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Xcelsius Tips and Tricks Chris Greer EV Technologies.

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1 Xcelsius Tips and Tricks Chris Greer EV Technologies

2 Who We Are… EV Technologies is an SAP BusinessObjects solutions firm based in the St. Louis Metro Area SAP Software Solutions Partner SAP Certified Solutions Provider

3 Agenda Creating BIWS with the Rich Client Monitoring Connections using the built in Load Status Xcelsius in XLF documentation

4 Publish a BIWS from a report block in the Rich Client – Filters – Prompts Testing a BIWS in the Rich Client Create a connection to a BIWS in Xcelsius Map the connection to run against the latest Instance of a webi report. BIWS in Rich Client

5 Rich Client Demo – Creating a BIWS – Testing the BIWS Rich Client Demo

6 Create your Web Intelligence Report Keep it simple Remember a BIWS is tied to a block not the whole report Getting Started

7 The Block Name is Important Setting the Block Name

8 We select the Block and then Publish it If you have not exported the rich client report to the CMS you will get an Error Always Export First

9 Once we have exported the report we can try again BIWS Wizard

10 Set the filters Notice the name matches our block name Name the Service

11 Document the BIWS name and filters in the report Set Filters

12 Recommendation: Create a folder for each Dashboard Note that BIWS co-exist with QaaWS services BIWS Folders

13 Name the BIWS and Finish Publish the BIWS

14 You can not Modify or test Rich Client BIWS through the QaaWS client tool The Rich Client provides an Interface for testing BIWS created with the rich Client Testing a BIWS

15 Checking the Show BI Service box WSDL URL contains the URL you need for your Xcelsius connection Identifier contains the CUID for the BIWS Testing a BIWS

16 Test it

17 Here we can populate values for the filters If you leave a filter blank it is not used Once you are ready, click Send Invoke the Test

18 Review the results Test Results

19 Xcelsius Demo – BIWS Connections Xcelsius Demo

20 Import the URL we got from the Rich Client Connecting to the BIWS

21 Change to the Get method instead of the Drill Method Methods

22 BIWS and tradition QaaWS have different options We set the value to 1 for TRUE Refer to the Web Intelligence manual for all the details Understanding New Inputs

23 Since we are running against latest instance we need to schedule the report in InfoView Schedule to Cache

24 Set the Filters Values Filters apply to the data in the report instance Prompts force a webi report refresh Handling Input Parameters

25 Now we can run it Test BIWS in Xcelsius

26 Change the value to validate it works Drill Down Test

27 Create a BIWS against a crosstab, which could previously only be done with Live Office Cache data and avoid making a database call Instances and Filters help us work around 500 row limits Can see 2-3 second response time running against a 40+ MB Webi instance BIWS Summary

28 Set the Connection Load Status Properties – Loading Message – Idle Message – Insert In Monitor a running query Connection Load Status

29 Loading Message Idle Message Insert Into Load Status Bind Variables

30 Created a scorecard to show where we mapped the Insert Into property Create the Output Object

31 Here we see the loading and Idle messages Monitoring Running Queries

32 Learn to leverage Xcelsius internal connection watching Debug when connections are triggered Connection performance tuning There are external tools like Fiddler that let you watch externally (another presentation) Load Status Summary

33 Xcelsius Demo – Web Service URL Xcelsius Demo

34 Label in Webi with BIWS name – Include Prompts – Include Filters Connection name is the BIWS name Give all Components Names Color Code Cells – Put a legend on every sheet Comment the destinations of Connections and Selectors Xcelsius Documentation

35 Xcelsius Demo – Coding Standards Xcelsius Demo

36 More Information Contact: Chris Greer Email: Office: 314.514.4082 On the Web: Blog: Twitter: @mrchrisgreer

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