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MBB box When performance matters…. Secure, Flexible and Simple.

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1 MBB box When performance matters…. Secure, Flexible and Simple

2 Background... An independent Swedish report shows generally low accuracy on flow-measurement of plenum boxes in the ventilation market Quotes from the report: “For ceiling diffusers with plenum box we have found that the distance to disturbing source often has larger impact for calculation of air flow than the suppliers indicates. Even the position of the damper often has influence but that is not mentioned in the suppliers instructions for calculations of air flow... We request that suppliers correct the majority of K-values and improve the documentation and labelling”. “If a diffuser has more K-values it provides substantially better opportunities to get correct measuring results”. This we had to take seriously

3 Background... Why plenum box? The box shall be;
Balance ventilation system Measure air flow Reduce noise Even distribution to diffusers The box shall be; Quiet Accurate Small Simple Readable

4 Balancing principles... 1. Rotating 2. Sliding 3. Linear
Must be perforated for noise “Only fine-tuning” 2. Sliding 3. Linear 4. Linear cone “0”-100 % air flow Linear characteristics Low noise Dotted Line = old MBA

5 Measuring principles 1. Before the damper 2. Over the damper
Sensitive to bends or installation Poor in low flow range 2. Over the damper Variable k-value 3. After the damper More pressure drop Variable k-value for high accuracy 4. Over the diffuser Not for high flow rate diffusers Different k-values for diffusers

6 Air distribution principles...
1. Damper cone Needs a certain width No extra equipment 2. Closed perforated plate More pressure drop 3. Open perforated plate.

7 Secure... High capacity and low sound even at high pressure
CFD-, and laboratory tested Completely unique damper solution Smaller box Usable in systems with chilled beams.

8 Secure... High capacity and low sound even at high pressure =
Capacity of NS19+MBB Example: Competitor 1 and 2 can manage about 45l/s on a 125mm connection. Lindab about 58 l/s. Competitor 1 Competitor 2 = Preconditions: 100Pa and sound power level 34dB(A) (Enquiry from main customer)

9 Secure... Money saving A traditional system of 40 diffusers
Dampers and silencers 38 dB(A) Total cost SEK Exchange MBA with MBB 32 dB(A) Similar cost OK Cost material: Box MBA-125/160, 40 pcs. Damper, DRU 315, 4 pcs. Silencers, LRCA , 4 pcs. Damper DRU 125, 4 x 5 pcs. Silencer SLCU , 4 x 5 pcs. = 20 pcs. Connection ducts dim 125, length 3 m, 40 pcs. Total: 42,100 SEK (netto) Cost mounting: Total: 52 hours, approx. 18,000 SEK

10 Secure... Money saving Remove Silencers Remove Dampers 34 dB(A)
Total Cost SEK Go down one size + 7 pa – approx. 1,6 % higher energy consumption Still below 38 dB(A) Total Cost SEK Savings of appr. 37%. Cost material: Box MBB-100/160, 40 pcs. Connection ducts dim 100, length 3 m, 40 pcs. Total: 24,500 SEK (netto) Cost mounting: Total: 38 hours, approx. 13,300 SEK

11 Flexible... 0-100% operational area
Possible to have low flow with high pressure 20 l/s, 100 Pa LWA= 24 dB(A) And high flow with low noise 76 l/s, 70 Pa LWA=34 dB(A) With 125mm connection!!!!

12 Flexible... Viable for future applications
The MBB box can cope with almost any future demands Always possible to balance it to a lower flow Together with e.g. LKP/LCP you make sure to have unique operating range all the way down to zero also concerning air movements Very high damping without generating a noise problem

13 Simple... Simplifying balancing Damper with readable k-values
Easy to reach and read the scale K-values fixed to damper positions K-values are independent of diffusers Can be pre- and re-balanced (CADvent) Steady high measuring pressure even at low flow Better adjustment characteristics (No “Ketchup effect”) 100% 50%

14 Simple... Small dimensions Easy handling, mounting and cleaning
Smaller ducts because of larger capacity Lower Carbon footprint (Less material, less transports, less packaging material) Easy installing with Safe / Safe Click connection Low building height Insulation prevents sound generating from outlet (Inlet diffuser increases sound otherwise) Dimension Lindab Comp. 1 Comp. 2 100/125 Height 160 mm 180 mm 220 mm 240 mm 255 mm 310 mm 340 mm 345 mm

15 MBB box When performance matters... Secure Flexible Simple
Low sound – high pressure Less dampers and silencers – still silent Accurate measurement – no problem with disturbing sources before the box Reliable measurement – variable k-values Flexible 0-100% dynamic operational area Low flow with high pressure High flow with low noise Viable for future system changes Simple Linear damper means easy and quick balancing Prebalancing is possible Small dimensions – easy to handle and install Easy to clean

16 Simplified construction…
lindab | comfort Simplified construction…

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