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Exchange 2012 OXFORD CRANDFORD HOUSE. Oxfordshire OXON.

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2 Oxfordshire OXON

3 Monday Trip to London Having a great time in London, visiting the most important monuments like the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, and laughing a lot ;)

4 Tuesday Class in Cranford House School Cranford was founded in 1931. Now its divided in 4 parts: nursery school (age 3-4 years), lower school (age 4-7 years), junior school (age 7-11 years) and senior school (age 11-16 years). Since junior school there are only girls in cranford. Lessons in cranford are very different from spanish ones. They are more polite with their teachers than us.

5 Wednesday Trip to Oxford Oxford is a british university city situated in oxfordshire. There are a lot of important colleges. One of the most important its where the dining room of howarts was filmed. We visited it, and after that we had time to lunch and go shooping.

6 Thursday We had lessons and we did a trip to Thames river with our spanish teachers. Goodbye dinner We had dinner in an Italian restaurant. We have prepared some speeches for the English girls.

7 Friday Goodbye UK !!!

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