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McDonalds Old Vs. New Advertisements

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1 McDonalds Old Vs. New Advertisements

2 McDonald Land Picture

3 McDonald Land Commercial

4 Target Market Target Market segments:
Gender: M and F Age Range: 3-11 Socio-Economic Status: Not clearly defined -Middle Class Where do they live: urban and rural Family Status (Children or No Children) Who are they and what do they want? Children who want to go out and play They want a new toy with their food They want food they may not otherwise get at home (fried, greasy, etc.) Parents who want there children to have fun things to do They want cheap easy meals Their children to be happy

5 What Problems do the Ads Solve
They give stay at home parent’s a place to bring their kids that is fun and exciting Gives parents a break from having to cook or make lunch/dinner Gives kids a fun place to play and eat

6 How is the Ad Unique? No other fast food restaurants at the time were focusing on children as their primary target audience Through market research McDonald’s knew that children under the age of 10 have a great deal of influence on what is purchased and where families go to eat They were advertising not only delicious food but a fun atmosphere

7 How does the Ad Cause the Audience to Act?
This ad is very good at catching the audiences attention It included a catchy jingle that could keep McDonald’s on the minds of the potential consumers Cause to Act: Throughout the ad Ronald and the children are making a fun journey to the McDonald’s restaurant. This may entice parents to take a fun journey with their children to McDonald’s

8 Inner Child Commercial 1

9 Inner Child 2

10 Inner Child Commercial 2

11 Target Market Segments Who are they and what do they want?
Target Audience Target Market Segments Who are they and what do they want? Gender: M and F Age Range: 25-45 Socio-Economic Status: Middle Class to Wealthy Where do they live: urban and suburban Family Status – not relevant Adults who are channeling their inner child They want a fun and different experience compared to what is traditional for business people McDonald’s said it is “Aiming to bring fund back to adults in the city”

12 What Problems do the Ads Solve?
The repetitiveness of a business person’s life may get redundant and boring – McDonald’s is saying to combat this break out of what you do everyday and revert back into what you loved doing as a child And that is going to McDonald’s

13 How is the Ad Unique? Most fast food establishments target their ads to families and young children This ad most prominently targets corporate America These people are not traditional seen as the focus of advertisements for fast food restaurants McDonald’s is trying to bring additional customers into their stores by focusing on an untraditional demographic

14 How Does the Ad Cause the Audience to Act?
By implicating that McDonald’s will bring you back to a time that was happy and carefree the ad wants the audience to desire that gratification immediately Therefore, the ad works to inspire the target audience to go to McDonald’s even if it is in the middle of the work day and be joyful and cheery

15 What Ad Campaign will be more Profitable and Why?
McDonald’s Land Inner Child I believe McDonald’s Land is the more profitable ad campaign The ad targets the audience that the fast food restaurant is designed to serve By serving the needs and committing to this target audience McDonald’s will continue to be the first choice for children when deciding for parents where it is they would like to dine Though the Inner Child campaign is a good idea and seems to be a great way to increase market share (define this for the students) It may alienate its already established audience I respect that McDonald’s is looking to reach a new and potentially more profitable demographic but if it loses out on keeping young families in its mind when creating ad campaigns the fall could be devastating

16 To Sum Up Both ideas should be profitable for McDonald’s
I do not think the Inner Child campaign will alienate the already loyal audience Though the Inner Child campaign focuses primarily on business people a nice twist to this campaign was how it also includes young people by incorporating the jungle gym and the children in the advertisements If more McDonald’s had jungle gym equipment it might lead to increased profits and market share The McDonald’s Land ads directly relate to young families and children McDonald’s primary audience By incorporating advertisements that are centered on your target audience McDonald’s is going to keep increasing revenues and profits

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