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3 The Netherlands 41.526 Km2 Inhabitants > 16 mil Average density of population: - 387 per km 2 - 1000 per km 2 in Randstad!

4 The PES&EURES/district

5 Centre for Work and Income Public Employment Services Registration unemployed (passport/sofinr.) - (E intake) Welfare benefits (E forms) Search for work and mediation Knowledge of local labourmarket Advise on reintegration processes Active Eures partner

6 The Netherlands?

7 Political structure Constitutional monarchy Two chambers in Parliament Many political parties Elections every 4 year Three levels: –National – Provincial – Local

8 Social structure ResidentsEmployees Social benefits –Depending on domestic situation General old age pensions Widows/widowers/ orphans Child benefits Health insurance Sickness benefits Unemployment benefits Disablements benefits

9 Employers federations Private organisations of employers Sector bound Partner in discussions with government and trade unions (social partners) Negotiators collective labour agreements (CAO)

10 Present situation Still growing economy Low rate of unemployment 342.000 unemployed (4.4 %) 10.9 % unemployed between 15-24 years old

11 The North Rural Tourism Education (Leeuwarden, Groningen) Transport Retail

12 The East Rural Administration Tourism Education (Enschede) Transport Retail Care

13 The South Rural Industry in Brabant Administration Construction Tourism Education (Maastricht) Transport Retail Care

14 The West (Randstad) Highly industrialized Harbors, Airports Highest number of jobs Education (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Delft) Urban agglomeration

15 The near future Up to 2010 yearly growth of 2.25 % Decrease in jobs in: Agriculture Metal and industry (partly) Electronics Chemistry

16 The near future 2 Young people choose blue collar Shortage of craftsmen Demographic developments Need for: plumbers, welders, carpenters, construction workers, gardeners, fitters, motor mechanics, commercial sales representatives, hotel and restaurant staff (cooks!)

17 Living and Working – Registration Obtain a sofi-number (BSN or fiscal number) at tax office. Check for addresses: Suggestion: Visit (im)migration counter (GBA) of the Civil Affairs Department (Burgerzaken) at you local council. 6 months to find work in the Netherlands

18 E-forms E301 leaving Holland? Issued by UWV check with local office. Application for unemployment benefits? registration with E301 at CWI of your residence. E303 / E119 should be taken to CWI of your residence as soon as possible after arrival in the Netherlands.

19 How to find a job? Personal contacts Newspapers Public Employment Service / CWI Internet (incl EU-site) Speculative applications common and successful Temporary Work Agencies!

20 Temporary work agencies Widespread in Holland Special Legislation How to inscribe? –CV –Sofi number/ BSN number –Bank account –For free More information:

21 Contracts? Temporary labour contract Permanent labour contract Contract with an agency More information:

22 Wages Legal minimum wage –Depending on age 15-22 years old: lower percentage 23 and up: fixed minimum wage CAO Collective Labour Agreement –For different sectors of industry –Counts for all workers in the company Individual agreement

23 How to apply Letter of motivation accompanied by cv Telephone E-mail (be sure you always sent your application by post as well) If invited for an interview check culture company

24 Housing For sale: Prices depend on the location –Randstad: very expensive –Less crowded: less expensive Rented houses: Availability depends on the location –Randstad: very rare –Less crowded: easier available

25 Usefull Websites (site PES Holland) Working in the Netherlands Taxes Social Security

26 Cultural differences Individual Open minded Informal Hardworking Humour Direct Tolerant

27 QUESTIONS? C U in the Netherlands Thank you for your attention!

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