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RCAD 4.0 The better way to program and document your Infi-90 DCS Copyright © 2009, C.A.R.Systems Ltd.

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1 RCAD 4.0 The better way to program and document your Infi-90 DCS Copyright © 2009, C.A.R.Systems Ltd.

2 Easy to use. User Friendly Interface. Time Saving Features. A MUST have for people doing serious Infi-90 Programming

3 Client / Server Communication Architecture Utilizes secure TCP/IP for client / server connectivity and CIU Sharing Safety firewall built in to automatically remove unwanted intruders Easy to use for remote site accessibility over the internet

4 Powerful Database features Powerful block search utilities. Find any block on any page. Text Database utilities. Find any text on any page. Replace features also replace text in drawings. Function Block Database. Find any block via simple or advanced SQL search engine. Full Tag Database support. Click a block and see all the tag information associated to the block. Useful for building tag databases. Tag Database import / export utilities. Import existing Tag Information into RCAD Tag Database and export for immediate use in Operator Consoles. Simple to set up. Takes only minutes to scan drawings and set up databases.

5 Easy to use CAD Editor Get the most out of your time with our newest version of CADView, our Function Block CAD Editor. Easy to use Fast background monitoring of live values. Values in Alarm are now displayed using color coded backgrounds Monitor multiple drawings and tune at the same time Integrated Database manipulation. Databases are automatically updated while editing drawings True Rubber Banding. Move a block and the lines move with it, even while you move it Preview user shapes and macros before adding to drawings

6 New – RSODG Graphics Editor Fully Compatible with PCView, OIS, MCS graphics (*.DR, *.DY) Seamless interaction with Tag Database Background Graphics Database tracks Tags as they are being used Hyper Link to CAD Drawings makes finding the control logic responsible for graphics easy!

7 New Cross Reference Linking While editing CAD Drawings, viewing the item properties of cross reference bubbles will reveal the destinations of matching cross reference bubbles by performing an SQL search on the Cross Reference Database. Double clicking any item in the search results grid will automatically load the drawing and zoom into the matching Cross Reference Bubble

8 New Tag Database Features Bring your Tag Information together with your CAD documentation in a seamless manner. While editing CAD Drawings, clicking on a block with a Tag associated with it, users have access to ALL Tag Database Fields for the block. Make changes to the tag while editing the CAD Drawing. Post the changes automatically back into the Tag Database Import / Export Tag Database into TTG files (S1, S1U, T1, V1, X1, X2, X2U, and COND21 Formats supported)

9 Function Block Database Track the location of every block in your set of drawings Perform simple or advanced SQL searches for any block or type of block Double click search results to edit the block in the CAD Editor. Built in SQL Builder to assist users who have little knowledge of SQL-92

10 New Block Address Manager Our new Block Address Manager takes the guess work out of finding unused block addresses when adding new logic to an existing control module Instantly see all blocks and their location in the CAD drawings Build the Block Address Map from either the Function Block Database, a Configuration File or the controlling module live See conflicts immediately between the Function Blocks in the CAD drawings and the module Double click on any cell and automatically load the CAD drawing and zoom to the block

11 New CAD Item identification Whenever a CAD drawing is loaded by one of the Databases by double clicking a record, the Drawing will be zoomed to the desired item The item will then be briefly illuminated by a red flashing rectangle to orient the users eye correctly on the item The item may be re-flashed by typing CTRL+F from the keyboard while editing the drawing

12 Advanced Monitoring Monitor Live Values from the CAD Editor Monitors Block Outputs Monitors Block Spec Inputs Also monitors values on Cross Reference Bubbles (Both Iref and Oref Bubbles) Balloon values popup when mouse is rolled over a monitoring point indicating the source of the value and whether or not the value is in Alarm Alarmed values displayed with a colored background Digital values include graphical symbol indicating 0 or 1 Monitor multiple CAD Drawings simultaneously

13 Trend PID data from CAD Drawing Click on either a PID or Smith Predictor Block and have instant access to the PV, SP and CO for the block Trend up to 24 hours of data Full control of associated station. Place station into manual and set the control output for tuning purposes Very useful for engineers interested in tuning their program loops for best performance

14 Configuration Loading Program The Configuration Loading Program or CLP for short, permits users to Upload, Download, Monitor and tune live values CLP has the BEST user interface for performing online configuration changes. The LEDs of the redundant pair of MFC, MFP or BRC modules flash in real time as you step through the online configuration process

15 Compile, Cross Reference, Verify True 32 Bit Windows CAD Compiler, Cross Reference and Verification Routines makes our routines faster and more accurate Verify CAD Drawings to CFG file quickly Verify CFG file to another CFG file in seconds Cross Reference as many CAD drawings in the project as you desire (Can successfully cross reference a project containing up to 4 Million cross reference bubbles) Log files displaying errors are interactive with the CAD editor. Double clicking an error will invoke the CAD editor with the drawing in error and zoom to the correct position and hi-light the error Client Example: a client of ours can cross reference over 3200 CAD drawings with 42,000 cross reference bubbles in under 1 minute with RCAD 4.0

16 Trend any block Trend and archive data from any block in your Infi-90 DCS Trend 8 points per trend, 8 trends per project. Roll mouse over trend to view data. Scroll back in time and view archived data Export data to CSV files for importing into Microsoft Excel Save snapshots of the trends into Bitmap Files for easy importing into any Windows Application

17 New Tag Interrogator Type in the Name of a Tag and examine every location where the Tag is used Reports every graphic entity that uses the tag Reports the CAD drawing where the control logic for the tag is being used Even displays Configuration File information for the Tag Double click takes you to the CAD Drawing or the Graphics Display Instantly

18 System Administrators Database Tracks users actions silently in the background See instantly who made changes to your documentation Track multiple users actions via network if documentation is stored on a file server Print easy to read reports Build and execute Queries for single users actions by Name or Date.

19 RLAD Ladder Logic Editor True Windows 32 Bit application Compatible with SLAD 3.x Files Much more user friendlier than SLAD software Seamlessly fits in with the RCAD Tag Database Monitor Live values Hyperlink between Rungs, external CAD Drawings, and Graphic Displays. Compiles to true CFG files in seconds. Access to all Tag Database Fields

20 Import Project files from existing Wintools projects With RCAD, you dont have to manually create a new project and setup each module Simply create a new project and import all or some of your existing Wintools Projects Importing from Composer coming soon

21 Seamless Tag Database Seamless Tag Database Integration All editors have access to ALL Tag Database fields All editors are able to hyperlink between each other via Tag Names Additional hyperlinking available through Cross Reference Bubbles (even between external modules and even between CAD Drawings and Ladder Logic!

22 DBDoc Replacment Features The Tag Interrogator permits users to quickly locate instantly where the Tag Name is used in ALL Documentation. Quickly get to the desired document file by double clicking on the Tag Interrogator Search Results. As changes are made to the documentation, all background databases are updated automatically. No labor intensive recompiling is required. All changes are instantly applied. Concerned about having users writing to your documentation? Simply install RCAD in Demo Mode. Users wont be able to modify the documentation or write to the Infi- 90 DCS. They will be able to monitor and view all the documentation as DBDoc can. Best of all, ITS FREE! For users who do wish to modify documentation, RCAD is able to build a new Tag List very quickly. This cant be done by DBDoc.

23 HTML Help System New HTML Help system available from all windows, dialog boxes and programs comprising the RCAD 4.0 System Extremely user friendly Browse sequences available to quickly manoeuvre between topics contained in groups

24 Compatibility Compatible with the following Infi-90 Module types: AMM01-03 BRC100-400 CBC01 CLC01-04 COM01-04 CSC01 HAC01 LMM01-02 MFC01-05 MFP01-03 MPC01 SLC01-02 Also works with BRC Modules equipped with 800 xA Remote I/O. Communications compatible with the following Infi-90 Communication devices CIU01, CIU02, CIU03, CIU04 SPM01, SPM02, CPM01 CIC01, SLC02, PCI01, PCI02, ICI01, ICI12, ICI03 (Serial Only) SemAPI is NOT required to run RCAD 4.0 software

25 Current Users Some of the current users of RCAD 4.0 or previous versions of RCAD ABB Automation (Elsag Bailey Controls). - Atlanta, Georgia ABB Automation (Elsag Bailey Controls). - New Delhi, India ABB Automation (Elsag Bailey Controls). - Portland, Maine American Bituminous - Grant Town, West Virginia Broken Hill Proprietary Company Ltd. - San Manuel, Arizona Eielson Air Force Base - Fairbanks, Alaska Elmendorf Air Force Base. - Anchorage, Alaska General Motors Canada Inc. - Oshawa, Ontario Hercules Inc. - Portland Oregon Houston Lighting & Power. - Houston, Texas IMC-Kalium - Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan International Paper Inc. - Franklin, Virginia (Site License) James Maclaren Industries Inc. - Thurso, Quebec Mead Coated Board - Phenix City, Alabama Miller Brewing Co. - Trenton, Ohio Milwaukee District Water and Sewage - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Northern States Power - Minneapolis, Minnesota PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company ) - Morro Bay, California PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company ) - Pittsburg, California (Site License) PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company ) - South San Francisco, California Reliant Energy Inc. - Shawville, Pennsylvania United Airlines. - San Francisco, California US Naval Base - Norfolk, Virginia US Naval Sub Base - Groton Connecticut Transalta Utilities - Wabamon, Alberta Trigen Energy - Syracuse, New York Tyseley Waste Disposal Ltd. - Birmingham, United Kingdom Virginia Power Inc. - Richmond, Virginia Wheelabrator - Frackville, Pennsylvania Yale University - New Haven, Conneticut

26 RCAD 4.0 System Requirements Intel Based Pentium 4 @1.2 GHz or higher (The Faster, The Better) Windows 98, Millenium, NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 with TCP/IP installed 2 GB of RAM 100 MB of Hard Drive Space Network Interface Card (Ethernet 10MHz, 100 MHz, 1 GHz) VGA Display with at least 800 X 600 resolution (We recommend at least 1024 X 768) Visit our website for further information: http://carsystemsltd.com Or contact us via email at: DBDoc is a registered Trademark of Geoff Michaels Consulting Ltd. Infi-90 is a registered Trademark of ABB Inc.

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