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1 1 Status WP5 Yngve Trædal E-CO Tech AS

2 2 Time Schedule TaskResponsibilityDue dateStatus Data from Spanish surveyEIT30.nov.05Submitted by Raquel 14.01.06 Carmelo /Raquel Data from Hungarian aircraft studyBUTE6 January 06 Rita is currently analyzing the data Rita Pooled statistical analysis of road and rail noise and VTTS data UBath13 January 06 Alberto is currently conducting the pooled analysis Alberto /Alistair First analyse of results by Rita Markovits-Somogyi Rita31 January 06 On advice from UBath and E- CO Submitting deliverable 4E-CO (Ståle /Yngve) and UBath (Alberto /Alistair) 17 February 06 Draft construction of contents etc. at Las Palmas meeting

3 3 08.30hCoffee and tea 09.00hWelcome and round the tableULPGC – Raquel/Carmelo 09.15hStatus of WP5 Draft deliverable 4 and comments Time schedule and further work E-CO – Yngve 09.30hSurvey Hungary Survey noise (road and rail)/VTTS Survey aircraft noise annoyance BUTE - Rita 10.15hSurvey GermanyIER - Alexander 10.45hSurvey NorwayE-CO – Yngve 11.15hCoffee and tea 11.30hSurvey SwedenSIKA - Peter 12.00hSurvey UKUBath - Alistair 12.30hSurvey SpainULPGC – Raquel/Carmelo 13.00hLunch break 14.00hPreliminary analysisUBath - Alberto 15.00hDiscussion – preliminary analysisAll teams 15.30hCoffee break 15.45Input from WP5 to WP4 - harmonised guidelinesUBath - Alistair 16.30 – 17.00External publishing National results Pooled results E-CO - Ståle 20.00hDinner at restaurantAll participants

4 4 Agenda Friday 08.45 hCoffee and tea 09.00h Important issues for the final report o Analysis o Benefit transfer o User friendly o Differences between countries o Comparison of state of the art E-CO - Ståle 10.00hCoffee break 10.15hConstruction of draft content for the final report Distribution of tasks E-CO - Ståle All teams 11.45h Time Schedule – further work E-CO - Yngve 12.00h Lunch at restaurant

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