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Business Planning and Strategic Implementation Simulation.

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1 Business Planning and Strategic Implementation Simulation

2 Page 2 Business Plan Simulation – Restaurant-as-metaphor for any product, service or industry – Point of Application Strategic Management concepts New Product Development and Innovation concepts Business Plan Development and Presentation –Integration of Business Functions and Processes Marketing Budgets & Accounting Human resource management Operations, purchasing, logistics Teamwork and leadership Competitive analysis and strategy Business communication

3 Page 3 New Restaurant Start-up – Develop business plan Ideation, strategy development, budgets – See new restaurant business plan PPoint template – See new restaurant budget Excel template – Shop for, cook and serve signature dish Four servings: Two for presentation, two for buffet Trial run at Lemon Tree kitchen, or your home or apartment? – Pitch new restaurant business plan to investors Oral presentation of business plan (20 minutes each) Test-taste signature dish during lunch

4 Page 4 Lexingtons Restaurant Market

5 Page 5 Menu – Comprehensive enough to support your concept Appetizers Salads Entrees Desserts Beverages

6 Page 6 Signature Dish – Design one dish that exemplifies your concept

7 Page 7 Signature Dish – Anything goes, but…

8 Page 8 Roles and Responsibilities Business Manager Business Planners/Analysts Real Estate Analyst General Manager Executive Chef Sous Chef(s) and Cooks Wait Staff Dishwashers

9 Page 9 Business Team – Business plan, analyze, budget, present

10 Page 10 Kitchen Team – Shop, cook, plate-up, clean-up, etc.

11 Page 11 Wait Staff – Set table, serve, explain, bus table, clean-up

12 Cooking Techniques & Equipment TechniqueEquipment Grilling Hardy meat, chicken, fish, veggies, bread Weber charcoal grill Sautee, sear, blacken Delicate/thin meat, chicken, fish, veggies, eggs 20,000 BTU stovetop burner aluminum skillets cast iron skillet Boil, poach, blanch Veggies, pasta, rice, shrimp, lobster Stovetop burners Pots: 2 qt. to 4 gallons Propane burner (for big job) Page 12

13 Cooking Techniques & Equipment TechniqueEquipment Roast, Pan Roast Meat, chicken, fish Dual wall oven Regular Convection Baking Veggies, bread, casserole, eggs Desserts Pseudo-fried breaded items (meats, veggies) Dual wall oven Regular Convection Smoking Meat, fish Electric smoker Griddle Pancakes, Electric griddle Page 13

14 Us Merrick Inn Dudleys Location

15 Drive around town on your own… Page 15

16 Page 16 Physical Environment and Ambiance – Floor plan – Décor – Table aesthetics – Staff appearance

17 Simulation Schedule Now Simulation Overview Q&A Tuesday Discussion Panel 9:00-10:30 a.m. Rob Perez (Saul Good) Doug Emerson (Windy Corner) Kitchen Walk-through (Erikson Hall, Lemon Tree) 2:30-3:30 – Group 1 3:30-4:30 – Group 2 Page 17

18 Simulation Schedule Wednesday 9:00-12:00 Restaurant Concept/Signature Dish Spot-check Gatton Rm. 309 30-minute consultation meetings with Wally –Sign-up sheet Thursday Test Kitchen 8:00-11:00 a.m. 8:00-11:00 a.m. at Lemon Tree kitchen Any time at your own place… Page 18

19 Simulation Schedule Friday Best New Restaurant Business Plan Competition + Tasting 11:00-12:30 Group 1 1:30-3:00 Group 2 Some perspective… – Presentations on each half-hour – Know how long it takes to prep, cook, plate-up, serve your teams dish…work backward from your presentation time to figure out when to start cooking – Serve dish within 4-5 minutes of presentation start – Invite judges to dig in … Page 19

20 …take a closer look…

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