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Cultures in Business By Lucy and Yee Latina By Lucy.

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2 Cultures in Business By Lucy and Yee

3 Latina By Lucy

4 Latina Entrepreneurs: An Economic Force in the U.S. The United States is becoming more ethnically and culturally The growing presence of Latinos in the United States has a profound implication for the future of leadership in our nation.

5 Latinas share many of the same motivations for entrepreneurship as all women business owners : To control own destiny Improve economic situation Change in job situation

6 Family and Heritage are important Factors Latina entrepreneurs describe their businesses as family run. The immediate family- spouse, children or parents-are involved in their business The first and second generation came from diverse regions, including Mexico, Cuba, South America, Puerto Rico,

7 Latina Entrepreneurs: An Economic Force in the U.S. Latina entrepreneurs are a growing economic force with unique characteristics, they are improving their opportunities for access to capital, technology and training.

8 Latina Entrepreneurs use English and Spanish in their Business Activities. Typically, Latina business owners say they vary their language based type of business dealings However, Latinas maintain ties to their heritage; they use both languages

9 What Latinas like best about business ownership The freedom and more flexibility Being their own boss The down side of being a business owner Long hours Burden of responsibility being employers

10 As Latinas play an increasingly significant role in the United States. There is a corresponding imperative to understand how leadership is experienced, understood, and developed within the Latina community. Next is Yee

11 Hmong Business By Yee

12 Hmong Background Live in mountains of Laos and Thailand Raise live stock, and harvest crops Came to America because of Vietnam War

13 Business in Laos Men do business from village to village and also to big city. Selling hand made goods

14 Hmong in America Adapt with American society Education is a must

15 Usual Career suggestions Doctor Teacher Auto mechanic Nurse

16 Hmong Business Men and women are about the equal, but men makes all the decision. Usual Hmong business are: Local market Repair shop Restaurant Strawberry farming

17 The End

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