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How well do you know your University? 30 questions to make you think.

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1 How well do you know your University? 30 questions to make you think.

2 QUESTION 1 Which CQUniversity campuses are celebrating their10 th anniversary this year?


4 QUESTION 2 Does Fringe Benefits Tax or FBT apply to meals consumed by a spouse or partner who accompanies a travelling staff member, and the University pays for the meal?

5 ANSWER 2 YES - FBT will apply. Financial Accountant – Taxation Ms Helene Remmits – x6858

6 QUESTION 3 What do you do to lodge a works request? (e.g. for a function requiring the use of University equipment).

7 ANSWER 3 Complete an Online Request Form on the Facilities Management webpage.


9 QUESTION 4 Who is this man? and What is his full title?

10 ANSWER 4 Professor Ken Hawkins Deputy Vice Chancellor (International) and Chief Executive Officer – C_Management Services.

11 QUESTION 5 What is the Universitys telephone number? and Where is it located on the CQU homepage?

12 ANSWER 5 13CQUni or 13 27 86

13 QUESTION 6 Do you have to obtain permission to dispose of, or destroy, University electronic or hard copy documentation?

14 ANSWER 6 YES – you must

15 QUESTION 7 Which senior executive is this?

16 ANSWER 7 Mr Alastair Dawson Deputy Vice-Chancellor (University Services).

17 QUESTION 8 What is the value of a gift, given or received, that must be recorded as a reportable gift? a)$100 or less b)More than $100 c)More than $350

18 ANSWER 8 b)More than $100. Two registers where reportable gifts are recorded; Gifts Received Register, and Gifts Given Register.

19 QUESTION 9 In which city was the first Australian International Campus (AIC) opened?


21 QUESTION 10 Who is the Head of Campus for Bundaberg and Noosa?

22 ANSWER 10 Professor Phillip Clift.

23 QUESTION 11 Under the current Staff Study Support policy, who are considered to be eligible for assistance? a)Permanent full-time staff b)Fixed-term staff employed for more than 12 months c)Part-time permanent staff d)Casual staff

24 ANSWER 11 a)Permanent Full-time staff b)Fixed-term staff employed for more than 12 months, and c)Part-time permanent staff.

25 QUESTION 12 Who officially opened The Bruce Hiskens Library on the Rockhampton campus? And in what year did this occur?

26 ANSWER 12 H.R.H. Princess Alexandra

27 ANSWER 12 In 1978 (30 th September)

28 QUESTION 13 Under the CQUniversity Travel Policy, which of the following are NOT considered to be reasonable travel costs that the University will pay for in conjunction with a travel event? a)Mini bar at hotels/motels b)Pay to view movies at hotels/motels c)Casual or one time airline lounge entry (e.g. Virgin Blue Lounge) d)Breakfast supplies from a local supermarket

29 ANSWER 13 a)Mini Bar at hotels/motels, b)Pay to view movies at hotels/motels, c)Casual, or one time Airline Lounge entry.

30 QUESTION 14 In what year did CQUniversity first open its doors in Rockhampton? 1966, 1967 or 1969. and What was it called?

31 ANSWER 14 1967 Queensland Institute of Technology Capricornia

32 QUESTION 15 What is the date of the University Ball in 2011? and What is the theme for the Ball?

33 ANSWER 15

34 QUESTION 16 What is the telephone speed dial number for campus Security?


36 QUESTION 17 What does ISL stand for?

37 ANSWER 17 Interactive System-wide Learning

38 QUESTION 18 In the CQUniversity Strategic Plan 2011-2014, what will we be; From 2011 By 2014 By 2019

39 ANSWER 18 From 2011 – Financially sustainable. By 2014 – A great regional University and sustainable on our regional operations alone. By 2019 – One of Australias great universities.-

40 QUESTION 19 What is the position title of the person who presents graduating students with their degrees at a graduation ceremony? and What is his name?

41 ANSWER 19 The Chancellor Mr Rennie Fritschy

42 QUESTION 20 Which of the following is never a fringe benefit provided by the University ; a)Staff Study Support; b)Dinner with the team at a restaurant to acknowledge their hard work; or c)Superannuation contributions made by the University?

43 ANSWER 20 Superannuation contributions made by the University are NOT a fringe benefit. Financial Accountant – Taxation Ms Helene Remmits – x6858

44 QUESTION 21 Is Professor Scott Bowman the 6 th, 7 th or 8 th Vice-Chancellor of the University?

45 ANSWER 21 6 th Vice Chancellor

46 QUESTION 22 What is distributed by email each Thursday to all staff and subscribers?

47 ANSWER 22

48 QUESTION 23 TRUE OR FALSE A reason why all travel has to be arranged through Travel Crew is to enable the University to maintain a single record of where staff/students are located at anytime in case of incidents occurring overseas or domestically.

49 ANSWER 23 TRUE On page 2 of Travel Policy

50 QUESTION 24 Which country is the largest source country for International students coming to CQUniversity in 2011? Singapore, China or India?

51 ANSWER 24 India

52 QUESTION 25 What does PELM stand for?

53 ANSWER 25 Process Engineering & Light Metals

54 QUESTION 26 What is the telephone speed dial number for the IT Helpdesk?

55 ANSWER 26 9233

56 QUESTION 27 Which domestic campus is this?


58 QUESTION 28 TRUE OR FALSE CQU staff must report changes in location of CQU tagged equipment to the faculty or division Asset Maintainers immediately this has occurred.

59 ANSWER 28 TRUE Assets and Portable & Attractive Items Stocktake Policy states under 6.1 Roles of CQU Staff - All CQU Staff who are recorded as custodians of tagged equipment must advise the Asset Maintainers of changes of location of equipment.

60 QUESTION 29 How many campuses have a CQUniversity Bookshop?

61 ANSWER 29 Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne 8

62 QUESTION 30 How soon after an event or accident should an Incident / Hazard Report Form be completed? Within 24, 36 or 48 hours? Where can you find the form?

63 ANSWER 30 Within 24 hours Health & Safety website (under Incidents & Hazards tab)

64 How well did you know your University?

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