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History of Chefs and Restaurants

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1 History of Chefs and Restaurants

2 Restaurants Restaurant is derived from the French word Restaurer, which means to restore.

3 History of Restaurants
16th Century Guilds: All food offered and prepared outside of the home was sold by Guilds. Guilds were a group of cooks who prepared and sold certain food items.

4 History of Restaurants
There were separate Guilds for meat, poultry and pies, breads, sauces and stews, and those who organized feasts. Each Guild had a monopoly on their particular food.

5 History of Restaurants
Inns and Taverns mainly provided sleeping accommodation and alcohol. When food was served at the Inn it would be obtained from the appropriate Guild and brought to the Inn where guests were served family style at communal tables.


7 History of Restaurants
18th Century Paris 1765 Monsieur Boulanger, a tavern keeper, opened the first restaurant. He advertised his special dish, sheep feet in white sauce. He prepared food at his tavern for customers who came in primarily to eat.


9 History of Restaurants
Paris 1782 – Other Restaurants opened Antoine Beauvilliers offered wealthy diners a menu listing all dishes. The wait staff served patrons at small, individual tables in an elegant setting.


11 History of Restaurants
The French Revolution 1789 – 1799 : Guilds and their monopolies were abolished. Well-trained chefs who worked in the aristocracy’s private kitchens opened their own restaurants.

12 History of Restaurants
Early 19th Century More restaurants opened serving a wider selection of items and catering to a diverse clientele.

13 History of Restaurants
Grande Cuisine – meals consisting of dozens of courses of elaborately and intricately prepared, presented, garnished and sauced foods. Antonin Careme was the prestigious chef who perfected Grande Cuisine.


15 History of Restaurants
Late 19th Century Restaurants opened in the Americas and throughout Europe.

16 History of Restaurants
London 1898 – Auguste Escoffier refined Grande Cuisine to create Cuisine Classique or Classic Cuisine. Classic Cuisine is the simplification of flavours, garnishes, and fussy procedures of Grande Cuisine.



19 History of Restaurants
20th Century Nouvelle Cuisine: The rejection of overly rich and complicated dishes. The emphasis was on healthy eating, fresh ingredients of the highest quality and simple cooking methods.

20 History of Restaurants
Fernand Point was the chef who began the movement toward lighter and more simply prepared foods.



23 Assignment Choose a restaurant that you have been at recently. How would you describe its cuisine? Describe the food and how it was prepared. Describe typical menu choices, including an appetizer, entrée, beverage and dessert. Describe the ambiance of the restaurant, the style of table, the lighting, etc. Describe the majority of the clientele. What else is particular about the restaurant you have chosen? Due: Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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