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The Choice Process in the Northeast Consortium (NEC) for Students Entering Grade 9 in 2010-2011 Montgomery County Public Schools, MD.

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1 The Choice Process in the Northeast Consortium (NEC) for Students Entering Grade 9 in 2010-2011 Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

2 Northeast Consortium High Schools James Hubert Blake HS Paint Branch HS Springbrook HS

3 3 What do the Northeast Consortium high schools have in common? Comprehensive high school curriculum Academic rigor Honors & Advanced Placement (AP) courses Special Education & ESOL programs Students from at least five middle schools Student activities, clubs, athletics Partnerships with colleges, universities and businesses Signature programs

4 4 What is a Signature Program? Instructional program developedInstructional program developed around a central theme: around a central theme: –Rigorous course work –Variety of course offerings in the thematic area Appeals to students interestsAppeals to students interests Offers students opportunities for:Offers students opportunities for: –Interdisciplinary projects –Capstone experiences –College courses

5 5 NEC Choice Process Sample Choice Form NEC parents/students will complete a preprinted Choice form: Rank the three high schools in order of preference. On the form, indicate if you would like the child to attend the same NEC school that an older sibling will attend in 2010-2011. Return the completed Choice form to your middle school counselor by Monday, November 9, 2009.* Choice forms will be processed through a computerized lottery system to determine high school assignments. * * NEC students on transfer out of area can return the Choice form to the DCCAPS office. Choice Form Information

6 6 James Hubert Blake HS Fine Arts and Humanities Signature

7 7 The program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of learning and critical thought in coursework and student activities. The arts and humanities are infused, where appropriate, within a rigorous academic program. An Academy Program allows career exploration by students.

8 8 Which Signature courses/academies are unique to Blake? Humanities Advanced Law Ancient History Humanities Medieval History Performing Arts Acting/ Musical Theatre Companies Stage Design Music Technology/Theory Philharmonic Orchestra Visual and Media Arts Computer Gaming Design Dance 3 levels of Tap & Jazz Ballet & Modern Dance Company (pre- professional training)

9 9 What sequence of Signature courses is available at Blake that differs from the other schools? The Blake Academies The Freshman Academy Freshman Skills Support Freshman Course Teams Designated Counselors Journalism Ceramics/Sculpture Fashion Design Media Technical Theatre Studio Art The Career Academies Arts and Communication Academy Pathways: Dance Performance Digital Arts Music Industry & Education Music Performance Theater Performance Photography

10 10 What are some special Signature/Academy initiatives at Blake? The Freshman Academy Program High School 101 Summer Boost Program / Mentoring and Transitioning / Skills Support The Academy Program Explorations of career and educational choices for the future Mentoring for post-secondary experiences Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning Physics & Theater Electrics. Film Study as Literature Environmental Science & Historical Surveying. Poetry and Dance Entrepreneurship & Program Website Development for the Arts Government and Statistics: Exit Polling and Analyzing Data Academy Speakers Bureau Real World / Career Information & Trends Capstone Experiences (student led) Fashion X. Webpage Design Team Second Stage Productions. Video Express Media Projects: NetGeneration of Youth Artists-in-Residence Programs Big Phat & Big Bop Band Residencies Broadway Dance Center. Olney Theatre

11 11 What additional programs are available at Blake? The S.T.E.M. Academy Pathways: Science: Medical, Geophysical, Biotechnical Technology: Computer Design/Engineering Engineering: Technical Trades/Engineering Mathematics The Academy of Humanities & Public Safety: Law, Justice and Society Pathways: Government and Public Administration Law Enforcement and Legal Services Public Policy: International Relations Humanities Pathways: Teacher Education Early Childhood/Adolescent Development The Academy of Business and Consumer Service Pathways Hospitality/Tourism Business & Finance Management Accounting Computer Programming Information Resource Design Marketing

12 12 Nationally recognized Signature Program Band Residencies: Gordon Goodwin & The Big Phat Band Maynard Fergusons Big Bop Band Theatre Program selection by Disney for High School Musical 1 and 2, and AIDA: 2007-2009 Dance Company NYC Residencies Media Arts Emmys --- Most in the Middle Atlantic Region The Blake BEAT – TIMEs top 5 high school papers; Tops in Maryland, 2007-2009; Number 1 Nationally: 2009 Top 1%of High Schools in the Nation Its Academic finals for DC-metro area Athletic Powerhouse:Basketball, Poms, Gymnastics, Baseball The Blake Summer Institute/HS 101 Boost Program Stage Company Selection for 2009 Edinburgh Festival, Fringe High increase in students taking AP exams / 80% Passing Assistant Principals of the Year–Joseph Duboyce/Chris Berry $14 Million in Scholarships Won by Class of 2009 Business Academy MCPS Competition Champions State of the art facility featuring unique spaces including: Two professional dance studios Recording studio Blake Gallery of Fine Art What else makes Blake students and staff proud? Black Box Theater Music theory lab Amphitheatre

13 13 Paint Branch High School Academy of Science and Media

14 14 Academy of Science and Media A whole school program emphasizing research and experimentation, inquiry and critical thinking in all courses and activities. We offer students interdisciplinary opportunities for students to explore the sciences and media first hand and apply what they have learned through real life experiences.

15 15 Science Medical Careers Medical Careers Science Medical Terminology (with Montgomery College) Medical Careers Internship Pharmacy – Foundations of Medicine and Health Sciences Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals Pharmacy Technology Biotechnology Engineering Science Forensic Science Restaurant Management Media Visual Communication Radio Technology and Performance Gilder Lehrman American History Program Law African American History AP US History Gilder Lehrman History Internship Which Signature courses / academies are unique to Paint Branch? 4 Freshman Houses Team of teachers in Science, Math, English and Social Studies

16 16 Unique Course Sequence Physics – Grade 9 Double Period Biology – Grade 10 Double Period Chemistry – Grade 10 (in separate semesters) What sequence of Signature courses is available at Paint Branch that differs from the other schools? Academy of Finance Program Financial Planning Banking and Credit Economics and the World of Finance International Finance A P Microeconomics Academy of Engineering Technology Principles of Engineering Digital Electronics Engineering Design and Development Civil Engineering and Architecture Aerospace Engineering Biotechnical Engineering

17 17 What are the special Signature and Academy initiatives at Paint Branch? T3I - Transferable Skills Technology, Information, Investigation, and Interpersonal Skills Integrated into all courses through common tasks The Freshman Academy Program 4 Freshman Houses – Dr. Ben Carson, Delores Huerta, Rosa Parks, Theodore Roosevelt Freshman Mentoring Program Summer Institute Artist–in-Residence Programs Animation and Poetry Science Exposition Psychology Fair Shake Fest Math Honor Society Science Honor Society Foreign Language Honor Society

18 18 Career Pathways Medical Careers Pathway leading to a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Pharmacy Pathway leading to Pharmacy Technician Certification Biotechnology Pathway INTEL Science Pathway EMT/Fire Fighting Pathway Electronic Media Pathways: Television Production Radio Visual/Electronic Arts Print/Electronic Media Pathways: Newspaper Yearbook Literacy Magazine Performance Media Pathway: Theatre/Acting Pathway What additional programs are available At Paint Branch? Academies, Career Pathways, Programs Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) Outstanding Advanced Placement (AP) Program Japanese Foreign Language Program – one of 2 schools in the county Restaurant Management Program Child & Adolescent Development Academy Teacher Education Academy Sports Academy

19 19 What else makes Paint Branch students and staff proud? We have... Outstanding Teachers 2009 NAACP-MCPS Principal of the Year – Ms. Dixon Maryland Teachers of the year in Science, Math and Art National Leader in AP Scores – Highest in Country for African American Student in AP World History – 2009 Award-winning Marching Band and Jazz Singers Panther Trust – MCT School Bank Gold Medalist – Columbia Scholastic Press Award BOTH yearbook and newspaper for the past 5 years The New Paint Branch – Groundbreaking THIS FALL! We are... Nationally Recognized $ 700,000 U.S. Department of Education SLC Grant Americas Best High Schools by Newsweek magazine CINE Golden Eagle Awards in Animation Academy of Finance Program Gilder Lehrman American History High School Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and New American High School

20 20 Springbrook High School International Studies and Technology Signature

21 International Baccalaureate World SchoolAcademy of Information TechnologyJustice, Law and Society IB-MYP Springbrook is one of only three MCPS high schools with both Middle Years and Diploma Programs One of only 115 high schools in North America with both Middle Years and Diploma Programs One of only 179 high schools world-wide with both Middle Years and Diploma Programs The middle years program is inclusive of all ninth and tenth grade students. Teachers incorporate critical thinking skills into the MCPS curriculum using strategies developed by the International Baccalaureate Organization to help create inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people in the global world of the 21st century. IB-DP The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a two year, college preparatory program of study aimed at readying students for the challenges of college and beyond both academically and personally. Combining the IB philosophy of creating critically thinking, life-long learners with a rigorous curriculum prepares students for almost any challenge they will face beyond high school. AOIT Computer programming – Students create games for the xbox (Guitar Hero, mp3 players, and other portable digital devices Network Management - CISCO Academy is used for the network course. Includes courses in Micro technology which leads to A+ certification Information Management - Advanced web design is offered in conjunction with digital art and connects to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme course Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) JLS Students interested in the field of law enforcement, law, homeland security, or forensics are offered courses and internships to that assist in learning more about the growing and lucrative professions.

22 The MYP provides a framework of academic challenge and life skills for students. Centered around the IB learner profile, it promotes intercultural awareness, responsible global citizenship, interdisciplinary, thematic instruction and communication, and engages students in a thorough study of eight disciplines viewed through the lenses of five areas of interaction. The eight subjects are: English, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, Other Languages, Technology, Art, and Physical education The five areas of interaction are : Human ingenuity, community service, health and social education, environments, and approaches to learning. In the final year of the programme, each student completes a personal project, a significant piece of work that is the product of the students own initiative and creativity. Each project must reflect a personal understanding of the areas of interaction. Students apply the skills acquired through one of these areas as well as approaches to learning. Students are expected to choose their project, which can take many forms, and take the process through to completion under the supervision of a teacher in the school. This involves: planning research a high degree of personal reflection. The personal project is assessed by teachers against a set of IB assessment criteria.

23 23 Where the Signature Programs Lead Students in the IBDP are accepted to colleges at higher rates than those in AP and regular high school programs. An IB diploma is recognized world-wide. Studies have shown that IBDP students on average are awarded more college credit upon entry, have higher GPAs in college and complete college at higher rates. IBDP students report that they are well prepared for the challenges they face in college and beyond. Students in the AOIT apply what they have learned by participating in paid summer and school year internships with companies such as Lockheed Martin, the FDA, NASA, and NOAA. Students completing the JLS pathway will have increased opportunities : The growing concern about crime will continue to the increase in demand for law enforcement officers. Continuing demand for lawyers Economists predict that paralegals will rank among the fastest growing occupations as they increasingly perform legal tasks formerly carried out by lawyers. Increase in the number of chief executives and legislators at the local level are expected as counties, cities, and towns deal with population growth. U.S. Department of Labor projections predict an increase from 2006 to 2016 in Protective service occupations. Fastest growing occupations, 2006-2016 the U.S. Department of Labor include paralegals and legal assistants

24 24 What makes Springbrook students and staff proud Ranked 334 out of 1,500 schools in the U.S. according to Newsweek using Jay Matthews Challenge Index Oldest Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program in NEC National and metro-area award-winning BotBall and Math team Award-winning literary magazine, bi-monthly newspaper, and yearbook Our music program, under the direction of Wyman O. Jones, was awarded the Grammy Signature Gibson Award. We were selected from among 40 high schools across the United States. Only 13 public high schools received this prestigious award. Only school in MD to participate in Baby Think It Over infant simulator We offer the ProStart culinary arts and food service program Springbrooks athletic teams are some of the most successful in the county and state. The varsity basketball team was the 4A state champion both in 2008 & 2009. The field hockey team won the state championship in 2003, were state finalists in 2005, state semi-finalists in 2008. They were division champions 4 times since 2003.

25 25 How are students assigned to a school? How are students assigned to a school? A computerized lottery assignment system is used to assign students to a high school. A variety of factors are considered when running the lottery.

26 26 What variables impact school assignment? School capacity as determined by MCPS Ranking of school choices Number of students selecting their base high school Sibling link, if indicated on the Choice form Socioeconomic status (number of students who receive free or reduced meals) Gender

27 27 Base Area High School Selection A students base area high school is determined by the home address. Assignment to the base area school is guaranteed if it is selected as: FIRST choice on the Choice form OR Second choice on the Choice form AND the first choice is not available. To identify your base area school, visit:

28 28 If I have an older sibling at a high school, am I guaranteed assignment to that school? Every effort will be made to assign siblings who live in the same household to the same NEC school, if indicated on the Choice form. However, school assignments are made on a space available basis.

29 29 Will transportation be provided? All students who reside within the NEC attendance area, beyond walking distance of their assigned high school as determined by MCPS, are provided bus transportation to the three NEC high schools.

30 30 How do students who live inside the NEC but attend a DCC middle school participate in the Choice process? Students who live in the NEC participate in Round 1 of the NEC Choice process in November. Students who live in the NEC and attend a Downcounty Consortium (DCC) middle school may also participate in Round 2 of the DCC Choice process in February. They will receive a preprinted Choice form in the mail. Students who attend DCC middle schools are also eligible to apply to the Communication Arts Program (CAP) at Blair HS and the Leadership Training Institute (LTI) at Kennedy HS, in addition to other MCPS high school application programs.

31 31 NEC Choice Process After Round 1 February Choice Process – Round 2 (Deadline: February 19, 2010) – Choice Process – Round 2 (Deadline: February 19, 2010) Choice forms due from Grade 8 students who are new NEC residents Choice forms due from Grade 8 students on transfer into an NEC middle school who choose to participate in the process Written requests due from parents of students who did not get their first choice in Round 1 asking for original school choices to be resubmitted in Round 2. Note: Students who receive their first choice in Round 1 may NOT participate in Round 2.March – Round 2 high school assignment letters mailed to participants homesApril – Appeal letters due – Appeals reviewed (late April)

32 32 High School Change of Choice In February of each school year, high school students have the opportunity to request a change of NEC school assignment for the following school year. Change of Choice forms will be available in NEC high school counseling offices in early February. The completed form, signed by the parent, must be returned by the February 19, 2010, deadline in order to be considered. Change of Choice results are based on the number of seats available, socioeconomic status and gender.

33 33 What high school application programs are available to MCPS students? Global Ecology Program – Poolesville HS Coordinator: 301-972-7976 International Baccalaureate Program (IB) – Richard Montgomery HS Coordinator: 301-610-8100 Science, Mathematics, Computer Science Magnet – Montgomery Blair HS Coordinator: 301-649-8240 Visual Art Center (VAC) – Albert Einstein HS VAC Office: 301-962-1027 Thomas Edison High School of Technology (Offers half-day professional career and technology education programs. Accepted students attend their assigned high school for the remaining half-day). Counseling Office: 301-929-2181--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DCC Application Programs* Montgomery Blair High School* Communication Arts Program (CAP): 301-649-2854 John F. Kennedy High School* Leadership Training Institute (LTI): 301-962-5930 *Programs available only to Grade 8 students who reside or attend middle school in the DCC

34 34 September/October – NEC high school student presentation at each middle school – Evening Options information meetings held at two high schools October/November – High School Open Houses – 7:00 pm – VISIT ALL 3! – Open House: Paint Branch HS Monday, October 5 – Open House: James Hubert Blake HS Wednesday, October 14 – Open House: Springbrook HS Thursday, October 29 – Preprinted Choice form mailed to NEC students homes (mid-October) November – Choice Process – Round 1 – Evening enrollment for parents of NEC non-MCPS students held at Spring Mill Field Office on Tuesday, November 3 (5:00–8:30 pm) RSVP: 301-592-2040 and find out what documentation to bring – Completed Choice forms due to Consortia middle schools by Monday, November 9, 2009. February – NEC high school assignment letters mailed to students homes Preparing for the NEC Choice Process Timeline for 2009-2010

35 35 Parents and Students ~ Thank you for joining us this evening! NEC Signature Coordinators James H. Blake HS Michel DAnna, 301-879-1327 Paint Branch HS Brian Eichenlaub, 301-989-5680 Springbrook HS Mark Griffiths, 301-989-6077 Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services (DCCAPS) DCCAPS Office:301-592-2040 Website: Please complete your evaluation form and return it to the collection box. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at the Open Houses!

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