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The Restaurant By: Carl Burnham, Michael Lebhar, and Avi Goldstein.

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1 The Restaurant By: Carl Burnham, Michael Lebhar, and Avi Goldstein

2 Rules of the Business Objective: When presented with two pictures of individuals, pick the one you believe is suited for the job position. (Hint: One person is a world class professional and the other is not. Choose wisely, use basic human social cues, this game is not set up to fool you like others have been designed.) The person who makes the most correct choices at the end of the game wins. Record your choices on a piece of paper, one side called right, the other left. Number the paper down 1 - 9 and at each number check the right or left individual, answers will be given after the game.

3 The Chef

4 1.


6 2.


8 3.


10 The Manager

11 4.


13 5.


15 Hosts and Hostesses

16 6.


18 7.


20 8.


22 Waiters/Waitresses

23 9.


25 There was a purpose to this game. Sorry, we actually lied to you in the introduction of this game, but it was all in good fun and it was necessary for you all to understand your true biases, whether they be racial, gender, weight, or ethnicity. Every individual in this game in the first 8 rounds is an incredibly successful professional in the restaurant field. The chefs are all famous millionaires, the managers run the most expensive and successful restaurants in the world, the hosts and hostesses are all working at very high end locations, and the waitresses in round 9 are both random Google searches. There was no better choice of one or the other in these rounds, but we wanted to see where the audience would skew votes. Something to take away from this is, bias is a normal human instinct that even the most honest kind human being to the wisest to the most aggressive all have. Its not something to be ashamed of but to be aware of and when decisions are being made, be conscious of bias and try to eliminate any pre judgemental thoughts. The famous individuals from left to right starting from page 1 - 8 are Julia Child, Wofgang Puck, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Ron Duprat, Aaron Sanchez, Ben Checkroun from Le Bernardin, Anthony Rudolf from Per Se, Will Guidarn from Eleven Madison Park, Antonio Benjamin from Per Se, hostess at Eleven Madison Park, host at Noma, host at Arzak, host at Per Se, hosts at Alivea, and hosts at Le Bernardin. We hope you enjoyed The Restaurant! The True Meaning of this Game

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