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Strategic Planning and the Information Professional A&SL Careers Event April 2011 Cathrine Burke.

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1 Strategic Planning and the Information Professional A&SL Careers Event April 2011 Cathrine Burke

2 Today Strategic Planning Who does it? What is it ? Examples What has it got to do with me? As an information professional As a team member in any organisation Whats in it for me? Career and personal development opportunities 2

3 Strategic Planning – who and when? At some point every organisation and every individual plans strategically for the future Individuals Career Life stages Education Organisations All organisations even the smallest businesses Periodic Driven by new challenges or a crisis Change in leadership 3

4 What is it? Lots of literature of the topic Generally consists of a Vision or Mission Set of beliefs Tangible objectives Not Something the CEO dreams up in a dark room Must be Real and meaningful to the whole organisation 4

5 The Process Consultation- Internal and external Competitor analysis Market research Analysis of all internal processes Ultimately resulting in a VISION SET OF BELIEFS OBJECTIVES 5

6 Examples 6 Company Vision Statement Xerox Motorola Apple Computer McDonalds Starbucks Microsoft To be the leader in the global document market by providing document services that enhance business productivity. To be the world leader in communications, information and entertainment. To change the way people use information to work, learn and play. To become the worlds easiest quick-service restaurant choice for customers. To be the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world. To create software that empowers the users of personal computers.

7 Closer to Home IBEC will promote the interests of business and employers in Ireland by working to foster the continuing development of a competitive environment that encourages sustainable growth and within which both enterprise and people can flourish 7

8 Closer to Home By 2020 the National Library of Ireland will be a dynamic and world-class institution providing access to information. It will deliver the widest possible range of innovative, quality services of relevance to its users. It will be outward looking and will play a vibrant and central role in Irish life and will be a leader and a co-ordinator of recorded cultural and intellectual life. It will make a tangible difference. 8

9 All very interesting but…. 9

10 Context Current economic environment Lots of change in all fields and professions All organisations are Creating Reviewing Amending Consulting on their strategy Driven by Lack of funds Need to do things more efficiently Fewer resources Survival/ justifying services Cost reduction 10

11 The Opportunity Typical responses to management decision to undertake a strategic planning exercise Not my job. I am a …. Fear Particularly if you are viewed as a cost centre Whats the point in getting involved if I have no influence? 11

12 Seizing the opportunity 1. As a Team member What a great chance to be involved with other parts of the organisation I have some great ideas about how we could do this more effectively I have some ideas that will make us more relevant to our clients/members/customers 12

13 Seizing the opportunity 2. As an Information professional I welcome this opportunity to demonstrate the specific skills I can bring to bear ( excellent research, organisation, deep understanding of) I want to make this department much more relevant to its customers I am going to use this opportunity to understand more fully what is needed now, in 5 years What are the hot topics for my customers 13

14 Win - Win The Organisation Benefits from your skill set Has seen the broadest range of your skills and competencies Sees commitment You Part of the Team Great experience outside your natural comfort zone CV 14

15 Conclusion Now more than ever, be OPEN Balance natural pride in your profession with the need to service your customer/client/organisation See your skills and competencies as broadly as possible Get involved- experience is all 15

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