After eating the cake everyone joined the queue in order to wish me all the best and give me some small gifts. It was amazing! About 11 p.m. everyone went home. I am very grateful for Chrystaleni for preparing this party and I think that it was my best birthday party EVER!


26 5thOctober

27 We spent all day in Troodos Mountains. We toured Kalopanayiotis Village, St. John's Monastery, Kykkos monastery. All of the monuments looked very exceptionally, but I liked hiking throughout the mountains most. We also played "Mystery Hunters. I was in a Mystery Hunters'" group. We looked for mysterious treasure and "Guards of Mystery" gave us hints. About 6 p.m. we got back to home.


29 6thOctober

30 This day we we did not have to attend Comenius lessons so we spent all of that day with our families. I woke up about 8 a.m. and at once I started packing up because tomorrow we were leaving Cyprus. Chrystaleni's mum told me that we would go to town to buy the souvenir and to take some memorial photos. I didn't buy too much, but I had a nice time. Next we went to the restaurant in order to eat lunch. I ate pasta with cheese with the mushroom sauce. It was very tasty. After the dinner we got back home and we rested. Later that day we packed our stuff and we went for "Goodbye Evening" to traditional Cypriot tavern where we were supposed to meet everyone from the exchange – that is Polish and Cypriot partners. We ate traditional Cypriot dishes which were very tasty. We danced to the music and we had a great time. About 11 p.m. we went home.


32 7thOctober

33 Today I woke up early and I started to finish packing my baggages because at about 11 a.m. we were going to the airport. When we were about to leave I had to say goodbye to my partners parents and to Chrystaleni's sister. I felt sad. Next we went to the school in order to say goodbye to the Cypriot group. We cried so much since it was the last day in Cyprus with our new friends. I knew that I will miss this place, new friends and adventures. I will never forget this visit because those 10 days were simply the most amazing days of my entire life. I am pleased that soon we will meet with the Cypriot group... but this time in Poland!



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