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Deepak RAO Explains….. Deepak RAO Secrets of Concentration FOCUSSED.

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1 Deepak RAO Explains….

2 Deepak RAO Secrets of Concentration FOCUSSED

3 Deepak RAO Most people use only 5% to 15% of their Mental Capabilities…. Whilst few use 15% to 25%

4 Deepak RAO The Secret is Concentration FOCUSSED

5 Deepak RAO Practice & Develop Focussed Concentration at the Highest Level…. to Achieve Success !

6 Deepak RAO In Manual Photography your subject is Out of Focus till you align the lenses.... Similarly Minds will Wander when there is No Aim & Focus !

7 Deepak RAO Its Normal for Minds to Wander. Bring it Back…. to Focus Area ! Make it a Habit ! Distractions Will Happen ! Dont be a Victim of Distractions Jump Back !

8 Deepak RAO Make it a Habit ! YES.... Jump Back !

9 Deepak RAO People with Poor Focus are Scatter Brained YES.... Scatter Brained

10 Deepak RAO Scatter Brained people…. ask questions - that dont concern them ! waste time in unproductive areas ! see things - they neednt see !

11 Deepak RAO Understand this…. The Mind is like a Container that can contain a certain Quantity

12 Deepak RAO It is actually very much like a Computer Motherboard which has…. Text, Images, Memory, Speed, Storage & Scope to Delete

13 Deepak RAO Infact just like a Computer it also has…. limited storage capacity with scope to delete obsolete matter

14 Deepak RAO Youll agree that a 5 year old Childs Mind has a lot less Material to think about compared to a College Student

15 Deepak RAO And a Junior Executive has a lot less tensions than a Sr. General Manager

16 Deepak RAO Just as the number of issues or Files keep increasing…. the Space Available on the Hard-Disk reduces This affects the Computer Efficiency !

17 Deepak RAO Unimportant Data stored in the Hard-Disk, only adds to Clutter leaving Little or No Space for important issues So the Need to Delete or Avoid Unimportant information

18 Deepak RAO I have observed that people with Zero Focus have too much Clutter choking their Minds Cluttered Minds Cannot Focus !

19 Deepak RAO So the Utmost Need to let irrelevant issues.... Pass ! Also, keep your Mind occupied with important issues only !

20 Deepak RAO Remember and Discuss only Important Issues, based on the principles…. Need to Know, Need to Action & Need to Remember

21 Deepak RAO Most of Dronacharyas students could see the target along with the trees, birds & the sky…. Arjuna could see NOTHING except the Centre-Point of the Target !

22 Deepak RAO Christopher Columbus Edison Bill Gates Narayana Murthy Dhirubhai Ambani Sania Mirza Great Minds…. Major Achievers ….all have attributed their success MAJORLY to Single Minded Focus !

23 Deepak RAO Think…. WHY did our Cricket Team LOSE MISERABLY at the WORLD CUP 07 ?

24 Deepak RAO They are Big Names ! Think about it…. They know the Game ! They have Experience ! They are Coached Well !

25 Deepak RAO Then how come…. new comers - Bangladesh Thrashed them ?

26 Deepak RAO How come…. Sri Lanka Humiliated them ?

27 Deepak RAO How come they became a Sick Joke back home ? Because they LOST Concentrated Focus !

28 Deepak RAO Scattered Focus dominated & disturbed dedicated practice !

29 Deepak RAO Scattered Focus : Hope I also get the Pepsi Endorsement Contract ?

30 Deepak RAO Scattered Focus : Can I charge Rs. 50 lakhs for the Reebok Ad. ?

31 Deepak RAO Scattered Focus : How can I also start my own restaurant ?

32 Deepak RAO This defeat taught them the lesson The importance of Focussed Concentration hit them like never before

33 Deepak RAO The result : They won the following 20 – 20 World Cup and have recently been thrashing the World Champion Australian team

34 Deepak RAO Scattered Focus is different from Weak Focus Listening to music while studying…. is a combination of both Scattered & Weak Focus !

35 Deepak RAO Forgetting where you have left your keys, credit cards or wallet.… is a factor of Weak Focus

36 Deepak RAO have the SIMPLEST SOLUTIONS the most COMPLEX PROBLEMS Surprisingly….

37 Deepak RAO Just as…. BRISK WALKING is one of the simplest yet the best exercise So is…. FOCUSSED CONCENTRATION the best mental jog, to keep your mind fine-tuned & sharp !

38 Deepak RAO All you need, is dedicated SHARP MINDS to make the Impossible – POSSIBLE !

39 Deepak RAO Any Master at a Shooting Range will tell you that Its Not AIMING at the Centre-point Its Focussed Concentration on the Centre-point that gets you the Bulls-Eye

40 Deepak RAO Make it a Habit to Practice Focussed Concentration in your…. CONVERSATION, your….. STUDIES, your….. WORK, and observe the Success ! Dont fall a prey to others Distractions

41 Deepak RAO Aim-less or irrelevant talk amidst important discussions indicates Lack of Focus resulting in loss of precious time…. apart from deviation from objectives !

42 Deepak RAO Its…. Very Easy for SHARP Minds to turn Dull Fine-tuning Focus is the major Awakening to Success !! Its…. Not Difficult for DULL Minds to be Sharpened

43 Deepak RAO Believe me - Lose Money…. Nothing is Lost ! Lose Health…. Everything is Lost !! Lose Focus…. YOU are LOST !!!

44 Deepak RAO Years Lost in Education all because…. Focus is Lost Opportunities Lost in Careers Priorities Lost in Family It happens all the time…. It happens all the time -

45 Deepak RAO Do you want MORE Mind Experiments and Techniques of Improving Focussed Concentration ?

46 Deepak RAO At Select Book Stores Tel : ( 91 – 22 ) 2446 4708 And now a BOOK by Deepak RAO Published by Magna OR Email to 5th Edition

47 Deepak RAO If you want to know more on…. Extra Sensory Perception Show ( For Corporates Only ) Deepak RAOs Or email : Tel : ( + 91 22 ) 2446 4708 131129 (26)

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