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The Tuning Protocol.

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1 The Tuning Protocol

2 Goals for Tuning Protocol:
To provide a tool that will promote: Powerful teaching and learning Reflection Shared expectations

3 What is a Tuning Protocol?
Facilitated, focused conversation Formal structure of steps and guidelines Collaborative experience A tool to help tune our practice

4 Tuning Protocol Outline
Introduction (2 minutes) Teacher Presentation ( 5 minutes) Clarifying Questions (2 minutes) Pause to Reflect on Feedback (5 minutes) Warm and Cool Feedback (5-10 minutes) Reflection (5 minutes) Debrief (3 minutes)

5 When listening to colleagues’ thinking…
listen without judging. tune in to differences in perspective. use controversy as an opportunity to explore and understand each other's perspectives. focus on understanding where different interpretations come from. make your own thinking clear to others. be patient and persistent.

6 Warm and Cool Feedback Assumptions
We all want to get better at the work we do. We all want to be courteous. In order to accomplish number one, we need to be thoughtful when preparing and delivering feedback. We are all in this together.

7 Warm feedback Statements that tell how the lesson seems to meet the desired goals. Right Wrong “I saw…” “I noticed…” “I heard…” “I see evidence of…..” “I like it.” “You are a good teacher.” “Great job.”

8 Cool Feedback Statements or questions that help the presenter move forward and strengthen the lesson. Right Wrong “I wonder if…” “What would it look like if…” “What’s another way you might….” “I’m curious to know what might happen if….” “You should…” “I think…” “I didn’t like…”

9 Questions to Consider During Debrief
What did you learn from listening to your colleagues that was interesting or surprising? What new perspectives did your colleagues provide? How can you make use of your colleague’s perspectives? What questions about teaching and assessment did looking at this plan raise for you? Are there things you would like to try in your classroom as a result of looking at the plan? These questions can be used in small group debrief on last step of protocol or whole group debrief after everyone is finished with the protocol.


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