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1 Select Case Studies Example of Our Teams Experience and Accomplishments.

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1 1 Select Case Studies Example of Our Teams Experience and Accomplishments

2 Client Case Studies Following are select examples of how we have put our marketing expertise and industry knowledge/connections to work to deliver results for our clients: 1.British Virgin Islands 2.China 3.Iceland 4.See You in Asia 5.Greece 6.Korea 7.Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games 8.Botswana

3 33 Case Study: British Virgin Islands Stabilize past achievements Reduce seasonality Increase awareness and drive bookings for locally-owned small hotels, intimate inns and villa properties Challenge

4 44 Case Study: British Virgin Islands Expand target audiences in North America beyond niche sailing and diving repeat visitors through promotional events Promote low-season and last-minute offers showcasing small hotel and villa properties Sell travel to the BVI by directly engaging travel consumers at special events where target audiences are drawn Differentiate the BVI from other destinations in the Caribbean Maximize the ROI on marketing resources by working with partners who share the BVIs brand attributes Increase the economic rate of return to the BVI from each tourist among all tourist types Solutions

5 Case Study: British Virgin Islands Online Marketing

6 Case Study: British Virgin Islands Promotional Events

7 Case Study: British Virgin Islands Public & Media Relations

8 Case Study: British Virgin Islands Broadcast Advertising

9 Case Study: British Virgin Islands Print Advertising

10 Case Study: Iceland Create a distinct brand positioning for Iceland in the U.S. market Provide the U.S. consumer with meaningful reasons to visit Iceland and consume Icelandic products (spring water, fish, lamb) to increase U.S. tourist volume Challenge

11 Case Study: Iceland Developed the tagline Pure. Natural. Unspoiled. The way life should be. Placed numerous stories with U.S. travel and lifestyle magazines underscoring Icelands natural beauty and many outdoor activities Developed advertising campaign tying these themes together Created series of special events, grocery store promotions and restaurant promotions packaging the entire Iceland experience (travel, food, lifestyle) Managed creative, media buy and traffic for Experience Scandinavia 16-page,four-color print supplement, which ran in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle Managed creative, media buy and traffic for Iceland four-page black and white insert in the Wall Street Journal Solution

12 Case Study: Iceland Branding and Marketing Collateral

13 Case Study: Iceland Print Advertising

14 Case Study: Iceland Restaurant Promotions

15 Case Study: Iceland Broadcast Publicity for Iceland Iceland Tourist Board and select multi-industry Icelandic suppliers collaborate to promote Icelands eclectic tourism appeal. Often, Icelandic music and food are featured in regional events. In Baltimore, participation in a 2-day street festival netted extensive publicity for an emerging Icelandic band and a renowned Icelandic chef. Broadcast coverage: Network Television (NBC): Icelandic chef featured in a 4 min live cooking segment on NBC (Baltimore) Sunday Morning Show Radio: Band interviewed by radio celebrities of 3 separate shows (on-location and in-studio). Combined air-time coverage = 50 minutes Client: Iceland Naturally Ad Equivalency Value : Advertising value = USD445,750 Example : Public/Media Relations Results

16 Case Study: China Introduce China as a desirable travel destination to the U.S. consumer and travel trade, laying the groundwork for an increasing stream of tourism to China in advance of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Challenge

17 Case Study: China Produced a 16-page consumer travel print supplement, See You in China inserted in USA Today, Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle Managed creative, media buy and traffic for an 18-week print advertising campaign in USA Today, featuring half-page four color ads, promoting China and Beijing to American leisure travelers Coordinated with all U.S. tour operators serving China to develop more and new vacation packages to China, promotion of vacation packages on CNTO web site 12-week print/online advertising campaign in Condé Nast Traveler, the Wall Street Journal,, and Managed China Tourism signage in Grand Central Station and Times Square midtown New York City bus- stop kiosks, and on NYC buses viewed by more than 500,000 commuters daily. Coordinated and managed an invitation-only gala dinner event for 300 people in New York Sweepstakes promotion on Travel Channel Created a stream of press releases and story placements stressing the many ways in which China is more accessible to tourism than ever before Solution

18 Case Study: China Over the past five years, China has become one of the worlds fastest growing tourism destinations. Broad media coverage throughout the U.S. Increased flights, hotel development and vacation packages to China. Expanded joint marketing between China and other Asian destinations such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Results

19 Case Study: China Print Advertising

20 Out-of-Home Media and Online Advertising Case Study: China

21 Cooperative Marketing

22 Case Study: See You in Asia For nine years, the See You in Asia campaign has been promoting U.S. outbound travel to Asia, with the following objectives: –Brand Asia consistently and favorably –Enhance awareness through print supplement, web site, public relations, and cross-marketing with corporate partners –Sell Asia as the worlds premier regional travel destination Asias largest marketing blitz in the U.S.

23 Case Study: See You in Asia With the input of participating national tourism offices and travel suppliers, more than five million copies of the See You in Asia print supplement are printed each year and distributed in newspapers reaching the top consumer markets in the U.S., as well as the travel trade. Print supplement

24 Case Study: See You in Asia Destination profiles Travel offers Online video Banner ads Brochure request Travel agent search engine (ASTA) Newsletter sign-up Web site targeted to U.S. travelers

25 Case Study: See You in Asia Past participants

26 Case Study: Greece The Greek financial crisis drove consumer concerns, causing U.S. arrivals to Greece to drop behind other European destinations The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) sought cost-efficient, yet high-profile tactics to raise awareness in the U.S. market With the launch of a new website and social media campaign (Facebook, Youtube, Flickr), GNTO was eager to expand their consumer email database GNTO needed a win to demonstrate achievement with local stakeholders in Greece Challenge

27 Case Study: Greece Partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures and Fandango to cross-promote leisure travel to Greece with the theatrical release of Clash of the Titans in April 2010 through a win-a-trip sweepstakes –Coordinated prizing with Variety Cruises, a leading provider of cruise vacations in the Greek Islands –Opt-in email profiles shared by both GNTO and Variety Cruises Planned and managed a special screening event of the Clash of the Titans film at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, along with press interviews and meetings with Universal regarding filming Mama Mia 2 on location in Greece Developed a microsite to tie Greek Tourism message to Fandango promotions Publicized the sweepstakes and screening event Solution

28 Case Study: Greece Media Relations

29 Case Study: Greece Online

30 Event Promotions

31 Case Study: Korea U.S. outbound travel to Korea has been lagging behind other Asian destinations Korea Tourism Organization was unsure of the most cost-efficient and effective way to move the needle to increase visitation from U.S. Korea was not adequately represented on the major U.S. booking engines Seoul is a popular gateway for U.S. flights to China, the Korea Tourism Organization sought an opportunity to work in cooperation with China National Tourist Office Challenge

32 Case Study: Korea Conducted Benchmark (Destination Perception Study) to determine current consumer and U.S. travel trade perceptions of Korea as a leisure travel destination Utilized research findings to develop marketing plan with a heavy concentration on interactive marketing and cooperative marketing campaigns with China National Tourism Organization Developed, host and market cooperative marketing campaign web sites Solution

33 Case Study: Korea Benchmark Research

34 Case Study: Korea Online Marketing

35 Case Study: Korea Online Marketing

36 Case Study: Korea Cooperative Marketing

37 Case Study: Torino 2006 Partner Concepts managed all marketing activities for Torino in the U.S. market before, during and after the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, including: Developing significant awareness of Torino & Piemonte among the U.S. general, consumer travel, travel trade and culinary press Managing press trips to Torino and the Piemonte Region Leveraging the Winter Olympics to tell the Piemonte story (Culture/history, food/wine and winter sports) via NBC and other U.S. media Broadcast advertising in U.S. during NBCs Winter Olympics telecasts Developing a U.S. web site ( to feature vacation packages to Piemonte from U.S. tour operators Activities before and during the 2006 Winter Olympics

38 Case Study: Botswana Raise awareness of Botswana as a premier destination for luxury safari vacations Inspire U.S. travel consumers and travel agents to learn more about Botswana Facilitate business opportunities and exposure for Botswanas ground suppliers (small lodges, tented camps, and tour operators) that previously had limited visibility in U.S. market Establish a dedicated Botswana Tourism Board marketing presence in North America Challenge

39 Case Study: Botswana Established a tourism board representation office for North America Designed and implemented a NA marketing strategy and plan Developed new web sites for Botswana Tourism Board in the U.S. for consumers and travel agents. Developed partnership with HBO surrounding the launch of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency television series. Placed numerous stories with U.S. travel and lifestyle media underscoring Botswanas role as the beautiful setting for the television series. Developed trade advertising campaign tying these themes together. Created online promotions (Google, Facebook and YouTube channel) for consumers and travel agents linking the television series message of empowerment for women to the aspirational nature of travel to Botswana. Designed and coordinated launch events in New York City surrounding the premiere of the television series. Implement continuous public / industry / consumer relations and communications program to build awareness and travel demand Solution

40 Case Study: Botswana Partnered with HBO to create a powerful, integrated cross- promotion for travel to Botswana alongside the premiere of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series –More than 200 U.S. news outlets covered Botswana as the setting of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO –Consumer database increase of more than 400% –New travel agent database of more than 500 Africa specialist travel agents Results

41 Case Study: Botswana Consumer Web Site for U.S. Market

42 Case Study: Botswana Consumer Promotion Campaign micro site Banner ads and direct mail

43 Case Study: Botswana Travel Agent Promotion Online sweepstakes and direct mail

44 Case Study: Botswana Online Video-

45 Case Study: Botswana Print Advertising for the Travel Trade

46 Case Study: Botswana VIP Premiere Event with HBO in New York City

47 Case Study: Botswana Trade and Consumer Newsletters

48 48

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