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Fort Thomas Independent Schools Chaperone & Volunteer Training 2007.

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1 Fort Thomas Independent Schools Chaperone & Volunteer Training 2007

2 Welcome to Washington, DC Field Trips Are A Fort Thomas Tradition Tied To Curriculum Educational Experience

3 General Expectations for Students Be Courteous Pleasant Obey directions Teachers Bus Drivers Tour Guides Hotel Employees YOU

4 General Rules Refrain From: Smoking Profane Language Illegal drugs Alcohol Be On Time Remain With Group At ALL Times Respect All Individuals: GenderEthnic Background ReligionDisabilityRace

5 Hotel Etiquette Be Respectful Of Other Guests Use Cell Phones, Not Hotel Phones Dress Appropriately Outside Rooms Follow Curfew Rules

6 Restaurant Manners Display Best Manners Remain In Lines Monitor Voice Volume Avoid Pushing And Shoving

7 Attire School Function Student Dress Code To Be Addressed No Jeans

8 Definition of Chaperone Chaperone Refers To All Parents, Volunteers, And Official Chaperones Same Expectations - Faculty & Staff Board Policy

9 Chaperone Expectations Supervise ALL Students, Not Just Your Child Stop Harassment, Sexual Activity, Inappropriate Conduct Inform Faculty Member In Charge Ask Person Not Affiliated With Fort Thomas To Stop Inappropriate Activity

10 Additional Expectations Refrain From Use Of Alcohol Or Controlled Substances Begins When Group Leaves School And Stops Upon Return Remain With Group Exceptions: On Your Own Notify Faculty In Charge

11 Consequences May Be Asked to Return to Fort Thomas At Own Expense Student – School Discipline Code Chaperone - May Forfeit Future Chaperoning Privileges

12 General Supervision All Students and Adults Are Under Supervision Of School Personnel Assigned To Trip Decisions Of Administrator Will Be Final

13 Final Statement Mature Conduct Expected Of Everyone Confident You Accept This Responsibility Expect This To Be An Enjoyable, Educational Trip Your Participation Is Appreciated

14 REMEMBER Everyone Is Representing The Fort Thomas Schools Maintain Positive Image: Academics Extracurricular Activities Athletics Tradition

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