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Sammos Seafood Restaurant Front End Analysis Matt Spencer Dan Boulos Sam Namsong.

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1 Sammos Seafood Restaurant Front End Analysis Matt Spencer Dan Boulos Sam Namsong

2 Restaurant Background It is a large family style franchise restaurant Employs about 30-40 people Diverse menu Located near a popular shopping center Decline in profits

3 System Chart

4 Subsystem Chart

5 Suprasystem Chart

6 Gate Keepers Managers Authoritative power R esponsible for policies, budget, personnel, information, and resources of the restaurant C orporate Leadership Develop the restaurants standards P rovide funding

7 Change Leaders Managers Profitability of the restaurant P roductivity of employees K ey Employees Want to address system faults-health & safety D islike current management decisions C orporate Leadership Changes across the franchise

8 Blockers Employees Question changes that will not lead to benefits N o faith in changes proposed by management C ustomers Find stability in status quo--good food and service

9 Installation Process D etermine what should be changed Agreement from all parties Funding & resources approval Propose pilot program Receive feedback and recommendations from blockers & change leaders Develop the process for change

10 Monitoring & Maintenance Periodic Evaluation -After one, three, six, and twelve months E mployee Evaluations -Perceptions of work environment Customer Surveys -Quality of customer service Profitability

11 Gather Information Surveys from all individuals about various aspects of the restaurant Interviews with employees and managers Secret Diners will make dining area observations

12 Discrepancy Chart - What Is I nput -Rushing when taking orders/serving meals P rocess -Bad work habits not addressed or improved upon P roducts -Customers receiving incorrect orders O utput -15% of all customers report bad service O utcome -Restaurant loses money

13 Discrepancy Chart - What Should Be I nput -Attentive when taking orders/serving meals P rocess -Positive employee work habits are fostered P roducts -Customers will receive exact order O utput -100% of all customers report good service O utcome -Restaurant highly profitable

14 What Is 15% of customers report bad service 70% of these customers refuse to pay Small percentage of employees unhappy

15 What Should Be Excellent customer service 100% of customers are satisfied All employees happy

16 The Gap N eed for improved employee-customer relations Improved communication between employees and management D ecline in profits

17 Goals 1 :: Increase profitability of restaurant 2 :: Improve customer service 3 :: Strengthen employee morale 4 :: Provide a stable and enriching work place

18 Design Implications Budget Employee Availability Management-Employee-Customer buy in Maximize Revenue

19 Solutions Customer Service Training Program Employee Incentive Program Management-Employee Liaison Officier

20 Recommended Solution Customer service training program P ros: O utside voice Team Building Maintenance No long term cost Cons: I nitial cost of training event Employee Scheduling C ustomer Service + Team Growth = PROFITABILITY

21 Reflections - Dan Front End Analysis Benefits of systematic analysis Q uestion of application of front end analysis G roup Work Strength in numbers F ace-to-fact vs. online

22 Reflections - Sam Process of a Front End Analysis Theories of instructional design Teamwork Use of new technology Academic & presentation skills

23 Reflections - Matt

24 Bon Appétit

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