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When can I work? Department of Commerce Wageline.

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1 When can I work? Department of Commerce Wageline

2 Benefits of Work Children in Employment Laws Starting Work Workplace Responsibilities Problems with wages Labour Relations in WA What we will cover

3 Social Money / Financial Skill gaining Educational Gives you a purpose Self esteem / confidence Benefits of Work

4 Children in Employment Laws When can I start work? Age restrictions apply Set hours and industries apply You can work at any age: in a family business, as part of a work experience program through your school, or as part of a dramatic or musical performance, in entertainment or making an advertisement.

5 Children in Employment Laws Under 10 Cannot be legally employed Between 10 and 13 Deliver newspapers, pamphlets and advertising material 6am – 7pm not during school hours Must be accompanied by parent or guardian

6 Children in Employment Laws Between 13 and 15 you can work: Delivering newspapers/pamphlets/catalogues Restaurant / fast food Shop / retail outlet Trolley collector Conditions: Written permission from parents / guardian Between 6am – 10pm Not during school hours

7 Children in Employment Laws 15 and 1 day No restrictions on where you can work Cannot work during school hours School Leaving Age End of the year that you turn 17 Can leave earlier Must have a permission from the Department of Education

8 Get a Tax File Number Trial Work - How long is the trial for? - Will I get paid? - Is there a job vacancy? Training at work should be paid for Find out your minimum rate Call Wageline to find your award or agreement Keep records of the hours you work Starting Work

9 Your boss can not take money from your pay unless you agree Unauthorised Deductions

10 Workplace Responsibilities Employee obligations Perform duties within your job description Duty of care Account for money Confidentiality

11 Steps to take –Get accurate information –Talk to your boss –Wageline 6 year statute of limitations Keep your own records Problems with Wages

12 1300 655 266

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