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Cartago, Costa Rica. About ITCR Founded in 1971 Also known as ITCR or TEC Type: public Programs: Undergraduate & graduate Website: (Spanish.

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1 Cartago, Costa Rica

2 About ITCR Founded in 1971 Also known as ITCR or TEC Type: public Programs: Undergraduate & graduate Website: (Spanish only)

3 About ITCR Total Enrollment: 6,000- 6,999 Total Staff: 900-999 History: Created by Costa Rica Law No. 4777 President: Julio Calvo

4 Location Location: Cartago, Costa Rica (24 km. east of the capital: San José) Satellite Locations: San José, San Carlos (Costa Rica)

5 Mission Statement "Contributing to the integral development of the country, by means of the formation of human resources, research and extension; keeping the scientific-technical leadership, the academic excellence and the strict attachment to the ethical, environmental and humanists norms, from a state university perspective of quality and competitiveness at national and international level"

6 Undergraduate Programs Business Information Technology Education Mathematics Sustainable Tourism Construction Engineering Industrial Engineering Computer Engineering Industrial Design Environmental Engineering Biotechnology Engineering Agro business Engineering Architecture and Urbanism Business Administration Agronomical Engineering

7 Graduate Programs Masters Degree in: Business Administration Computers Education Production Technology and Natural Resources Occupational Health and Environmental Hygiene Project Management Modern Manufacturing Systems Local Economic Development with Emphasis on Tourism Electro mechanic Engineering Doctorate Degree: Natural Science

8 Academic Calendar Programs are offered in periods of : Semestres (classes last for periods of 6 months) Quatrimestres (periods of 4 months) Trimestres (periods of 3 months) Bimestres (periods of 2 months) For exact dates of classes, visit: as/calendario_2012.aspx

9 Admission/ Choosing Courses Based on Admission Exam Guidelines for specific areas of study can be found at: tudiantes/Paginas/Plan esEstudio.aspx

10 Accommodations 3 options: Home stays: students live with families in Cartago – furnished homes with food/laundry provided Apartments: students live with other students of ITCR – apartments are usually unfurnished Residencias Estudiantiles: housing provided by ITCR for students with financial need and of good academic standing – furnished residences

11 About the City of Cartago The capital of the Cartago province Population: 156, 600 inhabitants (2008) Founded in 1563 Was the capital of Costa Rica until 1823

12 Transportation Cartago has a small airport, so it is best to fly into San Jose and get transportation into Cartago. Buses: buses are cheap and leave every 30 minutes from San Jose into Cartago

13 Transportation Once in Cartago Car Rental: Cars can be rented at the airport and driven into the Cartago (this is probably more expensive and less convenient, however) Train: trains are a comfortable option to get right into the city of Cartago Taxis: a good way to get around in Cartago; all are orange in color. Public buses: a cheaper, but less convenient way to get around the city.

14 Money Costa Ricas currency is the colón Currently the exchange rate is 1 dollar: 500.69 colones Be mindful of the exchange rate! You can check it on sites like: Banks are usually open Monday-Friday, and U.S. dollars can be exchanged from colones here

15 Weather in Cartago Climate is relatively mild Rainy, cloudy most of the time Mild temperatures: Coldest month (temperatures between 50°F and 60°F): January Warmest month (temperatures average around 80°F): May Months with the most rainfall: May and June (over 250mm.) November-April: the dry season

16 Food A restaurant is located at ITCR and is open Monday-Thursday from 8:30am- 8:00pm and Friday from 8:30am-4:00pm Try to local cuisine like: Gallo Pinto- the national dish- fried rice and black beans Arroz con pollo or arroz con atun – rice with chicken or tuna Horchata- a cinnamon flavored drink Tres leches- dessert made of three-layered flan

17 Health Matters Vaccinations that are recommended for travelers to Costa Rica: Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Typhoid Also, it is recommended to take prescription anti- malaria drugs if traveling to the Límon Province of Costa Rica For more health information, go to

18 What to bring? Passport! Clothes for all seasons Prescription medications Credit card Identification and copies of identification Outlet converters

19 What to do?? Visit: Basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles (pictured at right) Irazu Volcano – close to Cartago and is the largest in Costa Rica Orosi Valley – located 12km from Cartago, surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes

20 What to do?? Visit: the Ruins of Cartago (archaeological site- pictured at left) Turrialba- right outside of the city, best rafting in Costa Rica Lankaster Botanical Gardens- in Paraiso (40km from Cartago), Central Americas largest collection of orchids

21 Contacting ITCR For more information, you can contact the university at: E-mail: Phone: 2552-5333 Apartado 159-7050 Cartado, Costa Rica Website:

22 Helpful Resources

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