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TOPS Learning Systems Integrating Math & Science.

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1 TOPS Learning Systems Integrating Math & Science

2 What is TOPS? A non profit educational corporation. Provide quality education based on resources that are available to everyone. Help generations learn to love learning as they become their own best teachers.

3 TOPS long-term goals Introduce research as a curriculum components in middle and high school science. Increase access to and use of the internet in science classes. Increase science teachers self-perception as professionals and scientists. Improve the teaching of laboratory concepts. Support the teachers efforts to improve science instruction in their local schools.

4 What Does the Program Offer? Task Cards(books:TC #01- 23) Open-ended task cards encourage older students to think as scientists. Yet, they are flexible to adapt to younger classrooms with teachers help. Activity Sheets (books:TC#31-43) Reproducible Activity Sheets(8 ½ by 11 inches)

5 Other Components of TOPS Master Teacher Series (Book:MT#61-64) Practical information about organizing, managing and teaching in the self-contained classroom grade 1-8. Job Box Program(Books:JB#71-72/workstation:GGW#73) Lentil Science#71,72 (K-3) -Requires material gathering and preparation. Get A Grip-(K-6) Workstations arrive ready-to-use out of the box with everything needed to accomodate one or two students. Include 8 non-reproducible Student Booklets organized into 16 chapter of 8 puzzles each plus one comprehensible teachers guide.

6 Traveling Light Compilations (Book:CP#91-93 and #95) Global TOPS – Contains 100 activities that you can carry in a box. Triple Magnifier Kit (indoor/outdoor magnifiers:3x,25x and 35x:TS#100) Every kit comes with lenses, simple materials and sheet instructions for students

7 According to the National Science Education Standards: Science education should engage all Americans in inquiry- based processes that reflect the intellect content and traditions of contemporary science

8 Standards They unify concepts and processes ----Systems, order and organization,evidence,models and explanation, constancy, change, measurement: evolution and equilibrium; form and function Science as Inquiry --Stimulate hands-on/minds-on inquiry, motivates students to ask questions, seek answers through investigations, and develop explanations based on evidence

9 Cost of The Program Activity Page Format - From $8 to $17 - Master Teacher Series -$15 to a set for $40 Job Box Format -From $19 to $40 Compilation -$40 to $60

10 TOPS Activity (#18) SOUND Move a pencil back and forth while smoothly pulling a piece of paper under the oscillating point. This generates a train of waves across your paper with measurable amplitudes and wave lengths. Time the frequency of these vibrations to determine wave speed. Masking tape that is stuck to a vibrating tuning fork and swept across greased glass makes a similar wave train. Relationships between intensity and amplitude, pitch and frequency, follow as naturally as listening. Your students will generate both longitudinal and transverse waves by cutting an index card "slinky." They'll study resonance and beats, even musical instrument.

11 References: TOPS. Lesson Format.Sound experiments.Retrieved from the internet November,2004

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