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Our country, cities & school.

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1 Our country, cities & school

2 Facts about Denmark The area of Denmark is 43.000 km2.
In Denmark there lives about 5.5 million people. The capital in Denmark is Copenhagen which is placed on Sealand. The valuta in Denmark is Danish Crones (DKK) 1 DKK is equal to 0,46 LTL. Denmark's national anthem is called ”Der er et yndigt land” (

3 Facts about Denmark The queen in Denmark is Queen Margrethe II.
Greenland and the Faroe Islands belongs to Denmark The queen in Denmark is Queen Margrethe II. Denmark is a welfare society which means that we pay taxes and then get medical help, education etc. for free. In Denmark we have democracy which means that we vote for our government. Denmark has a border to Germany the rest of Denmark is surrounded by the ocean. Denmark is known for being the happiest place on earth. 

4 Cities

5 Studsdal It is a small city next to Taulov and
there is only 40 people and 11 houses. There is a lot of fields with animals; especially horses. There is only one road through the city called Studsdalvej. It is a nice place with beautiful nature.

6 Facts about Skærbæk It´s a small town.
There lives about 2000 families. It´s a very social town. We have two grocery shops.

7 School and daycare We have a small school with 250 students.
The school goes from kindergarten to 6th grade. The school has very good facilities and outdoor playgrounds. The school looks a lot like Taulov Skole. Almost every child that lives in Skærbæk, has attended Skærbæk daycare.

8 The harbor It´s an industry harbor and a lot of fisher boats come in every day. You can buy fresh fish from our fishermen in our two fish shops. At the harbor there is also a restaurant called Savannah.

9 The beach It´s where we swim in the summer.
Sometimes there are beach parties. There is also a restaurant at the beach called Restaurant Strandparken. There are fireplaces and a small playground.

10 Facts about Taulov Taulov has a population at about 4000 people.
Taulov has a church that is about 800 years old. People started living here at about year 1860. Taulov has a very central location in Denmark.

11 Activities in Taulov You can eat at the local pizzeria.
Play soccer at the soccer-golf course. Work out at the local gym. Ride your BMX at the track.

12 Facts about Fredericia
Frederica is an old fortress city. The mayor´s name is Thomas Banke. It was founded in as a fortress city. The area of Frederica is km2.

13 History of Fredericia In the beginning, no one wanted to move to Frederica, because the soil wasn't very good. The king decided to make Fredericia to an asylum city. That meant that no one had to pay taxes for ten years.

14 FC Fredericia FC Frederica is a soccer team from Frederica.
They play in the Monjasa park.

15 Pictures… The town hall of Fredericia The shopping street

16 The school

17 About Taulov Skole The school is ca. 10.000m2.
There is 27 classes, 49 teachers, 613 pupils; 282 boys and 331 girls. There are 3 lines; international, innovative and science. We have a libary. We have the opportunity to play outside on our playgrounds and lawns.

18 Classrooms We have room for 28 pupils in each classroom.
We have Smartboards in each classroom.

19 Our class We attend the international line, which means that half of our subjects are in English, Fx Math, Physics, Biology and Communication. Communication is where we write with pupils from other countries. We also learn how to communicate properly with other people from other cultures.

20 We are 25 pupils in our class.
We have 12 different subjects; Physics, Social science, Math, Religion, English, Danish, P.E, History, German, Communication, Geography and Biology. We have ca. 32 lessons in a week.

21 Food

22 Leverpaste! Is a traditional Danish meal.
It is only made in Denmark. Paté is a copy of liver paste, from France.

23 Pork roast In Denmark, one of our national food is pork roast. It is a tradition that we eat it for Christmas, but also like a fine dinner in the weekend.

24 Sport

25 Handball Handball is the national sport of Denmark.
It was a Danish man, Holger Nielsen, who invented Handball.

26 Badminton Badminton is a very popular sport in Denmark. We have many good players like Peter Gade. Denmark has won the European Championships seven times in a row.

27 Copenhagen

28 Christiania Christiania is a free town in Copenhagen. Christiania is a little different from other towns. It’s a self charged community which means that they have their own community and want to decide everything by themself. In Christiania there lives about 850 people.

29 The Little Mermaid The little mermaid is a sculpture of a mermaid, who sits on a stone with a front out to the ocean. The little mermaid is made by a Danish artist and he has used a ballerina and his girlfriends bodies as an inspiration to make the little mermaid.

30 Nyhavn In Copenhagen we have a port called Nyhavn. Nyhavn has existed for over 100 years and many people comes to Copenhagen to see Nyhavn. From Nyhavn you can go on canal cruise and see The Opera House, The Little Mermaid, The National Bank, Børsen etc.

31 Denmark

32 The flag of Denmark - Dannebrog
Usually Danish people are proud of their flag. We are not only the world's oldest monarchy, but we also have the world's oldest flag. Dannebrog is not Denmark's oldest flag. The oldest flag is Ravnefanen. Dannebrog

33 Gorm den gamle (Gorm the old)
He was the first king of Denmark. He lived in year He lived in the time of the vikings. He was married to Thyra (with the nickname Danebod), and was buried in Jelling. Kids: Knud (Dane-Ast), killed on vikings voyage. Harald (1.), later king with the nickname ´Blåtand`. Gunhild, married with Erik Blodøkse in Norway.

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