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Diversify, Niche, (Innovate), Collaborate or Die!

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1 Diversify, Niche, (Innovate), Collaborate or Die!
Richard Finlayson Diversify, Niche, (Innovate), Collaborate or Die!


3 Australian RTOs Carrick Meridian Hostec Geos Austech HHH International
Adelaide Pacific International




7 Scope Additional qualifications Skill sets

8 Market Overseas Interstate Funding sources Fees for Service

9 Products Short courses Consultancy Complimentary Business



12 Unique Selling Point Unqualified boast: However:
“We’re the best hospitality training company in the world!” However: “We’re not only one of the best hospitality training colleges in Adelaide, but we were the only provider to win an award in the 2013 Restaurant & Catering Awards”

13 Innovation


15 Online learning – yes or no?
Specific types of online learning can be… Create something new Lead the market – be the next iPod!


17 Continued… Both parties retain their independence & identity
Work together, brainstorm & share resources Practical examples: Sharing offices with non-competing RTO’s Having one booth for 2 companies at expo’s Joint tenders & submissions Sharing previous tenders & contracts Sharing Compliance Manager or approved Education Officer


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