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Optical setup & MEMS simulations

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1 Optical setup & MEMS simulations
Jayan Ozhikandathil Supervisor: Prof. Yves-Alain Peter Laboratary for Micro and Nanosystems Département de génie physique - Polytechnique Montréal

2 Introduction Measurements: Reflection and transmission spectra with normal incidence of white light Reflection and transmission spectra analysis as a function of angle of incidence Optical setup includes: A broad band source Spectroscopy instrument High resolution Optical components

3 Characterisation setup
camera 2 camera 1 flip mirror lens lens iris detector source flip mirror beam splitter sample polariser Measurements Reflection Transmission Angular dependence

4 Microscope objective (58373)
UTR 120 Newport 562 xyz Newport UMR Newport Microscope objective XYZ stage XYZ stage XYZ stage Rotation stage Microscope objective (58373) Metal (steel )block Metal (steel )block Single axis stage

5 Reflection spectrum as function of θs
sample θi s 2θs D sample rotation θr

6 Optical setup: future tasks
Realization of complete setup Measurements of transmission, reflection spectra and angular dependence on it. Studies on polarization dependence on spectra Behavior of QD emission on PhC Slab Behavior of QD emission with lateral and vertical tuning of double layer PhC Behavior of QD emission with vertical tuning of single layer PhC

7 MEMS for the tuning of Photonic crystal
Tuning of optical properties of PhC slabs can be achieved in a double layer PhC arrangement SiN SiO2 Si + - SiN SiO2 Si ~ Lateral tuning Vertical tuning

8 MEMS actuator design using CoventorWare
1. Lateral Tuning Undesirable effects due to levitation effects in fields in the vertical axis ~20nm upward movement noticed Displacement vs. voltage

9 MEMS Lateral tuning… 2. Lateral tuning Negligible upward movement

10 Single slab Vertically tunable PhC

11 +Ve Single slab tunable PhC Process

12 Future tasks on MEMS design
Integration of vertical and lateral tuning in a single design Design of suitable flexures which supports the vertical and later actuation

13 Thank you!

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