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IGPS Anuj Khosla Alec Nicholas Siddharth Parmar Neil Shah.

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1 iGPS Anuj Khosla Alec Nicholas Siddharth Parmar Neil Shah

2 Project Idea

3 Ease of use, quick results, convenience Automatic or manual address recognition of destination in text message Manual selection of show time or food criteria Display of latest suggested departure, suggested movies and restaurants based on reviews

4 Automatic calculation of route based on movie show times, restaurant hours, current location, fuel, minimum distance and time Information sent to cars GPS system Automatic recalculation of movie theater dependent on location and show time

5 Information Interaction Smart phone with internet connection Connection with websites (Yelp, Fandango, etc.) Synchronization with cars GPS navigation system and computer (fuel calculation)

6 Fitting the Mini Brand Unique functionality Makes GPS more intelligent Interaction between user and application via suggestions. Sustainable driving dynamics Saves gas, valuable time and is less distracting Customization Automatic vs. manual selection, selection of different categories

7 Hip, Young, and Cool?

8 Target Market The target market of our application includes young, trendy up and coming individuals who would like better integration of their mobile device with their vehicle. We aim to target individuals from the age group 20 to 35. Marketing and Sales The application will be sold on the iPhone market for a fee of $5. Estimated US Sales for 2008 based on June 2002 Selling of 6000 minis (based on USA Today article BMW's mighty Mini may have many faces dated 8/12/2002: 70000

9 Estimated US sales for at least 6 years: 420,000 Worldwide Sales for last 6 years: 1 million Estimated Mini Users Worldwide Estimate Reducing Non-potential buyers of application: 500,000 Estimated Sales = $2.5 million

10 Development Costs: Estimated time required to code software: 6 months. 6 months x 4 weeks x 40 hours/wk x $25 = $24,000 Estimated Costs with two software engineers: $48,000 Research and Development Costs: $2,000 Other Expenses Incurred: $5,000 Total Start-up Cost: $55,000-$60,000 The above is a very rough estimate and is an overly conservative estimate of costs. We expect for that for the development of such a software-based product, start-up costs would be even less.

11 Questions?


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