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Unit 1 MUSIC Tango Taiko Didgeridoo Morris dancing.

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1 Unit 1 MUSIC Tango Taiko Didgeridoo Morris dancing

2 Secretary´s vocabulary:
¿Qué vamos a hacer hoy? What are we going to do today? ¿Lo escribimos? Shall I write it down? ¿Cómo se escribe ---- en inglés? How do you spell ---? ¿Qué hay que hacer aquí? What shall I do here? Ya era hora It ´s about time ¿ Qué significa ----? What´s the meaning of --? No tengo el cuaderno I haven ´t got the notebook No veo, ¿Puedes apartarte? I can ´t see. Can you stand aside, please? Pide una hoja Borrow a sheet of paper ¿Cómo dices --- en inglés? How do you say --- in English

3 Music Flute Bagpipe Score´- clef/ note Keyboard Accordion Violin – bow
Saxo Horn Gong Group: bassist, singer, guitarist, drummer String Conductor- baton Tambourine Tuning fork Cello Piano – key Sylophone Drum- drumsticks Music stand Harp Trumpet Trombone tuba

4 Types of instruments

5 Instruments musicians T Y P E S o F m U I c More music Trumpet Guitar
Cl____________ P_______ R________ H______ M ____ S________ J________ L_____ M _____ R&B C__________ F__________ H _____-h____ R_________ O_________ G_________ ... C______ g_____ / b____ h _________ O_______ f_____ A number one h _____ L__________ r____/a______/s_____ B__________ s______ / backstage STRING WIND PERCUSSION BRASS Guitar Violin Cello Harp Mandolin Flute Oboe bagpipe Keyboards Gong Triangle Trumpet Saxo Tuba Horn Trombone Concert/conductor Group/band Headphones Orchestra Fan Hit Lyrics Record/album/single Baton Stage loudspeakers Rock Classical Pop Rap Heavy metal Soul Jazz Latin R&B Country Folk Hip-hop Reggae Opera Gospel dance musicians Guitar___ Pian____ Cell____ Violin____ Drumm___ Sing__ / solo___ Flut____ Trumpet____ Conduct___ Compos___ Audience Musicians ... Guitarist Pianist Cellist Violinist Drummer Singer/soloist Flutist Trumpeter Conductor Composer Audience

Concert group / band headphones Orchestra fans a number one h__ Loudspeaker record/album /single the charts Baton stage / backstage the top forty Lyrics cassette/ MP3 player Rythm / beat a CD player NOUNS Rap Classical Pop Rock Heavy metal Soul Jazz Latin music R&B Counrty Folk Hip-hop Reggae Opera Gospel Dance Chill-out PEOPLE Guitar___ Pian____ Cell____ Violin____ Drumm___ Sing__ / solo___ Flut____ Trumpet____ Conduct___ Compos___ Audience Musicians ... MUSIC INSTRUMENTS VERBS STRING WIND PERCUSSION BRASS Guitar Violin Cello Electric guitar Bass guitar Harp banjo mandolin balalaika sitar Flute Basoon oboe clarinet recorde mouth organ drum kit Piano Riangle Cymbals tambourine maracas Castanets bongos congas trombone trumpet Tuba horn saxophone ADJECTIVES Play Listen to Turn up / down Compose Download Sing Clap Release a single ... Live / recorded He´s very musical A catchy tune Repetitive relaxing

7 Classify the next words connected with MUSIC
Conductor Clap Cheer Baton The charts Headphones Brass Gospel Chill-out Folk Soul Gig Backstage Catchy Download Release country Touring String Score Bow Tambourine Clef Mouth organ Live performance Soloist Key Drumsticks Write Cello Rythm beat Types of music/instruments people actions objects others Conductor soloist Clap Cheer Download Release Write Touring Live performance Baton Headphones Strings Score Bow Tambourine Mouth organ Key Drumsticks cello Brass Gospel Chill-out Folk Soul country The charts Gig Backstage Catchy Clef Rhythm beat

8 Listen and fill in the gaps
Indie Small village Near Manchester Us Brothers 16/14/14/15 Village Don´t go to the same school Guitarist Vocalist Plays the bass Drummer Do Local events 1. Who writes your songs? Fred, but we also play cover versions from other bands 2. What are your musical influences? We love Indies bands like Oasis but we also like jazz and American bands. 3. Where do you practise? We practise ón James´s farm in the garage because there aren ´t any neighbours 4. When is your next gig? We´re playing at at the Summer Fair on 16th June 5. How can I buy the Breathe CD? Our first CD comes out in November. Order it here. BREATHE We´re an ________ band based in the ______ ________ of Dale, ________ ___________. There 4 of _____ in the band: _________ Fred Williams ( __ ) and David Williams ( ___ ), James Mint ( ____ ) and Martin Kane ( ____ ). We all Live in the _______ but we _______________________________. Fred´s is the lead ________ and David is the ____________. James ________________ guitar and Martin is the _______. We _____ concerts and perform at _________________. _____________________________________ ?

BE LISTEN STUDY GO FINISH I You He/she/it We/you/they QUESTION WORDS Am Are Is are listen listens study studies go goes finish finishes Am not Aren´t Isn ´t Aren ´t Don ´t listen Doesn ´t listen Don ´t study Doesn ´t study Don ´t go Doesn ´t go Don ´t finish Doesn ´t finish ? Am I …? Are you …? Is he …? Do I listen…? Do you listen? Does he listen? Do I study…? Do you study? Does he study? WHAT/WHICH What am I …? WHERE Where are you? When Who How Why Whose

10 Grammar: Present Simple
Do Does does Listens Go Sing Starts Finish like Do they receive Don ´t win Make Become Doesn´t play Lives Likes Do you know - -My best friend doesn ´t listen to reggae music -I don ´t go to rock concerts with my classmates -My parents don ´t sing in a choir -Our music class doesn ´t start at 8:30 -We dpn ´t finish school at 5 o´clock -I don ´t like punk music Who Why What Where when

11 Listen to the TV show and fill in the gaps
P: _____________ to this week´s Music A-Z. Today´s _______________ are Nick and Jane from Manchester. Hello!. Now you know the ______ . You´ve got two minutes to answer as any questions as possible from A-Z. _______________________? N : _____ / J: ____ P: OK, Here goes. This is an American ____ singer and her CDs include “Unplugged” and “As I am”. ____ ________________ ?. _______ P: What ________________ ?. ____________ P: This American pop ________________________ ________________. ____________ ? P: Which ______________________________ __________ ? . ________ P: Which _________ original name is Marshal Bruce Mathers? P: ____________________________________ ?. P: ____________________________________? P. This Disney film is about a school musical. W___________ ? P: ______________ are U2 and Westlife ______ ? P: In Which month is the Glastonbury Music Festival? P: This popular singer is originally from Australia. ________? P: Minutes to midnight is their _____ ____ . What´s the name of the band?. J: ______________ P: this British pop star is famous for the song “Grace Kelly”. What´s _________ ?. (BUZZER). __________ !That´s great. That´s 5 points for Nick and 4 for Jane. A _______ of applause for …. Welcome Contestants Rules Are you ready? Yep/yes Soul What´s her name?- Alicia Keys Nationality is Robbie Williams British Star sometimes sings in English and sometimes in Spanish. Who is she? Town has got the same name as a Spanish rock band? – Dover Rapper´s Who is the female vocalist in the Black Eyed Peas? What instrument has got 6 strings? What its name? Which country/ from? What´s her name? Last CD I don ´t know What´s his name? Time´s up Round

12 1 4 g) 2 c) 6 a) 8 7 3 f) e) 5 b) .Strange 2. boring 3.loud 4. slow
5. sad terrible annoying talkative 1 4 ) Lively/exciting b) quiet c) cheerful d) great e) fast f) nice g) traditional g) 2 c) 6 a) 8 7 3 f) e) 5 b)

13 Music in Britain -twice a week -composes Hates singing Performs
Orchestra Wales Choirs Welsh Folk biggest -Bagpipes -Scottish Pipers -Wear -Kilt -Special hat -Obligatory -Are 14 -optional

14 a) b) Frequency Adverbs Expressions of Frequency 0% 100% Never
- Once a week month twice a week 3 times a week/year … - Every day / week / month - On Saturdays / Mondays Hardly ever Sometimes Often Usually Always a) At the end of the sentence Position Before the verb Position Paloma never does the homework Paloma does the homework once a year b) After the verb to Be/don ´t/doesn ´t -Paloma is always happy -She doesn ´t usually speaks English

15 Our English classes are usually interesting
We never compose 2.I always perform 3. We often learn 4. We sometimes go to 5. We usually play 6. We hardly ever play Our English classes are usually interesting We hardly ever speak Spanish Our teacher is never late We sometimes listen to English songs I always do my homework We often have tests

LOVE, LIKE, DON ´T MIND … - ING LOVE Me encanta viajar I love travelling LIKE DON´T MIND DON ´T LIKE HATE / CAN ´T STAND

17 Secretary´s vocabulary (2):
¿Borro la pizarra? Shall I wipe out the board? ¿Falta alguien? Is anybody mising? ¿Puedo tirar la moneda? Can I toss the coin? ¿Cara o cruz? Heads or tails? Yo estoy bien, pero él está malo I am fine but he is sick ¿ Lo escribo junto o separado? Shall I write it together or separate? Te la di I gave it to you ¿Puedo coger el cuaderno? Can I get the notebook? Es broma It´s a joke / I was kidding El borrador está en la estantería The eraser in on the shelf

18 Writing: A Music _ _ _ _ _ _
review Writing: A Music _ _ _ _ _ _

19 Unit 1 - Vocabulary B ______ _ Type of guitar A _____________?
¿Estás preparado? Tha oppsite of sad = C _______ A lot of people singing Together C ______ V ______ = people singing with the vocalist F ______ = The opposite of male A person who talks a lot T _________________ A synonym with play P ______ N _______ = People living next door The guitar has got 6 S _______ Scottish people play this instrument B _______ A country next to England W _____ O ______ = action of buying something Ya es la hora= T _______ _______ People who play the previous instrumant P __ Synonym with traditional Music= F _____ C _______ = people participating in a show Unos aplausos para= a R ____ of A ________ for… Tha typical Scottish skirt K ______ Comment about a song or film you like= R ____ -Bass guitar -vocals -Neighbours -Order -contestants -Are you ready? -Female -Strings -Time´s up -Round of applause Cheerful talkative/ quiet Bagpipe Pipers kilt Choir Perform Wales Folk review

20 Dialogue: Likes and dislikes
Steve: hey, Zoe. What do you think of this song? Steve: It´s my band´s new song Steve: Seriuosly, though. What do you think? Steve: Hmm. And what about this one? Steve: I really like this one Zoe: What is it? Zoe: Well, I prefer the Killers Zoe :Er, the guitar is Ok, but the vocals aren ´t great Zoe: It´s not bad, I suppose. Zoe: Aagh! Turn it off- I can ´t stand it any more

21 SONG- Don´t Stop the Music
_____________________________________ It's getting late I'm making my way over to my favourite place I gotta get my body moving Shake the stress away I wasn't looking for nobody when you looked my way Possible candidate, yeah Who knew That you'd be up in here looking like you do You're making staying over here, impossible Baby, I must say your aura is incredible If you don't have to go, don't Do you know what you started? I just came here to party But now we're rocking on the dance floor, actin' naughty Your hands around my waist Just let the music play We're hand in hand, chest to chest and now we're face to face I wanna take you away Let's escape into the music, DJ let it play I just can't refuse it Like the way you do this Keep on rockin' to it Please don't stop the, please don't stop the music Baby are you ready cause it's getting close Don't you feel the passion ready to explode? What goes on between us no-one has to know This is a private show

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