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What’s New in ArcGIS 9.3.x Tim Clark ESRI Denver.

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1 What’s New in ArcGIS 9.3.x Tim Clark ESRI Denver

2 Tables, joins, and relates
9.3 Highlights Mapping Convert graphics to features Improved geocoding experience Cartographic improvements Editing Pause while in stream mode Better on screen display for Split and Fillet tool Status feedback bar for Sketch tool Tables, joins, and relates Advanced Sorting – sort up to four fields Toggle between field alias names or actual names Definition queries in tables are now respected during joins 9.3 Tech Transfer Sessions 2

3 Geoprocessing and Analysis
9.3 Highlights Raster Data Support for ENVI imagery New tools: Clip to graphics, Export Raster World File, Get Cell Value….. Geoprocessing and Analysis Improved messaging, performance and usability Start ModelBuilder button in ArcMap More tools Proximity, Spatial Weights, Sqatterplot, Regression, ….. All Extension products have improved on the 9.3 release Functionality and Quality 9.3 Tech Transfer Sessions 3

4 Many quality improvements in 9.3 release Quality driven by:
ArcGIS 9.3 Quality Many quality improvements in 9.3 release Quality driven by: Tests User reports brought forward from Support Code review Analysis Tools Fixed Some issues dating back many years Issues range from UI/Usability to functionality to ‘random’ crashes 4 4

5 ArcGIS 9.3 PDF Export Background:
PDF is the most popular format to export maps to. PDF is viewable by all standard computers today as the defacto standard for data exchange. ArcGIS has always supported exporting maps in PDF format At each release we improve PDF export At 9.3 we were able to greatly improve our PDF export in many areas.

6 Enabling PDF for Maps ArcGIS 9.2 Introduced PDF Layer Export

7 Enabling PDF for Interactive Geospatial Content
ArcGIS 9.3 PDF Layers Now Nested

8 Enabling PDF for Interactive Geospatial Content
ArcGIS 9.3 Feature Attributes Exported as PDF Object Data

9 ArcGIS 9.3: Geoprocessing ModelBuilder Shortcut
You can now open ModelBuilder from the standard toolbar Quick way to start building a model Save your model to an existing toolbox or simply choose to discard it when done

10 ArcGIS 9.3 Improved Geoprocessing Error Reporting
Tool errors and warnings in help menu Link all Errors to help topic What is the Error Why did it occur What should you do to fix it Found / Fixed issues of reporting wrong errors or no errors. Process Dialog 10

11 Geoprocessing Results - errors
Error Messages Help for every Error ID

12 Geoprocessing Result Management
New option for controlling the life-span of your results Keeps your documents from growing too big Improves application startup and performance Keeping all of your results takes resources Default life-span is 2 weeks Warning is displayed when you open a document containing results Enforced when document is saved

13 Geoprocessing New and Modified Tools
36 New tools 3D - 1 Analysis - 1 Conversion - 5 Data Management - 12 Cartography - 2 Server - 3 Network Analyst - 1 Spatial Analyst - 1 Spatial Statistics - 5 Schematics – 4 Geostatistical Analyst - 1 16 Modified tools New optional parameters or keywords that provide additional capabilities Will NOT break existing models or scripts

14 Tables, Joins and Relates
Properties of joins and relates can be reviewed in the Layer properties dialog: In the Joins and Relates tab in the Layer Properties dialog and the Table Properties dialogs, you can now review the properties of joins and relates, so it is easy to see the name, location and type of any tables that are joined or related to your table. These properties are read-only: 14 14

15 Tables, Joins and Relates
Improved sorting capability Sort on up to four fields at once Right click on any field and choose Advanced Sorting Set to None to unsort 15 15

16 ArcGIS 9.3.1 Author, publish, and use geographic knowledge
High-quality maps 3D visualizations Planning and analysis Data management workflows Authoritative content Image management Rich Web applications Dissemination of information Real-time decision making in the field Consumers Casual Users Citizens Knowledge Workers Mobile Workers Distributed Web Services GIS Workers Enterprise Systems GIS Professionals

17 Key Themes of ArcGIS 9.3.1 High-performance dynamic maps
Better sharing of geographic information Easy access to more online content Easy installation More resources to make you successful Continued improvements in quality and scalability

18 High-Performance Dynamic Maps
New optimized map service New tools for tuning maps

19 Faster Web Mapping New optimized map service
Significantly faster than ArcGIS 9.3 Outperforms equivalent ArcIMS services Produces attractive, high-performing Web maps Shortens map caching time

20 New Tools to Optimize Maps in ArcMap Tune up your map documents
Analyze maps and produce recommendations for tuning. Preview your map document and estimate draw time. Directly publish your maps from ArcMap to ArcGIS Server.

21 Creating Highly Scalable and Performing Map Services Wisely combining cached and dynamic services
Combine basemaps and operational data. Cache as appropriate. Web maps are not the same as desktop maps. Reuse services. Cached Dynamic + Dynamic Great opportunity to migrate ArcIMS users to ArcGIS Server Avoid the ‘ArcIMS mindset’. Help users understand cached + dynamic Let users learn by example: showcase existing ArcGIS Server sites Exploit map services in web browsers and Desktop applications

22 Enhanced Web User Experiences Rich Internet applications
ArcGIS APIs Powerful developer APIs for building rich user experiences on top of ArcGIS Server services Lightweight APIs for quick development Very fast and scalable Extended support for Microsoft developers New ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight

23 Direct Access to Microsoft Virtual Earth Services Global basemap seamlessly integrated with ArcGIS
Up-to-date, multiscale basemap (aerial imagery, roads, hybrid) Included at no cost with ArcGIS Desktop as part of maintenance Free, built-in 90-day evaluation for ArcGIS Server Quick-start GIS projects with ready-to-use content

24 Easy to Install Don’t need to uninstall ArcGIS 9.3
Easy to work in mixed environments of ArcGIS 9.3 and ArcGIS 9.3.1 Geodatabases, map documents, and APIs did not change.

25 Demos

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