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2012 Pivot Mach 4 Presentation July 25 th 2012 01.

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2 2012 Pivot Mach 4 Presentation July 25 th 2012 01

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8 A light weight Cross Country and Marathon Race bike with performance and versatility that everyone from the world cup racers to the average racer can appreciate. award for best XC full suspension bike 2 years in a row! The Mach 4 already exhibited world class pedaling performance for top level cross country riders. With the 2nd generation Mach 4, it's a whole new ball game! 07

9 Carbon weight and stiffness in Aluminum! Over 5/8ths lb. weight savings from previous generation! Removed weight from top tube, shock tabs, BB forging, lower yoke area, drop outs, brake bridge, upper yokes, lower link. 5lb frame weight with rear shock 08 -17 g -50 g -12 g -10 g -25 g -42 g -54 g -73 g

10 09 Design Details: Tapered headtube Lower stand-over heights make for a more compact frame with a lower center of gravity and an overall increase in frame stiffness. 92mm wide bb shell, compatible with Shimano, SRAM/TruVativ GXP, FSA, and Enduro bottom brackets. 92mm shell allows for wider pivots and better bearing support for increased frame strength and stiffness while maintaining better control over the chain-line. Direct mount FD accommodates Shimano 9 and 10 speed. Fully compatible with SRAM (S3) XX front derailleurs and 3X as well as 2X drive train configurations from both SRAM and Shimano. The direct mount design ensures perfect front derailleur location, easier set up, a more rigid mount for the most efficient front shifting possible.

11 10 Design Details Continued: Shock tab design w/ integrated cable guides and smooth cable routing as well as a cleaner look and lighter weight. New Pivot ISCG 05 adaptor plate compatibility for use with single ring riders. 100mm or 120mm fork compatibility. Colors: Blue Anodized, Black anodized, White with black decals and Black with Hot Pink and Baby blue for Womens specific options.

12 Suspension : dw-link suspension design with position sensitive anti-squat Fully active under braking 100mm rear travel Shorter 1.75 stroke shock w/ increased leverage ratio. Increases shock pressures which allows for a more usable range of tuning and adjustments (especially for lighter riders) Allows for a slightly flatter spring curve and more tunability with boost valve. 11

13 Suspension continued: Fox Shock tuning New Adaptive Logic RP23 Kashima shock with custom tuned Rebound and Propedal settings: New Rebound settings offers twice the number of rebound adjustment options for more precise tuning of the rebound speed. New Adaptive Logic Propedal settings with Propedal #3 as the automatic ON setting while fully open (zero Propedal), #1, or #2 can be selected with the RP23 adjuster. This new configuration allows racers quick access to the full maximum Propedal setting while being able to choose the other setting based on the course or ride conditions. As with the previous settings, Propedal 1 offers minimal platform while both Propedal 2 and 3 settings offer extremely efficient pedaling performance with quick blow off and good small to medium bump absorption. Fully open offers a new level of plushness with the addition of Kashima coating while still maintaining the incredible pedaling performance Pivot frames are known for. The new settings add increased versatility and tuning range that improve overall performance. 12

14 13 Rider Size Specific: Mach 4 comes in two smaller rider size specific designs (XX-Small and X- small. XX-Small fits riders from 411- 52 X-Small 52-55 100mm travel Shorter stroke shocks with higher leverage ratios result in higher shock pressures that more evenly match those of larger riders on the larger size frames. This gives lighter riders the same performance and tuning range. Smaller diameter, thinner wall tubes result in a lighter weight frame design.

15 14 Rider Size Specific continued: Rider size specific top tube lengths, with slightly steeper seat angles, and adjusted head angles result in the proper wheelbase for each size frame. Combined with lower BB heights, the X-Small and XX-Small Mach 4 provides smaller riders the perfect fit and handling. Ultra-short head tube lengths combined with the Mach 4s lower BBs result in the lowest stand-over heights of any suspension bike in existence.

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