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A SCHOOL TRIP TO BRUSSELS 1° Sciences de la Santé et du Social March 22nd, 2010.

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2 A SCHOOL TRIP TO BRUSSELS 1° Sciences de la Santé et du Social March 22nd, 2010

3 THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT The European Parliament European symbolEuropean linguistic diversity 736 members - Elected once every five years by voters from the 27 Member States of the European Union. - An active role in drafting legislation which has an impact on the daily lives of its citizens. - Historically four languages were spoken. Today, no fewer than 23 official languages are used in the European Parliament.

4 At the top, on two levels, we can see cubicles where the interpreters work THE EUROPEAN HEMICYCLE

5 The Kings house Guilds houses THE GRANDPLACE The GrandPlace is the main square in Brussels. It was rebuilt after bombardments. It is a symbolic place in Brussels. The architecture is very structured on these buildings and we can notice that gold was used in decoration on the House of the King. The King was called Charles Quint, Duke of Burgundy. On the facade of this house they are stone statues in a baroque style. When we went to this place we were impressed because we had never seen buildings like this and we felt the place is festive, warm and the atmosphere friendly We were surprised because we felt an impression of unlimitedness.

6 TSerclaes death bed The myth in action… Bobignys touch ! T'Serclaes The myth : If a woman touches his leg, she will get married or have children at the end of the year The parts where the gold was very shiny were touched the most We cant help touching the statue hoping that our wish will be fulfilled

7 Mannequin pis MANNEQUIN PIS Menneke Pis The kid who pisses" Petit Julien A bronze statue of fifty centimeters The symbol of the independence and the spirit of Brussels He saved Brussels Many people come from all around the world, even from Bobigny, to see a statue like that...!

8 Waiting for the lunch with style THE RESTAURANT Most of the students of the class took Mussels-fries (the typical dish from Belgium). Steak-friesSalmon-fries Teachers negotiated a good price Nice lunch One of our favorite moment in Brussels

9 Arguing for the menu

10 Chocolate factory window THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ZAABÄR The Forasteros : average quality of cocoa - 80% of the worldwide production. The Criollos : higher quality - 10% of the worldwide production. The Trinitarios : A mix of the 2. - Dark chocolate :cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar - Milk chocolate :cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, milk - White :cocoa butter, milk, sugar 3 Types of chocolate 3 types of cacao-trees


12 Lollipops Chocolate flavors

13 European citizens

14 Classe de 1° Sciences de la Santé et du Social European Section 2009-2010 Baldé Mariama Benyagoub Aïda Cakallik Hatic Chakay Samia Chikhe Hasna Domi Anaëlle Elyafi Rim Magnon Elodie Nzamba Alexandra SandjakLeïna Sinnathamby Suvathy Surville Olivia Timothe Sarah Yansane Aminata et leurs accompagnateurs :E. CartierB. Mace Y. Croguennec T. LebegueT. QuestiauxD. Gabbani Bigord Edwy

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