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3. 2. 2002. AP* Retreat YJ Park Org Alliance & Cydentity Plan.

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1 3. 2. 2002. AP* Retreat YJ Park Org Alliance & Cydentity Plan

2 2 Background ICANN created for domain name policy oversight (1998) ICANN – VeriSign agreement on divesture & registry divesture due 2002/end To a non-profit org with $5M endowment for smooth registry divesture due 2006 Dot Org Divesture TF in Names Council (NC), Domain Name Support Org (DNSO) of ICANN (2001.6 ~ ) Email archive: Final Report (v.5.4): Future schedule Jan 17, 2002: Adoption of NC-ORG TF report by Names Council Mar 2002: Adoption by ICANN Board meeting (expected) Mar 2002: Bid announcement (expected) Jun 2002: Bid closing (expected) Jul 2002: Bid winner selection ICANN Board meeting approval Dec 2002: Dot Org registry operation migration completed (phase 1)

3 3 Background (cont) Plan to create/form a global entity to bid registry divesture Rationale Asia Pacific-initiated global Registry for sake of political-correctness –All Registries for new TLDs are the US or Europe-centric –Potential to win the bid for the sake of political-correctness Commercial interest –3 domain names registered currently –Enough commercial interest –With further growth potential

4 4 Structure Org Alliance Non-profit entity to bid registry –Global consortium of NGOs & non-profit orgs Primary accountability registry –Define policy Registry operation –Policy making, legal issues, dispute resolution,.org branding, customer support –Oversee use of proceeds from Registry operation for non-profit purpose Multi-year operation outsourcing to Cydentity Structure –Incorporation as members-benefit non-profit org in Singapore –With possible Holdings incorporation in Bermuda or BVI for tax reason –Operates based on Membership fee & percentage of registration fee Memberships –Organizational members: non-profit orgs or NGO with global rep –At-large / individual members: representation registrants Potential organizational members –CDT, EFF, CPSR, ACM, … (being discussed) –Rep from EU, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa: TBD

5 5 Structure (cont) Cydentity Registry Service Commercial operator of actual registry operation –Operation & management of registry database –Marketing program to TLD –Customer support, billing & collection Exclusive, multi-year pre-defined relationship with Org Alliance for commercial Registry operation outsourcing –Practically, handling all the operational matters for registry A Delaware corporation as a startup Financial relationship with Org Alliances –Initial financial contribution for the bidding process –On-going pro-rata of the registration fee as the primary revenue Organizations –Legal –Engineering & operation –Marketing

6 6 Mgmt Team and Key Staffs Prof. Kilnam Chon Leading Org Alliance effort Chair of Board, Cydentity Dr. Jin Ho Hur CEO, Cydentity (transient) Ms. YJ Park VP, Public Affair, Cydentity VP, Engineering & Operation SVP, General Counsel VP, Marketing & Biz Dev

7 7 Why Org Alliance & Cydentity can win? Right fit for political criteria of ICANN Only global consortium of non-profit orgs –Proper rep of geographical diversity: Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, EU, Africa –Proper rep of non-commercial community interest Initiated by Asia-Pacific geographical balance No prior gTLD registry operation monopoly issue Technical competence Team of engineering & operation with strong experience in registry/registrar and operations Fluent in ICANN process and language Strong team of consultants and legal counsel: former ICANN staffs, elected members of ICANN committees, legal counsel for registries, former US official on ICANN formation, etc.

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