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By: Savannah Chacon & Jafet Navarro

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1 By: Savannah Chacon & Jafet Navarro
Russian Cuisine By: Savannah Chacon & Jafet Navarro

2 Lunch (Obed) Breakfast (zavtrak) Kasha (porridge) Kolbasa (Sausage)
Tvorog (Farmer’s Cheese) which is used to make Blini (Thin Pancakes) or Syrniki (Thick Pancakes) Rye Bread Borscht (soup of red beats, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and onions) Most traditional soup Olivye (Salad) Vtoroye Bludo (Meat dish consisting of Kotleta (Chicken)) Okroshka (Soup of Vegetables, meat, poultry, or fish)

3 Dinner (Uzhin) Desserts (Desert) Beef Stroganoff Pierogi (Dumplings)
Halupki (Stuff Cabbage) Piroshki Potato vareniki Sambouk from plums Kiozinak Skorospelki Chuchkella

4 Drinks (napitki) Pastries (Vypechka) Moscow Ponchiki doughnuts
Kvass (A fermented beverage made of Rye bread) Kompot (Boiled fruit) Prostokvasha (Milk base acid Beverage served cold) Samagon (Homemade Vodka) most popular Russian Brand Moscow Ponchiki doughnuts Medyanki (Honey cookies) Lenivy Vatrushki Pechenye domashnee

5 Common Ingredients Because of Russia’s harsh winter climates, cold weather crops such as fresh leafy vegetables and fruits are most common. Fish and vegetarian items are an essential part of Russian diet because most Russians are Orthodox and Christians.

6 Cuisine Traditions Do not begin eating until the host/hostess invites you to start. It is polite to use bread to soak up gravy or sauce. You will likely be urged to take seconds. Men pour drinks for women seating next to them. Small of food should not be cut. Tea and conversation is done on the table after the meal is finished.

7 Difference Compare to foods in America, main foods that are most popular in America are junk food such as burgers, hot-dogs, pizza, etc… and drinks that are cold such as a cold Coca-Cola soda. Russian foods have more to do with soup such as borshch and/or Okroshka, pastries such as pirozhki, and hot drinks such as hot tea. AMERICAN: RUSSIAN:

8 New Year’s Cuisine The dish Kutya consisting of boiled wheat sweetened with honey. The meal begins when the first star is spotted in the night sky, in remembrance of the Star of Bethlehem. This is announced as the impending birth of the Christ Child.

9 Russian Places in Chicago (Restaurants)
Versailles Restaurant (131 W. Dundee Rd. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089) Russian Tea Time Restaurant (77 East Adams St, Chicago, IL 60603) La Mirage Restaurant (3223 Algonquine Rd., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008) Old Lviv Restaurant (2228 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60622) Zhivago Restaurant and Banquet (9925 Gross Point Rd Skokie,IL 60076)

10 Russian Places in Chicago (Food Stores)
Avantgarde (Bulgarian) (5241 N.Harlem Ave Chicago, IL 60656) Chaihanna (19 E Dundee Rd. Buffalo Grove IL 60089) Czerwone Jabluszko (3121 Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL OR Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60646) Healthy Food Lithuanian Restaurant (3236 S Halsted Street Chicago IL 60608) Old Lviv (2228 W. Chicago Ave Chicago IL 60622) Podhalanka (1549 W Division St Chicago IL 60622)

11 Popular Russian food Bacon in Russia it is known as “Salo” where they eat the bacon as one piece without cutting it and raw. Usually eaten with bread and garlic. Pickles are eaten common in Russia. It is the type of food known since birth. Fermented or sour cabbage is also a common eating food. It is told to children that it will help you grow tall and strong.

12 Sources
Recipe.htm russian-food-preferences-oksana-kostryuchina/ desserts/meal-traditions-and-etiquette

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