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Max’s Restaurant: Corporate Responsibility

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1 Max’s Restaurant: Corporate Responsibility
The Human Resource Manager’s Guide

2 Core Values Customer Service Excellence: Teamwork:
We will meet every customer with the highest level service and quality. Teamwork: A diverse, teamwork-based work environment will yield the best possible experience for everyone, including employees and customers. Communication: Open communication with customers as well as employees is essential to the long term success of any business.

3 Core Values Cont. Respect: Diversity: Environment:
We will strive to provide a productive and respectful environment for all. Diversity: We value, encourage, and recognize diversity.   Environment: Max’s promotes continuous improvement in reducing the carbon footprint created by our organization.

4 Community Relations and Involvement
We strive to make a positive impact in the community that we serve. We value the communities in which we do business and are dedicated in embracing our responsibility to improve them. Through sponsorships and donations we would be able to fulfill our social responsibility while gaining familiarity and publicity.

5 Diversity Mission As an organization, Max’s strives for excellence. We understand that excellence cannot be achieved without a creative, diverse work staff. We are located across three different states and appreciate the ideas brought forth from our diverse culture at Max’s. This culture will allow Max’s to move forward as we strive for continual improvement through a creative, diverse, and dynamic workforce. The following slides discuss our tactics for achieving this goal.

6 Incorporating Diversity
When determining a plan for incorporating diversity related to recruitment Max’s will consider the type of community we are in and then reach out to those demographics around us.  Hiring practices will be race, color, gender, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation neutral. Comprehensive diversity training to all employees when hired due to high turn over rate.  Refresher once a year. Accommodating to religious holidays and practices, to include certain apparel options and holidays.

7 Incorporating Diversity Cont.
Max’s will hire state approved disabled people, (states provide half salary while Max's will provide remainder). Max’s will provide training associated with generational gaps to improve working relationships within these different age groups. Develop, implement, and enforce anti-harassment & anti-discrimination polices.   Workforce will be diverse throughout all levels of organization, with each its own target (top management down to shift workers.

8 Internal Employee Relations
The goal at Max's restaurant is to provide a work environment that is respectful to both the employer as well as the employees. All employees are expected to comply with the Company's Code of Conduct. Based on the infraction and noncompliance, different levels of disciplinary action will be used for different situations. There will be a progression of action based upon the level of misconduct.

9 Company Standards of Behavior and Performance
Attendance: All employees must be on time and present for all work related functions. Max's is a drug-free work environment which includes, but is not limited to, arriving to work under the influence of legal substances. Dress code has been defined for safety and to provide an appropriate atmosphere. Theft will not be tolerated. Employees and Managers will conduct themselves in a professional and appropriate manner while within or around the restaurant.

10 Disciplinary Process 1. One-to-one council: This gives Supervisors an opportunity to inform an employee that they are not meeting company standards. 2. Verbal Warning (documented): Employees will be informed, and given a chance to improve when performance, conduct, or attitude fall below the acceptable level. All verbal warnings will be documented to provide a pattern of habitual behavior. 3. Written Warning- Failure to improve once a verbal warning has been issued will result in a written warning. At this point, supervisor will also give an expected path for improvement.

11 Disciplinary Process Continued
4. Suspension w/o pay (final warning about a given behavior). 5. Termination: This is the last step in the disciplinary ladder when performance, conduct, or attitude does not improve.  Not every step must be utilized. There may be actions to warrant immediate termination based on the severity of the action. This could include, but is not limited to, termination.

12 Grievance or Complaint Procedure
1. Informal- dealt with at the lowest level by approaching your immediate supervisor. This can be done verbally or in writing. Staff meetings can be held to discuss concerns. Animosity box will be placed within the workplace. 2. Formal-informal complaint is not necessarily a prior action. The grievance must be in writing.

13 Recruitment Initiative
Max’s seeks to recruit the most qualified candidates for openings as they become available. It is our mission to perform this function in an ethical, cost effective manner while targeting the desired labor market. Our organization takes pride in the recruitment process as it revolves around an opportunity to further branding initiatives.

14 Employee Selection Process
Determine Job Responsibilities-in this step we will determine the skills and/of responsibilities that we expect out of a certain job Recruit-Use methods described in Less 6 Receive and Review Applications-applications will be processed and phone interviews given to those that are being considered Hold Interviews-one on one interviews will be preformed at which point we will ask a list of questions based off the position

15 Employee Selection Process Cont.
Selection of Applicants-select applicants that would best represent Max's Background and Reference check-employment/criminal history verification Hire-offer job Orientation and Train-provide all tools needed to succeed at Max's

16 Performance Expectations
Order Takers: Expectations: Order take must know the entire menu. Order takers are responsible for maintaining clean and neat work stations. Order takers must posses strong interpersonal skills. Order takers must strive to build relationships with Max's customers. All order takers (barring allergies and/or for religious purposes) must sample all menu items prior to beginning the normal functions of the job.  

17 Performance Expectations Cont.
Order Takers Duties: Take order Present price and accurately take tender. Deliver order to appropriate staff function. Confirm customer satisfaction and rectify all order and delivery mistakes. Provide suggestions for possible up-sales and answer (or find the answer) all questions regarding the menu and recommendations.  

18 Orientation Orientation will consist of the following items: Mission
Code of Conduct Meet the team and introduction. Classroom time to review menu and discuss potential product up-sales. Menu and beverage tasting. Role playing and case studies. Continuous Learning.

19 Key Performance Indicators
Prep Cooks: Order turn-over time Order Accuracy Work Station Cleanliness and Safety Supervisors: Employee Attendance Employee Continuous Training Events Overall Cost Reduction

20 General Manager Requirements
In hiring for the General Manager position the geographic area/region that our company would be recruiting from would be regional based on the location of the restaurant and nearby areas.  Applicants from the region would need to posses certain  qualifications including previous experience and particular skill sets.  These can be provided through education or experience  derived from OJT so long as the experience is relevant to the position.

21 General Manager Requirements Cont.
General Requirements would include: BA/BS in Business, Hospitality, or equivalent; or 4 years of relevant managerial experience. Demonstrated Leadership Qualities. Solid Interpersonal Skills. Ability to Represent Max’s professionally on all levels and in any occasion.

22 Compensation All Employees: Social Security Unemployment Compensation
Workers’ Compensation Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

23 Compensation Cont. Part-time Employees:
Free Meal - Employee is entitled to one free meal for every shift worked. Discounted Meal --10% off check when dining in restaurant during non-work hours. Sick leave with pay. Bereavement time with 2 days pay. Vacation Time (20+ hours/week) 1 weeks paid vacation earned after 2 years worked

24 Compensation Cont. Full-time Employees and Supervisors:
Free Meal - Employee is entitled to one free meal for every shift worked. Discounted Meal --10% off check when dining in restaurant during non-work hours. health care optional PPO Effective Immediately.

25 Compensation Cont. Sick leave Bereavement time Paid Time Off
after 90 days 1 day every 6 months Vacation Time 1 week paid vacation earned after every 6 months worked can roll-over

26 Union Free Workplace Excellent pay. Not only will we pay our salary and hourly employees top wages, we will ensure that the order takers make a better than living wage during slower shifts. Excellent benefits. We will offer top notch health insurance (for which the employer will pay the majority of the premium) to all full-time employees. Educational Assistance. As stated above, we are a pillar in the community and seek to give back to the area who provides Max's an operations opportunity.

27 Union Free Workplace We will provide flexible working hours to accommodate the many different types of people employed at Max's. We will only hire and train professional management who will treat all employees with respect at all times and under all circumstances. This level of respect should be reciprocated to maintain the most optimal work environment.

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