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A national approach to motorcycle safety Eric Thiollier FFMC General Delegate (France)

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1 A national approach to motorcycle safety Eric Thiollier FFMC General Delegate (France)

2 Introduction What is the French Angry Motorcyclists Federation ? What are the expectations of the users ? The situation of the French PTW debate

3 What is the FFMC? The national Federation of road riding PTW users, that includes : 80 local branches throughout France Assurance Mutuelle des Motards, an insurance company with 200 000 users (1983) Moto Magazine, the leading consumers interest oriented motorcycle magazine with 130 000 buyers monthly (1983) Association pour la Formation Des Motards, a network of 35 quality driving schools and advanced training for already experienced drivers (1985) FFMC Loisirs, to teach teenagers the basics of riding techniques and attitudes (1985) A number of commissions and working groups dealing with several aspects of MCs (theft, legislation, road safety, etc…). An expanding young riders road awareness program which got an official agreement from the Ministry of Education.

4 Users expectations That the government grasps a better understanding of the growth and diversity of PTW users Fewer pointless legislations based on prejudice But legislations that takes PTW specificities into account Better training (DLD Directive, training curriculum) Forgiving road infrastructures Incentives to wear appropriate clothing

5 Understanding PTW Users +60% PTW in 15 years in France Average annual mileage unknown but growing Market is 34% 125 cm² Average age is 38 years old, 25% female in 2009 Commuting use for 50% of users Vulnerable users (inexperience, lack of protection) « Road Safety conscious » users (94% consider accident prevention as important or very important Understanding PTW accidents is a key issue

6 Fewer pointless legislation Front number plate ? 100 hp limitation: the French cultural exception ? Ban of open face helmets ? Ban of filtering through trafficjams ? MC tuning can send you to jail (car tuning will only get you a fine) Useless RWT for 50 cm²

7 Bike-relevant improvement (lets dream !) Filtering : a opportunity to be pragmatic ! Better and more PTW parking space Bikes in bus lanes : lets experience ! Incentives for greener PTWs Communication that would not « point fingers »

8 Better training Training must teach risk situations Road safety education to start as early as possible Road safety training as a continuous process Sharing the road, PTW awareness for car drivers

9 Forgiving road infrastructure Need to harmonize standards (roadside furniture) Guardrails (the « safety » barrier ?) Non slippery road surface Appropriate speed bumps

10 Incentives to protection Information & Communication campaigns Incentives from insurance companies Appropriate standards There is room for fiscal incentives

11 The reality behind the talks One year of discussions and MC legislation is once again introduced without previous consultation of users (RWT) A general feeling of being side-tracked BUT Improvements in the general RS communication about PTW accidents Possible improvements of the driving license scheme through introduction of 3rd EU DLD Better understanding of MC issues seems to emerge, but facts deny intentions

12 Conclusion What PTW users expect might differ with experts conclusions < From a security point of view, this is the ideal motobike… especially if its electric.

13 Thank you for your attention ! For more information

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