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Rachel’s Mediterranean Restaurant

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1 Rachel’s Mediterranean Restaurant
Group 5 Misu Jang Evan Lurie Joey Ramia TK Thein

2 Agenda Background Business Expert Problem Business Values
Database Design User Interface Design Demonstration Conclusion

3 Background We created a database for Rachel’s Mediterranean Restaurant
Currently no database system intact in Rachel’s and instead keep paper based records The database will help us determine employees' performance, how each location is performing along with employees' and locations'

4 Business Expert Joseph Ramia
Worked in Rachel’s during the spring in 2012 Recognized serious disorganization Owner of the restaurant struggled with handling simple information

5 Problem? Only paper based records
Difficulties in dealing with location and employee information Major problem: Disorganization Need of proper database!

6 Business values Ease and efficiency in many aspects of business such as… Performance review Provide better service to customers Tracking information and performance Performance review for certain employees Rewards/Discipline Identification of problems at each location Improve the company’s image

7 Database Design Four tables
Employees’ record Locations Employees’ performance Locations’ performance We created relationships between the four tables to help us to determine how each individual is performing and assess the performance of each location.

8 User Interface design Switchboard that directs users to Forms, Reports, Help and Exit. Forms Menu Employees Form Employees Performance Form Location Form Location Performance Form Reports Menu Averages by Position Employees by Location High Performing Employees Low Performing Employees High Performing Locations Low Performing Locations

9 Demonstration

10 Conclusion Our database will enable the owners of the Rachel’s to determine performance level for each employee and location in order to decide which employees should be promoted or laid off and which location should be shut down.


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