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Etiquette & Responsibilities What is a Medium Development Groups March 5, 2012.

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2 Etiquette & Responsibilities What is a Medium Development Groups March 5, 2012

3 Confidentiality Personal beliefs and opinions Business cards, products and materials can be displayed on back table Verbal, emotional, or spiritual harm is not tolerated Food and drink is not allowed in the auditorium We are here to seek information for the purpose of the higher good-for ourselves, as well as others Resist any temptation to show off, gratify your ego or to achieve your own personal gain This is a safe place to fail, ask questions and to try again Enjoy yourself! Etiquette

4 Responsibilities To COMFORT those who mourn To STRENGTHEN those who are weak To GIVE KNOWLEDGE of the life to come To HEIGHTEN AWARENESS of the bio-electrical energy body that survives death To teach PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for actions performed here on earth To increase manifestation of LOVE TOWARDS OTHERS, regardless of race, religion or orientation

5 Responsibilities To help us RESPECT ALL LIFE on the planet and to converse wisely using our God-given resources To UNITE HUMANITY in wisdom, tolerance and justice, so that evil, negativity, racism, and violence may be cleared from our thinking To PROMOTE WELL-BEING through healing the spirit, mind and body by understanding these facts of survival To encourage personal development on a spiritual level, leading to complete FREEDOM FROM FEAR

6 What is a Medium Those who are able to tune into the faster vibrations of the spirit body after death, either in a physical or mental way, are called sensitives or mediums The middleman or mediator, a person who goes between the spiritual and physical worlds (i.e.; tuning into a radio station) All mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums

7 What is a Medium 1. Clairvoyance – clear seeing 2. Clairaudience – clear hearing 3. Clairsentience – clear feeling/sensing 4. Clairalience – clear smelling 5. Clairgustance – clear tasting 6. Claircognizance – clear knowing 7. Clairvagueness – we want to avoid this one!

8 What is a Medium Psychic medium This image shows visually how the energy of mediumship works. The medium makes a psychic connection with the audience. Then, in combination with her own power, raises her vibration to communicate with those in the spirit world (who slow down their vibration to match the frequency of the medium). Off to the right is her gnome guide, lining up the other spirits who wish to come through. The culmination of this event is referred to as sitting in the power of spirit by those who practice mediumship in the spiritualist churches of the U.K. (Image originally presented by Martin Twycross).

9 Medium Types Mental Medium – Communicates without having to be in a deep state of trance and usually does not demonstrate any outward phenomena Physical Medium – Can produce tangible sensory phenomena. This is objective mediumship. During a demonstration of physical mediumship, the loved one can appear or partially appear, speak in disconnected voice, produce ectoplasm, etc.

10 Medium Types Shots of ectoplasm … and being slimed.

11 Medium Types Direct Voice & Physical Medium – Can produce Spirit voices without having to use their own vocal apparatus. It is the Spirit control (and others) who, with the aid of ectoplasm, can build a voice box or horn which the sounds come through

12 Medium Types Levitation Medium – People levitated with the aid of the Spirit control in front of many reliable witnesses

13 Medium Types Trance Medium – Goes into a light to deep trance state and their Spirit control or guide will often speak through them. A trance medium will often, like a physical medium, vacate their body. This takes many years of development to do safely.

14 The purpose of a Development Circle is to assist like-minded people in developing their natural psychic abilities and connections to the spiritual realm. The circle is to stimulate development and challenge the sitters to step beyond their current limitations. Development Circle Spirit world vibrates at a much higher frequency than our world. Therefore, the participants of a circle must increase their individual vibrations in order to integrate the thoughts, feelings, words and sights of spirit beings.

15 Format and Preparation A commitment to regular attendance Format. Minimum of 4 people, maximum of 12 Be in harmony with one another Same people each week Work well together Arrive around 10-15 minutes before beginning Unwind and relax Conversation should be around mediumship Food and Drink

16 Format and Preparation Same location each week Sit in same chairs Meet for a minimum of 6 months Room Preparation Proper ventilation, temperature Low light, soft music Position chairs so members are facing each other in a circle Individual Preparation Keep thoughts loving and peaceful throughout the day Nothing too physical or challenging Eat and drink light prior to circle (no alcohol) Wear comfortable clothes

17 Conducting The Circle Every circle has a leader to provide the format for the evening CONSISTENT ATTRIBUTES Opening prayer – call to God and Spirit An exercise or meditation to stimulate sensitivity A period of message work, where everyone works with Spirit and Spirit messages Closing prayer

18 Conducting The Circle Keep exercises varied and challenging Open communications Photos Guest sitters Blind-folds Length of meetings One hour, but no longer than 75 minutes Patience is key

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