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By: Amrita Poddar (064BCT504) Kapila Rajbhandari(063BCT513) Ritu Kandoi(064BCT528)

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1 By: Amrita Poddar (064BCT504) Kapila Rajbhandari(063BCT513) Ritu Kandoi(064BCT528)

2 What is RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT??? simple application for restaurants which is a management tool in presence of wireless network available order placed via the available mobiles or touchpads one of the main hot topics in current technological world

3 RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT the most visual and important work is order taking and management helps to eliminate miscommunication between customers, waiters and kitchen staffs cash management is another requirement an efficient and faster method of handling information

4 EXISTING SYSTEM Waiters attending every table Order placement and billing done manually

5 OBJECTIVES To save time of customers during the order and billing process To increase the accuracy of the restaurant Ethical problems: over charging or not charging guests for certain items can be eliminated To minimize the number of staffs and reduce training time for ne employees


7 SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION Our system consists of two parts: 1. SERVER END(Administrators desktop application programmed using J2SE and J2EE) It acts as a server constantly listening for any inputs to and from it Provides a graphical user interface to the administrator and receptionist Facilitates the billing, ordering(home service), viewing and database modification processes

8 SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION (contd..) 2. CLIENT END( mobile application for customers programmed using J2ME ) provides a graphical user interface to the customers Facilitates the menu and bill viewing and ordering processes for the customers

9 Programming languages

10 usage Unlimited commercial scope Gaining a lot of momentum overseas cash management and the customer resource management functions a perfect light and equipped tool for day to day tasks of the restaurants An effortless, smooth operation-a commanding, daily challenge in restaurant



13 FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS Mobiles can be allowed for restaurant customers to engage with other entertainment options The system can be extended to transfer the orders to the kitchen directly instead of transferring via the receptionist for much more efficiency Printing of bills can also be included

14 FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS(contd…) more features can be added like managing table requirements, checking cash bleed in and out, viewing open table and creating cooking instructions by the manager and/or the receptionist The system can be facilitated to provide progress report of the entire restaurant for the administrator.


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