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ExecPlan 5.0 Comprehensive Financial Planning Software Overview USE PAGE DOWN/UP OR ARROW KEYS TO MOVE TO NEXT/PREVIOUS SCREEN..

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1 ExecPlan 5.0 Comprehensive Financial Planning Software Overview USE PAGE DOWN/UP OR ARROW KEYS TO MOVE TO NEXT/PREVIOUS SCREEN..

2 Tutorial Overview ExecPlan was designed to be able to model the most complex cases from the start. This enables ExecPlan to handle basic tasks with ease, while providing the power and flexibility to model more complex situations. The premise of ExecPlan is that to do accurate planning, you first must have accurate cash-flow, and you can not have accurate cash- flow, unless you have accurate taxation. And you can not have accurate tax calculation if your software makes assumptions. ExecPlan does not make assumptions, but rather gives the user the flexibility to decide how much detail is needed and what assumptions should be used.

3 Welcome In addition to the comprehensive software, ExecPlan includes basic utility programs for when you need simple quick computations for Education Planning, Annuity Computations, Retirement Planning, and Loan Amortization Schedules. For your comprehensive solution, ExecPlan can be used for a detailed 10 year cash flow analysis or for creating a lifetime planning strategy. And for comparing strategies, ExecPlan will allow the user to create two cases for one client, to provide a side by side comparison of two possible events. ExecPlan Tutorial Presentation 2/11/2002 by Robert Fourman

4 Main Data Screen Data entry in ExecPlan is organized in a simple folder/file system. On the left side of the data entry screen are the 10 main folders. Under each folder are sub folders fore entries related to this main folder. On the right hand side you will see the sub folders or sets under the main folder that your are in for both cases (Initial and Revised).

5 Scenarios ExecPlan was designed as a fully integrated comprehensive planning tool, and with that in mind was created to minimize duplication of data entry When data is entered, the user just has to assume the client never dies, disables or retires, then just clicks on the scenario button and chooses what event they would like to look at, ExecPlan will automatically adjust the data for that event. For example, if you choose Client Dies, ExecPlan will stop the clients income, payout insurance, pay Social Sec. benefits (if qualified), change tax filing status, etc. And if you choose you can do additional alterations to the clients data for that specific scenario

6 Entering Data To add data just choose click on a folder (generally working from the top down) and then click on the pencil until a data entry screen opens This data screen will contain 2 columns for data entry, one for each case. This allows for simultaneous data entry for different planning strategies at the same time

7 Well organized and easy to understand, ExecPlan data entry screens only require you to enter as much data as you feel is needed. Note Boxes are available with each entry to allow users to record the purpose of an entry for future review. Green Checks distinguish that an entry has been made for that field. A pull down tab at the entry box is provided to give you a choice of possible entries, if applicable. And once data is entered it is carried through all future years The user can then edit any future year(s0 for wither case, by simply clicking on the desired year and entering the new value Data Input Screen

8 ExecPlan - Help ExecPlan provides an extensive array of help options. The bottom of your screen will display in yellow over a green background; a brief description for the specific field that you are currently entering data in. The F9 button on your keyboard or on the screen will give more detailed information for this specific entry The F1 key on your keyboard will provide help for the overall topic you are in whether it be an asset or a tax adjustment

9 Warning Messages ExecPlan Will display a warning message if you failed to enter data that ExecPlan thinks is important information. This message will describe what the data is and what value we will use if you choose not to enter a value. These warning messages will also appear if you enter illogical entries that result in a calculation to large for ExecPlan to calculate. Such an example might be entering 1,000,000 shares of stock at $1 a share then accidentally entering $50,000 per year in dividends per share. This would result in $50 billion in ordinary income and a warning will come up and tell you that you have exceeded our AGI limitation.

10 Social Security ExecPlan, will automatically calculate your clients benefits at retirement, based on your clients income and data you provide. If you choose, you can override the values with your own entry ExecPlan also calculates survivor benefits for children (paid out until age 18) and spouse as well as disability benefits

11 Assets No other product can handle the broad array of assets that ExecPlan can. Whether it is a basic CD or a mutual fund or it has more complex tax and cash flow issues such as S Corps, Limited Partnerships, ISOs or rental property, ExecPlan provides the needed flexibility and ease of entry to enter it properly.

12 Retirement Plans ExecPlan models a host of different types of retirement plans, including the option of the new Catch up provisions from the 2001 Tax Reconciliation and Relief Act.. IRA – Use for Client or Spouse IRAs, ROTHs, or Educational IRAs. Keoghs – Use for SEPs or Keoghs. Company Plans – Use for 401k, 403b, 457, 457b, Top Heavy, Simple, Simple Matching, Defined Contribution. Other Retirement Plan – You may use this for Deferred Comp Plans or Annuities You can also use this when you need to have a variable contribution, distribution or rate of return for any year(s) in the future.

13 Life and Disability Insurance You can model simple term to more complex life insurance policies with ExecPlan, because we provide the ability to adjust face value, cash value, premiums and loans on a year by year basis. You can even use formulas like you would in a spreadsheet, to relate one sets values to another set.. ExecPlan also provides ILIT ownership for you life insurance policies. As for Disability, ExecPlan automatically determines if benefits are taxable and provides the option to reduce benefits if social security is received.

14 Taxable Income and Deductions ExecPlan, provides for a variety of sources of taxable income including social security exempt income, self-employed income (yes, ExecPlan does the self-employed tax automatically) and pension income. ExecPlan will also automatically enter the taxable or deductible income from other assets, such as interest from CDs, capital gains from your mutual funds, mortgage interest from your mortgage. Thus avoiding double entries and common data entry errors. Version 4.13 and up include all of the 2001 Tax Reconciliation and Relief Act. This includes the new 529 provisions, Retirement plan limitation changes, the new estate tax, phase out of marriage penalty, the new tax rates, etc. Also included is the option to sunset all or any part of the tax act in 2011

15 Data Entry Continued…. Entering your clients expenses is easy as pie. You can be as detailed as you want by entering every expense or you can open any expense, re-tittle it Total expense and enter the total value of your expenses. Again, ExecPlan provides unlimited options, if an expense of your client isnt listed, open any of the expenses that are listed and change the title. That changed title is what will appear in your reports.

16 Cash Management The Cash Management feature in ExecPlan is designed to manage your clients excess cash flow, or capital shortfalls. If there is a shortfall in any given year ExecPlan allows your client to either sell assets in the order you describe (enough of your assets will be sold to meet the shortfall, plus any tax consequences) or take a loan to meet shortfalls and pay the loan off when there is extra cash in the future. If there is a surplus, ExecPlan will invest or spend excess cash flow in the manner you choose.

17 ExecPlan also provides for fine tuning your taxes for state, federal and estate computations. Some of these adjustments include Foreign Tax Credits, Hope Credit, Child Care Credit, Carryovers, state tax credits and adjustments, gifting, etc. Additional Data Editing

18 Reports When you go to review reports they are specific to the scenario that you are in. For example, the Retirements Cash Flow Statement will be different from your Client Dies scenario. The report will stipulate which scenario you are in. So essentially you will have 6 possible Cash Flow Statements for both cases, one for each scenario

19 Editing Reports ExecPlans reports can be printed or saved to MS Excel for editing.

20 Graphs You can pick and choose from 50+ graphs already provided by ExecPlan. And if there is some custom graph you would like created, call us and we will make it, if the fields are available

21 And it is easy to alter the existing graph definition, i.e. 2D/3D, line/bar/area/tape, or stacked/unstacked by simply checking on the appropriate box Graphics Continued….

22 The graphs in ExecPlan can be saved for insertion into your customized reports (MS Word Documents), automatically compiled into the ExecPlan text Report (this text report is generate as a MS Word document), or printed straight from ExecPlan.

23 Editing Graphs You may edit each graph, for color orientation, type order,fonts, etc. ExecPlan also provides a Wizard to help guide you through basic changes

24 Text and Snapshot Reports ExecPlan Provides three level of text reports. These reports are generate into MS Word, so you can except them as they are, edit them each time you generate the report, or you can permanently change the verbiage, by editing the word files that comprise these reports. All Snapshot Reports are composed as Word documents. These are one page graphical and word presentations.for specific illustrational objectives. These snapshots are specific for each scenario.

25 End of Review If you have any further questions about the features of ExecPlan, or would like a personal walk through of the product, do not hesitate to call, (800) 850 8444. This illustration was presented by Robert Fourman Director of Sales and Marketing Sawhney Systems Inc. (800) 850-8444

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