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Compound Bow Archery Seminar By: Earl Benjamin J. Yap.

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1 Compound Bow Archery Seminar By: Earl Benjamin J. Yap

2 Who am I? Been shooting since I was 8 years old. Works for my familys instrumentation business. My family owns the Philippines 1 st archery pro- shop since 1986. Trained by Mr. George Chapman. Former USA compound team coach. Been shooting compound for 9 years. Highest world ranking was 12 in the world. Mathews Solocam Pro-staff member.

3 What should I expect from you? You should know the basic archery terms. I expect most of you to have already shot a bow or can at least pull one. I believe most of you can speak English. I want you to ask questions. Please feel free to raise your hand for questions.

4 The Compound Bow

5 Topics to be Discussed Riser Type Limb Style Cam Design Sights Scopes Arrow Rest Trigger Stabilizers Arrows Draw Length Draw Weight Attachments

6 Parts of a Compound Bow Limbs Riser Cam Idler Wheel Aim String Power Cable Cable Guard/Roller

7 Risers Deflex Bows Reflex Bows AdvantagesDisadvantages How to tell



10 Limb Configurations Straight Limb ConfigurationParallel Limb Configuration AdvantagesDisadvantages How to tell

11 Cam Options Two Cam Hybrid Cams Single or Solo Cam AdvantagesDisadvantages How to tell

12 Sights Recurve Sights 3D Sight Compound Target Sight Scopes Lens Dots Fiber optics AdvantagesDisadvantages why?

13 Arrow Rest Spring Rest Fall-away Spring Steel Rest AdvantagesDisadvantages why?

14 Release Aids Wrist Strap Release Handheld Release Back tension Release AdvantagesDisadvantages why?

15 Stabilizers Long VS. Short Carbon VS. Aluminium V-Bars and Offsets Doinkers and Weights AdvantagesDisadvantages why?

16 Arrows Aluminium –x7 Carbon –Red line Aluminium Carbon –X10 / Protour

17 Draw Weight FITA Maximum How to Adjust Factor that affect the draw weight

18 Draw Length Proper Draw Length Over Draw Under Draw AdvantagesDisadvantages why? End of part 1

19 Attachments Peep Sights attachment Normal D-Loop Modified D-Loop

20 Tuning Methods Paper Tuning Bare Shaft Tuning

21 Paper Tuning

22 Bare Shaft Tuning


24 Shooting Form

25 Foot Placement (close, square and open stance)Foot Placement (close, square and open stance) Posture Bow arm (bent or straight) Draw length Shot execution (command and back tension shooting)

26 Problem Solving Grip Release Anchor Aiming Bow Arm

27 Preparing for a Tournament How to practice and what to practice Shooting tournament conditions Practice partners Back-up Equipment

28 Bow Maintenance Checking of nocking point Waxing bowstrings Replacing your Strings Arrow Maintenace

29 10 Commandments of Archery Safety Never dryfire your bow (shoot with out an arrow). This will result damage to your bow and/or possible injury. Never let anyone draw or shoot your bow if their draw length is longer than yours. Over drawing of the bow can cause cable damage. Never draw, aim or shoot your bow unless you are sure that the line of fire is clear. Never shoot an arrow if it is less that 5 grains per pound. Example 60# = 300 grains. Never expose your bow to extreme heat. Excessive heat, such as your on a hot day can lead to limb failure and premature wearing of the string. Always check your arrows upon removal from the target. If you detect broken nocks or defects, do not shoot them. Always carefully inspect your bow after each use. Be sure all screws are snug and accessories are tight. Inspect your strings and cables for wear damage. Always draw your bow while pointing at a target. A premature release of the arrow is dangerous. Always draw your bow with an arrow on the string while keeping pointed at a safe direction. Never draw your bow with a release if there is no arrow. Always back your limbs 5 turns before putting it in a bow press. Inexperienced use of a bow press can result in damage to your bow.

30 The End

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