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Prepared by: Joanna Krawczyk. sausages mushrooms tomato hash browns eggs baked beans bacon.

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1 Prepared by: Joanna Krawczyk

2 sausages mushrooms tomato hash browns eggs baked beans bacon

3 cereal toasts


5 roast pizza

6 noodles Fish and chips

7 soup salad

8 Hash browns or hashed browns are a simple potato preparation in which potato pieces are pan-fried after being shredded. In parts of the UK, hash browns can mean fried left over mashed potato. hash browns

9 vending machine fizzy drinks

10 Advertisers often decide to target schoolchildren, because kids usually have money to spend and a pester power to ask their parents repeatedly to buy something what they want. Most children snack between meals and they usually decide to buy chips or somtehing sweet. 27% of teenagers eat chips on most days and 57% say they dont eat fresh fruit. The average teenager drinks a can and a half of fizzy drinks every day! In twenty years, the number of overweight teenagers in Britain has grown by 300%.

11 canteens in British schools


13 Jamies manifesto 1. In schools: make cooking and life skills classes compulsory for all kids so they learn about food and good eating habits while they're young. 2. For teachers: train new cookery teachers, otherwise the new right that kids have to cookery lessons just isnt going to happen. 3. For heads: empower heads to make every school a junk food free zone. 4. For parents: educate parents and help them to understand the basics of family cooking and responsible nutrition. 5. For dinner ladies: invest in dinner ladies with proper training and enough paid hours to cook their food with fresh ingredients. 6. Commit to a ten-year strategic plan and fund a long-term public campaign to get people back on to a proper diet and persuade the public to make better choices.

14 Pancakes Day

15 Bonfire Night baked potatoes

16 a turkey Christmas Day

17 A minced pie is a British festive sweet pastry, traditionally consumed during the Christmas and New Year period. Mince pies are filled with mincemeat– a preserve typically containing apple, dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas. minced pies

18 Easter

19 The importatnce of small restaurants

20 CHIP SHOPS Chip shop is a place where one can buy a popular take-away food like Fish and chips.



23 Greasy spoon is a colloquial term used in Britain for small, especially cheap restaurants. They are called so because any cutlery that comes into contact with athe food on offer is immediately coated with a sticky, greasy layer of lard. More calories can be found in a cup of tea in a good greasy spoon than in a whole meal at a normal restaurant.


25 What should be changed? British people should: drink water, not fizzy drinks eat breakfast- not snack all day eat healthy snacks like fresh fruit, not chocolate bars or sweets not eat late at night cut down on fatty food.


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