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Fire Risk Assessments 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW.

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1 Fire Risk Assessments 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW

2 Fire Risk Assessments 2 Fire Risk Assessments This presentation has been prepared to provide users and potential purchasers of the Fire Risk Assessments software with a brief overview of the package and the benefits it offers.

3 Fire Risk Assessments 3 Overview Fire Risk Assessments The Fire Risk Assessments package has been specifically designed to assist organisations to comply with their duties under UK Fire Safety Legislation. Fire Risk Assessment The Fire Risk Assessment package can be used by a wide variety of organisations to assist with the management and coordination of all workplace safety matters. The package enables risk assessments to be prepared quickly and efficiently in a professional and cost effective manner, whilst also enabling the hazards to be identified and the control measures specified and communicated to those at risk.

4 Fire Risk Assessments 4 What does it do? The Fire Risk Assessment Package includes: Guidance on the risk assessment process and legislative requirements Structured template on which Fire Risk Assessments may be undertaken 16 completed example Fire Risk Assessments which can be used or adapted for specific locations Fire safety tips and guidance Electronic Fire Safety Log Book Electronic Hot Works Permit System

5 Fire Risk Assessments 5 What else is Included? In addition the package also includes: Fire Safety Policy Statement Fire Safety Procedures and Arrangements 2 x A4 Plastic coated Fire Action Notices Hi Visibility Fire Marshall's Vest

6 Fire Risk Assessments 6 Fire Risk Assessments What Example Fire Risk Assessments are provided? Meeting Room Reception Area General Office Corridor Store Room Stairwell IT/Print Room Staff Kitchenette/ Welfare Room Boiler Room Garage Workshop Bedroom Lounge/Sitting Room Warehouse Construction of New Extension Public Bar/Restaurant

7 Fire Risk Assessments 7 Developing Further Assessments Fire Risk Assessment The Fire Risk Assessment package has been specifically developed to help organisations to take control and ownership of fire safety issues by providing a complete solution for the management and assessment of fire safety risks. Fire Risk Assessment Users of the Fire Risk Assessment package can create as many Fire Risk Assessments required by their workplace, thereby providing them with a truly comprehensive fire safety package.

8 Fire Risk Assessments 8 Ensuring Compliance Fire Risk Assessment The Fire Risk Assessment package can help to control and manage fire safety issues within the workplace through the management and elimination of potential ignition and fuel sources, together with the implementation of appropriate control measures. Fire Risk Assessment Furthermore the Fire Risk Assessment pro- formas have been provided in an easy-to- understand format that are suitable for use within a wide variety of organisations.


10 Fire Risk Assessments 10 Fire Risk Assessments The Fire Risk Assessments package also contains a Fire Safety Action Plan. This should be used to record the key findings and issues that require action in order to reduce or control the risks of a fire within the workplace.

11 Fire Risk Assessments 11 Comprehensive Guidance Fire Risk Assessments The Fire Risk Assessments package also includes comprehensive guidance on: Why Fire Risk Assessments are required What the legal requirements are When to carry out Fire Risk Assessments Who should carry out Fire Risk Assessments How to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (Step by step)

12 Fire Risk Assessments 12 Comprehensive Guidance Fire Risk Assessment FIRE SAFETY LOG BOOK. As well as the Fire Risk Assessment information and examples, the software also contains a comprehensive FIRE SAFETY LOG BOOK. The Log Book is provided in electronic format, enabling it to be easily updated and added too on a regular basis.

13 Fire Risk Assessments 13 Fire Safety Log Book FIRE SAFETY LOG BOOK The contents of the FIRE SAFETY LOG BOOK include: – Fire Safety Policy Statement – Nominated Responsible Staff & Responsibilities – Record of Visits by Fire Brigade and Fire Safety Consultants – Fire Safety Tips – Fire Alarm and Detection Systems Guidance and Record Sheet – False Alarms Guidance and Record Sheet – Emergency Lighting Guidance and Record Sheet – Fire Fighting Equipment Guidance and Record Sheet – Fire Drills Guidance and Record Sheet – Fire Emergency Procedure – Staff Training and Instruction Record – Fire Safety Induction Checklist

14 Fire Risk Assessments 14 Example Record Sheets from the Fire Safety Log Book


16 Fire Risk Assessments 16 Hot Works Permit System Hot works are a major cause of fire within many workplaces. Hot works include: Welding; Cutting; Soldering; Brazing & the use of Abrasive Wheels. Fire Risk Assessments To assist with the control of fire hazards associated with Hot Works, the Fire Risk Assessments package includes a full Hot Works Permit System The Hot Work Permit System includes full instruction on the use and operation of a Hot Work Permit, and also provides a full electronic permit for use within the workplace.

17 Fire Risk Assessments 17 Summary In summary the Fire Risk Assessments package provides much more than just fire risk assessment documentation, it also provides: Example Completed Fire Risk Assessments Fire Safety Guidance information A Comprehensive Fire Safety Log Book Fire Safety Policy and Procedures Hot Works Permit System Fire Action Notices Fire Marshall Hi-Vis Vest

18 Fire Risk Assessments 18 Specifications System Requirements: Processor - Pentium III or newer Recommended 128MB RAM or higher CD ROM drive Operating system Windows 98/2000/XP Microsoft Word 97 or newer

19 Fire Risk Assessments 19 Pricing The price of our software is all inclusive and includes for not only the software itself, but also for: Ongoing technical support We do not charge an annual maintenance fee for the use of our software There are no hidden costs to pay!!

20 Fire Risk Assessments 20 How to Purchase Fire Risk Assessments The Fire Risk Assessments software may be purchased from our online shop by logging onto: As you proceed through the checkout you will be asked if you want to make an online credit/debit card purchase or you may alternatively print off you order and send it to us with a cheque/postal order for the required sum. If you require any further information, please email us on:

21 Fire Risk Assessments 21 Thank You For Your Interest

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