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IEEE Region 2 - West Area Robert A. Walston 30 SEP 2010 Teleconference Meeting.

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1 IEEE Region 2 - West Area Robert A. Walston E-mail: 30 SEP 2010 Teleconference Meeting

2 Sep 26, 20102 IEEE Region 2 West Area IEEE Sections Akron Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Dayton Lima Youngstown

3 Sep 26, 20103 IEEE Cleveland Section 24 APR 2010 IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training Workshop – Held in Independence, OH – Hosted by Murty Polavarapu and Wegman, Hessler & Vanderburg – Organized by Drew Hayes, IEEE Cleveland Section Vice Chair – 17 Attended (includes 1 non-member). Attended by the IEEE Cleveland Section Officers, R2 West Area Chair (Columbus Section), 1 Toledo Section Treasurer (R4), the Univ. Of Toledo IEEE Student Branch President (R4), 1 Case Western Reserve Univ. IEEE Student, and 4 IEEE Cleveland State Univ. Student Branch Members (2 Undergraduate and 2 Graduate students)

4 Sep 26, 20104 IEEE Cleveland Section Past IEEE Cleveland Section Activities are listed at: 2011 IEEE EnergyTech Conference 25 – 26 MAY 2011 at Case Western University Keynote speakers: Mark Johnson from ARPA-E, Pat Hoffman from the DOE, and George Maracas from NSF Topics: smart grid, energy storage, wind power, plug-in electric vehicles, co-energy, distributed generation, efficiency and conservation, power electronics, photovoltaics, solar energy, and other alternative and renewable means of power generation

5 Sep 26, 20105 IEEE Cleveland Section 2011 IEEE EnergyTech Conference Peer Reviewed Papers and conference proceedings will be published on IEEE Xplore

6 Sep 26, 20106 IEEE Cleveland Section New Society Chapter Formed Communications Society - 2 technical meetings with average attendance of 30 (1 meeting was a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer, Bhumip Khasnabish from Boston) (link to pictures below from kickoff event) cleveland-have-common-100gbps-satellite-and-how- will-it-transform-broadband-acces services-and-ngn - link to info re DLT event

7 Sep 26, 20107 IEEE Cleveland Section Two Society Chapters Rejuvenated Computer Society - 4 technical meetings with an average attendance of 50+ Link to pictures Control Systems Society - 2 technical meetings with average attendance of 40+ Links to pictures control-introduction aspects-sliding-mode-control-theory

8 Sep 26, 20108 IEEE Cleveland Section Two Chapters Being Formed GOLD Affinity Group Chapter – Initial officers selected and planning has started for first meeting EMBS Society Chapter - selected initial chair from Lerner Research Institute at Cleveland Clinic, recently circulated survey and currently analyzing results regarding ideal meeting location/time/topic. Over 70 responses received to the survey.

9 Sep 26, 20109 IEEE Cleveland Section Workshops Teamed up with local industry and universities for the following workshops (substantial discounts offered to IEEE Members) ETAP 101 Training - Design, Analysis & Operation of Power Systems HISP Security and Frameworks-related Certification NEC Class - Pools and Spas - Article 695 Cleveland Simulcast of the Startup Lessons Learned Conference

10 Sep 26, 201010 IEEE Cleveland Section Future Workshops 2010 Cleveland Nanomedicine Summit - October 18-19, 2010 Medium Voltage Transformer Seminar - Oct 20, 2010 2010 National Electric Code Conference - Cleveland - Oct 27, 2010 2010 National Electric Code Conference - Akron/Canton - Nov 10, 2010

11 Sep 26, 201011 IEEE Cleveland Section Cleveland GiveCamp The IEEE Cleveland Section Sponsored Cleveland GiveCamp and many members joined the event to help code. Description of event - Article writeup from Cleveland Plain Dealer with mention of IEEE - The Cleveland Section worked closely with all of the people mentioned in the article to help pull the event off. Another GiveCamp is already being planned for 2011.

12 Sep 26, 201012 IEEE Cleveland Section Other Values for Members The IEEE Cleveland Section obtained "Preferred Partner" status with Quicken Loans Arena, which allows us to provide exclusive ticket deals to our members for sporting events and concerts (great response from members during Cavaliers playoff run last year). Some of our societies co-organized a golf event on September 16, 2010 (it rained too).

13 Sep 26, 201013 IEEE Columbus Section IEEE Graduate Student Branch Formation – At Ohio State University – Advisor: Dr. Paul Berger – 150 Graduate Student Members – Core Group of 15 – 30 – 40 Grad Students interested in forming a Graduate Student Branch

14 Sep 26, 201014 IEEE Columbus Section IEEE Graduate Student Branch GOALs – Provide an informal setting to: Encourage participation in IEEE Build Networks / Connections to the EE profession Share, Exchange, Develop Ideas Grow Technically and Professionally Mentor and provide tutorials to Undergraduate Students

15 Sep 26, 201015 IEEE Columbus Section IEEE Graduate Student Branch – Three Areas of Focus: First Year Graduate Students Research and work with IEEE Society Chapters Industry Experience and Networking (especially for the non-thesis Masters Degree Students)

16 Sep 26, 201016 IEEE Columbus Section IEEE Graduate Student Branch – Greater than 50 % of Graduate Students are International Students – Need Region 2 and Region 2 Director Support with Petition to form the Ohio State University IEEE Graduate Student Branch and their activities – Are there any other IEEE Graduate Student Branches ?

17 Sep 26, 201017 IEEE Columbus Section IEEE Online Virtual Student Branch Formation – There are 3000 online students in Engineering at DeVry University – Hosted by IEEE Region 2 and the DeVry University Columbus Campus – Advisor: Professor John Golzy, P.E. – Is IEEE HQ and IEEE Region 2 looking into how the Online Virtual Student Branch can be Formed ?

18 Sep 26, 201018 IEEE Columbus Section 20 MAY 2010 IEEE Columbus Section Spring Banquet – Dr. Ralph Ford was the keynote Speaker and presented IEEE Membership and Benefits: Rocket Fuel for your Career – Murty Polavarapu and Parviz Famouri attended – Recognized 3 new IEEE Fellows – Recognized 2 students each from the 4 IEEE Student Branches for Academic Achievement and Contributions to the Profession

19 Sep 26, 201019 IEEE Columbus Section 23 SEP 2010 IEEE Columbus Section Meeting held at Zane State College in Zanesville, OH to meet with 2 Faculty Advisors and Student Branch Officers and Students. Also, a tour of their Laboratories was provided. 15 OCT 2010 Joint IEEE GOLD and OSU IEEE Student Branch Fall Picnic – Networking and Rejuvenate the IEEE GOLD Affinity Group. Javvad Qasimi is organizing GOLD. Senior Member Drive being planned 31 OCT 2010 IEEE Columbus Section Picnic to encourage Membership and to Thank Past Conference Volunteers Section Elections (NOV – DEC 2010)

20 Sep 26, 201020 IEEE Columbus Section Planning a Student Research Conference for Spring 2011 at The Ohio State University – Students in the IEEE Columbus Section can present their Research or Senior Project Planning the 2011 IEEE Columbus Section Spring Banquet – Location being determined (Franklin Park Conservatory or The River Club Restaurant) – Any Speaker Ideas ?

21 Sep 26, 201021 IEEE Columbus Section ISSUES: 1.E-Notice Usage Limitation a)IEEE HQ now limits the Section and its Society Chapters to 1 E-Notice per Week b)Members prefer 1 message per activity for brevity and so they see it (versus being buried in a large E-Notice Message) c)Events happen at different times and difficult to coordinate everything ahead of time into 1 E-Notice Message d)Section Officers and Society Chairs could send out 1 E-Notice for their respective activity and use up the E-Notice availability for 1 week without the others being aware of this

22 Sep 26, 201022 IEEE Columbus Section ISSUES: 1.E-Notice Usage Limitation (Cont'd) a)Also, some members aren't reading their IEEE E-Notices now so a better heading to attract their attention is needed b)What are our Options ? c)Does vTools Support Sending out Meeting Notices (without requiring a meeting to be set up formally in vtools) ? Does vTools support Section members E-mail List ? d)The IEEE Columbus Section web hosting services supports 3 options but there is a cost. Users can manage the Section and Society notices that they would receive.

23 Sep 26, 201023 IEEE Columbus Section ISSUES: 2. vTools Meeting Activity System Database Issues a)If one makes a mistake on a Meeting Form you can't go back and correct it. b)What are our Options ? c)If you query 2010 IEEE Columbus Meetings you find 83 Meeting Records but only 3 of 8 PES Meetings are listed. Are records lost or not being selected for some reason ? d)However, if you query PE31 (for PES) and IEEE Columbus Section it shows all 8 PES Meetings. e)If IEEE (or someone) would query 2010 IEEE Columbus Meetings they would not pick up all of the activity. Would this affect the Section Rebate Amount ?

24 IEEE DAYTON SECTION 18 SEP 2010 IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training Workshop – Held at 365 Joshi Center, Wright State University, in Dayton, OH – Hosted by Murty Polavarapu and organized by Felicia Harlow, IEEE Dayton Section Secretary – 9 Attended. Attended by the IEEE Dayton Section Officers and 1 Cincinnati Section Officer, who will be the 2011 – 2012 Section Chair. There were no Student Branch Officers or members in attendance.

25 IEEE DAYTON SECTION Form a new IEEE Student Branch at the ITT Technical Institute Facility in North Dayton 17 NOV 2010 IEEE Dayton Section Meeting will be held at the ITT Technical Institute Facility (Date is tentative) – Dr. Charles Cerny, Dayton Section Vice Chair, will make a presentation – Fall Keynote Speaker Presentation (TBD) – To encourage IEEE Membership, student involvement, Form an IEEE Student Branch, and conduct a Section Meeting

26 IEEE DAYTON SECTION Establish a new IEEE Region 2 Award in memory of Dr. Dan Repperger for his 10 years of service with IEEE Region 2 Issue: What is the process of establishing a new IEEE Region 2 Award

27 IEEE LIMA SECTION Past Events 16 FEB 2010 Technical: Tour of the Advance Materials Comm. Center Members: 6, Guests: 1 18 MAR 2010 Technical: Wind farms in Hardin County Members: 11, Guests: 0 29 APR 2010 Technical: ONU ECCS Senior Design Poster Presentation Members: 25, Guests: 13 27 MAY 2010 Social: Family Picnic Members: 9, Guests: 10 17 AUG 2010 Administrative: Executive Meeting Members: 7, Guests: 0

28 IEEE LIMA Section Planned (Future) Events 20 OCT 2010 Toledo Section: Medium Voltage Power Transformer NOV 2010 Technical: Rhodes State will present a Continuing Professional Development Hour DEC 2010 Social: Christmas Holiday Dinner and Theater Show JAN 2011 Administrative: Executive Meeting MAR 2011 Technical: ONU Capstone projects in Kenya (Joint OSPE Meeting) APR 2011 Technical: ONU ECCS Senior Design Poster Presentation MAY 2011 Social: Family Picnic

29 IEEE LIMA Section Awards and Sponsorships Ohio Northern University Future Practicing Engineering (May 2010): $250, Joshua Stone Ohio Northern University Future Practicing Engineering (May 2010): $250, Allan Hall

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