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World Geography Final Exam Review

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1 World Geography Final Exam Review
Fall 2013

2 Maintaining traditional customs
1. How has global diffusion of advanced computer and communications technology affected peoples’ access to the following? Higher Education Increased access Pop Culture Maintaining traditional customs Decreased interest

3 2. How can a more diverse culture be created when new immigrant groups move into existing local cultures? By keeping some ideas of the original culture, while incorporating some of the local culture Much like the ingredients of a “salad bowl” instead of a “melting pot”

4 They have all begun to look very similar
3. What has happened to the cultural landscapes of commercial areas worldwide, thanks to the diffusion of popular American chain restaurants? They have all begun to look very similar like seeing McDonald’s on the city’s streets

5 4. List several problems that occur when tropical rainforests, such as the Amazon, rapidly disappear. Animal habitats destroyed for human use Less trees to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen Destruction of medicinal plants that heal and cure disease

6 5. What are the effects of the Industrial Revolution in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century? Early 1800s -Europeans immigrated to the US for economic and job opportunities in the Northeast 1860 – 1900 – about 14 million Europeans arrived to work in the US

7 Environmental Protection Agency
6. What are the EPA and the Clean Air Act? How do they protect the air quality? Environmental Protection Agency Agency designed to protect human health and the environment Clean Air Act Ensures air quality is not dangerous to humans

8 7. What indicators are used to determine a country’s level of development? How would a developed country’s indicators look? Low birth rate Low infant mortality Longer life expectations High literacy rates High education levels High standard of living

9 8. How did the formation of the European Union cause a population shift?
Western Europe had an abundance of employment opportunities People from other regions migrated there for jobs

10 9. Why is African influence present in Brazilian culture?
African slaves were forced to migrate to Brazil, as well as other Latin American regions

11 10. What happened in Eastern Europe in 1989, and what changes took place as a result?
Collapse of the Soviet Union Moved away from communism Eastern Europe was adopting more democratic ideals through cultural diffusion

12 11. What four factors affect climate?
Wind and ocean currents Latitude Elevation Topography

13 12. What were the direct effects of the Columbian Exchange?
African slavery European diseases introduced into Native American populations Exchange of animals and plants

14 13. How did the construction of the interstate system in the 1950s change the urban landscape?
People were able to move to suburbs and drive into work Economic activity was not limited to being in the city center Economic activity expanded away from city center

15 14. How do people maintain their culture? Give an example.
By passing ideas down from generation to generation Parents/grandparents teaching stories, recipes and way of living to their children/grandchildren

16 15. How does Earth’s tilt affect seasons?
Different parts of earth receive the sun’s direct rays at different times of the year causing temperature differences At the poles, times of constant direct sunlight and constant lack of sunlight

17 16. What is cultural diffusion? Give an example.
Spread of ideas, inventions or patterns of behavior from one culture to another Ex: Architecture, restaurant chains

18 17. How was England changed by the Industrial Revolution?
Urban areas (cities) grew as more jobs became available

19 18. Where in the world are climates the warmest year-round?
Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, along the equator

20 19. What is the climate of Northern Europe in the winter?
Very cold winters in Scandinavian peninsula (Northern Europe) Norway, Finland, Sweden – people interact with cold environment

21 20. Why is the US political system so stable?
Citizens are allowed to elect government officials If not happy with officials’ performance, citizens will not re-elect him or her

22 21. How does the Panama Canal help the economy of Panama?
Opens a trade route between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans Cuts expenses of having to travel around the tip of South America to trade

23 22. Why type of climate would cause Northern Brazil to get so much rainfall?
Northern Brazil is located within the tropical latitudes

24 23. Which event had the greatest impact on the culture of South America?
Spanish conquerors (conquistadors) arrived and took over

25 24. Why did favelas expand in the 1970s in Latin America?
Migrants arriving from rural areas Poor people, large numbers Could not afford to settle in city center

26 25. How did Europeans settle the US
25. How did Europeans settle the US? What general direction did population expand from there? Started in northeast Moved west with westward expansion

27 26. How did the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) spread?
Along the Mediterranean Sea trade routes Travel was faster and easier by sea than by land

28 27. Why did population in California change so drastically from 1848-1849?
News of the discovery of gold in California People from all over the world migrated to search for their share

29 28. Why did the Jews escape Europe during the 1940s?
Nazi Germany (Hitler) targeted Jews Suffered persecution and discrimination for Jewish religious views

30 29. Why were the Spanish able to conquer the Aztecs so easily?
Spanish conquistadors had much better weapons and military technology

31 30. What types of agriculture practices did the Inca use that made them an agrarian society?
Terrace farming Showed that they cooperated and planned crop growth

32 31. What do the Aztec and Mayan calendars and the use of “zero” indicate about pre-Colombian people?
They both made advances in math and science

33 32. How did the American Revolution affect Latin America?
Inspired leaders of Latin America to fight for independence

34 33. Describe religion of Latin America.
Largest practiced religion in Latin America is Roman Catholic

35 34. What are the origins of democracy?
Athens, Greece first society to practice direct democracy

36 35. What are the causes for destruction of the Amazon rain forest?
Poverty Abuse of natural resources Clearing land for ranching Large national debt

37 36. What are the advantages of terraced farming techniques?
Reduces soil erosion Allows steep land to be cultivated

38 37. What areas does the Latin America region cover?
Areas of the western hemisphere, south of the United States

39 38. Between urbanization and the Industrial Revolution, which is the cause, and which is the effect?
Urbanization is an effect of the Industrial Revolution

40 39. What physical features in Latin America have inhibited communication and transportation systems?
Mountains Rain forests River systems

41 40. What are some effects of colonial rule in Latin America?
Control of power by few wealthy land owners Poverty for everyone else Resources were exported, leaving the region economically weakened

42 41. What is subsistence agriculture
41. What is subsistence agriculture? Where can it still be found in Latin America today? Growing just enough food to feed family Still practiced in rural areas, like Incan settlements in Peru

43 42. What two cultural influences combined to reflect Central American culture today?
Spanish Native American (Mestizo people)

44 43. What does NAFTA stand for? Which countries are involved?
North American Free Trade Agreement Canada United States Mexico

45 44. What happened to European cities as a result of the Industrial Revolution?
They grew in size

46 Increase size of farms to feed bigger population
45. What effects did industrialization have on farming in the United States? Decrease number of people farming, due to industrialized farm equipment Increase size of farms to feed bigger population

47 46. What is hydroelectricity
46. What is hydroelectricity? How might climate changes affect production? Less rainfall leads to decrease in water flow, which reduces force with which hydroelectricity is produced

48 47. What is a polder? Explain the process in creating polders.
Reclaiming land from the sea by diking and draining

49 48. List the 5 peninsulas in Europe and the countries that make up each.
Iberian Spain and Portugal Scandinavian Norway, Finland, Sweden Balkan Greece Jutland Denmark, small part of Germany Italian - Italy

50 49. How are architectural styles, which begin in one cultural region and show up in other cultural regions, spread throughout the world? Cultural diffusion

51 50. Which subregion of the US is associated with the following?
a. wheat and automobiles – The Midwest b. gateway to America – The Northeast c. crops and the “sunbelt” – The South d. easier to settle because of air conditioning and irrigation – The West

52 51. In which province of Canada do most people speak French
51. In which province of Canada do most people speak French? What other language is also spoken? Quebec – French Everywhere else - English

53 52. What is the European Union, and what is its major function?
Economic union of select European countries Share resources, money system, open borders, common market

54 53. Which subregion of the United States has the highest population density?

55 54. What are the examples of Human-Environment Interaction discussed in Chapter 9 Section 3?
Slash-and-burn farming Terraced farming Urbanization Tourism

56 55. What are the geographic coordinates of the North Pole
55. What are the geographic coordinates of the North Pole? Of the South Pole? North Pole 90º North South Pole 90º South

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