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To provide a real immigrant, Southern Italian neighborhood dining experience. Only the freshest high-quality ingredients will be used. Our food will be.

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2 To provide a real immigrant, Southern Italian neighborhood dining experience. Only the freshest high-quality ingredients will be used. Our food will be as expressive as our Italian heritage. We will search for, and retain, only the most sincere and enthusiastic team members. The quality and integrity of our staff will be the catalyst for our commitment to the service of our guest and the profitability of our company. Our teamwork and humor will create tremendous loyalty among our team and guests, making us sought after by each. Missione dichiarazione (Mission Statement)

3 Pasto (food) Specializing in Southern Italian Food Family style servings Pastas, Pizzas, Baked Pastas, and Deserts Fun Family dining atmosphere

4 Strategia (Strategy) Diligence Humility Integrity Quality Sincerity Service Teamwork Humor Profitability Family

5 Luogo dorigine (place of origin) First restaurant opened in 1993 Minneapolis, Minnesota The first restaurant was in the basement of an apartment building Founder: Joe Micatrotto In the summer of 1993, the first Buca di Beppo opened in a Minneapolis basement. It was hard to find, but impossible to forget. Word spread of Neapolitan pizzas as big as bathmats, whole chicken cacciatore, and pastas and salads spilling over from family platters. –

6 Famiglia (family) Currently 6,000 family members New CEO- Wallace B. Doolin Buca Inc. is one of the fastest growing restaurant companies in the United States. In January 2002, purchased the assets of the nine Vinny T's of Boston restaurants

7 Premio (awards) 2005 Best of Florida Best Restaurant for a Party -City Link Best Italian - Family Style 2004-2005 Reader's Choice Awards - Sacramento Magazine BEST ITALIAN CUISINE READER'S CHOICE AWARDS -Daily News. Com (Los Angeles)

8 Buca Di Beppo translates as Joes Basement Buca has grown from 34 to 51 locations in the year 2000 Growth of organization has moved up from 2,500 to 4,100 people Ambiente Organizzativo (Organizational Environment)

9 Concorrenza (Competition) Third fastest growing dining segment Applebee's Red Lobster Outback Chili's Olive Garden

10 Consegnatari (Stakeholders) Paisanos hold stakes in Bucas future They earn a significant bonus bases upon restaurant-level cash flow Paisano Partners allows for innovation which attracts the best management to their restaurants (innovative culture)

11 Tipo di Mercato (Type of Market) In their market economy, Paisano Partners has created an unique experience for those who like the casual dining experience Operate mostly in an open market since Buca Di Beppo has gone public Stock ticker is identified as BUCA

12 Coltura (Culture) Culture = Organizations personality Buca Di Beppo Warm, family oriented, fun neighborhood culture Rich Southern Italian cooking –Rich with tradition and alive with innovation

13 Coltura (Culture) Unique Family Style Organization Paisano Partnership –Paisano in Italy Countrymen, friend or neighbor –Paisano at Buca Di Beppo Lifeblood of the famiglia, both a trusted friend and business owner Qualities and characteristics –Record of success as general manager or managing partner –Proven track record of exceeding customer expectations –Hands on ability –Love of life –High energy level –Humility and diligence –Entrepreneurial approach –The ability to work huge volume, dinner only

14 Coltura (Culture) Very Strong Culture –Entrepreneurial = Innovation and risk taking –Hands on ability = Attention to detail –Love of life and diligence = People orientated –Not stable, we exceed status quo

15 Sustaining Culture –Interviewing regular employees Same qualities as a paisano Managers judge candidates on: –Requirements of the job –Fit in our organization? Characteristics or Values –Integrity, teamwork, humor, family, diligence, etc. Coltura (Culture)

16 Socialization –Training Six weeks Learn to –Toss pasta –Pitch a table –Correctly pronounce marinara

17 Drawbacks of Strong Culture –Prevents trying new approaches –Solution Keeps a steady immigration of Southern Italian culture by sending their culinary team on frequent trips to Italy to search out new dishes Coltura (Culture)

18 Autorita (leadership) Wallace B. Doolin (Buca di Beppo) –Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President Steve Hickey –Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Modesto Alcala –Chief Operating Officer Wes Garnett –Senior Vice President, Family Resources Jim Cowler –Senior Vice President, Operations Anthony Penn –Senior Vice President, Operations Lori Van Holmes –Vice President of Training David LaFlash, Steve York, John Little, Jim Morris, Mickey Mills, Brian Beers, Carron Harris, Pam Thompson –Divisional Vice Presidents

19 It is NOT the BLOOD in OUR VEINS, BUT the SPIRIT in OUR HEARTS that MAKES US ITALIAN. -Joseph P. Micatrotto, former CEO

20 Autorita Stile (leadership style) AutocraticAuthority is centralized and work methods are dictated; decisions are unilateral and employee participation is limited DemocraticEmployees are involved in decision making; authority is delegated, participation in deciding work methods and goals is encouraged, and feedback is used to coach employees

21 Autorita Stile Buca di Beppo Loosely autocratic (typical restaurant division of labor) with democratic elements –Employees are considered family members –After working in their restaurant for five years, Paisano partners (general managers/franchisers) earn a proprietary stake in their company and are free to develop their staff and business in their own style

22 Visione (vision) To bring back to America the warmth and family-style neighborhood restaurant. These attributes will be carried by, and felt through, our people, food, and surroundings in a vital, vibrant and powerfully flavored fashion. We will view ourselves as a family of neighborhood restaurants. Our guest will be most important by virtue of being part of our famiglia.

23 Struttura Organizzativa ( Organizational Structure ) Specialization wait staff, hostess, cooks, VP of Training, Paisano partner Departmentalization Functional

24 Wallace B. Doolin CEO and President VP of Marketing VP of Training VP of Family Resources VP of Operations Divisional VPs Restaurant Managers Chain of Command

25 Span of Control Restaurant manager manages shift employees Centralization vs. Decentralization Buca is a more centralized organization Formalization More formal- many rules and procedures

26 Disegno Organizzativo (Organizational Design) Buca is a mechanistic organization dependent on –Strategy –Size –Technology –Environmental Uncertainty

27 Organizational Change and Innovation Organizational Change –Def: any alteration in people, structure, or technology. Change is always present and cannot be eliminated

28 Interno Potere (internal forces) Some internal forces include: –Workforce –New equipment –Employee Attitudes

29 Esterno Potere (external forces) These are forces such as the marketplace, govt. laws and regulations, technology, and economic changes. –Influences that external forces have on Buca di Beppo Technology and ever changing marketplace Government Regulations

30 White-Water Rapids Metaphor This is a metaphor that portrays the work environment as dynamic, hectic, and unpredictable. –White-water rapids metaphor applied to the restaurant industry.

31 3 Options for Change Structure Technology People Cambiare (change)

32 Innovazone (innovation) Definition: the outcomes of the creative process that are turned into useful products, services, or work methods. –Example: Buca di Beppo is a creative and innovative restaurant displaying a few very unique characteristics. Kitchen Table Family Sized Portions

33 Partita (game)

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